Melissa Hevenor
Thursday July 09 , 2020
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About Me

shapeimage_2When I was a little girl, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and to many people's surprise: I consider my condition a blessing straight from god. I am lucky because the condition does not affect my intellectual abilities and, in fact, enhances my spiritual gifts. From a young age I was able to tap into other people's feelings. I believe that because my condition requires that I spend a large part of my life bound to a wheelchair, the sedentary lifestyle allows me to focus and observe the subtleties of life that others can easily miss.

My scholarly background enhances my psychic attributes. Currently, I am working on a doctoral degree in Marriage & Family Counseling, I have two Master's degrees, one in Mental Health Counseling and the other in Rehabilitation Counseling. My undergraduate degrees are in Psychology and Theater Design with an emphasis in Creative Writing. I have over 1,000 hours working with Children who are autisic and children from homes of domestic violence.

Throughout the world I am also known as a 4th Dimension Advisor which includ3es being a  Medical Intutive, who assists practioners in the medical field pinpoint the cause of illness, physical, mental,  or spiritual by evualating an  individual's physical and energic body. Throughout our time together clients receive a comprehensive holestic approach to health and wellness.

A Fourth Demension Advisor

So many people worry from day to day,
Will I fulfill my purpose Once this life’s complete?
What happens when we die?
Wil I see my loved ones on a golden street?
Will all be forgiven?
will we care about the things we did when we were livin’?
What counts more? 
The hurts we caused or the love that we’ve given?
So many questions
And thoughts that cause concern
And yet there is a place with answers to every question for 
Everything we could ever learn.
This place often feels far, and unreachable
Like a star
It’s closer than you think
As magical and subtle as a blink
Though you can’t get there by car,
It’s just one dimension from where you are
Let me take your hand
And guide you there, 
a tour guide so to speak
It is definitely a place to access 
When life gets hard, disappointing or bleak
There is love and peace
All the comfort that you seek
We can start anew,
Take the dive from a spiritual peak
The courage to go on
For the lost or incredibly meek,
To lead you with love and care
We can go together
No matter what you face
A journey for sure
There is a solution
When you enter a space filed with grace.
No matter what your affliction,
Body image, social problems, or addiction
G-d has the final say, no matter how harsh the conviction.
If we see things from a higher perspective, we can understand our story
And “just keep swimming,” 
Like the wise words from Dori
Meditation and eating right is key
with support and guidance, follow -through can be done.
I will assist you in finding happiness and peace while keeping it fun!
As your fourth dimension advisor
I can access information to strengthen your physical body,
Enlighten your heart and make your spirit soar. 
You can access it too,
I’ll just show you the door
Bringing peace, knowledge, enlightenment and so much more
A psychic, a medium, and medical intuitive are a few of the spiritual talents that I can do,
Though there are a few things that set me apart, I have constant access to my guide, like eating, breathing, or the beating of my heart
I don’t have to prepare I have a direct line to the Divine.
Confidentiality is a protocol I will not breach
together, we will meet your goals no matter how far the reach.
Let’s begin a journey, and see what we can do
I’m a fourth dimension advisor 
How may I help you?







Who Me?

Name: Melissa Hevenor

Birthday: May 22

Location: Coral Springs

Occupation: Psychic/Counselor

Favorite Book: Many Lives Many Masters

Favorite Movie: Crash

Favorite Food: Mangos

Favorite Store: crystallarium

Favorite Quote: Possibilities are only limited by the limits of someone’s imagination so dream big and live big!