Melissa Hevenor
Monday March 30 , 2020
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Having Faith

I recently decided to make some changes in my life and although, any  change can be scary  for us as humans, these particular changes were more daunting because they centered around my academic career. School has been a huge part of my life in fact, I have been attending some form of school since I was six months old so, the thought of taking a leave of absence from school was like abandoning a trusty friend who was always there for me without fail. However, I recently decided to take a temporary leave from school because I had too much on my plate. I was taking a full load of doctoral level  classes, working as a therapist, doing psychic readings, writing a book, and trying to stay connected to my family and loved ones! Needless to say, it was impossible therefore, I am taking some time off from school. I still have every desire to be a doctor but after careful consideration I realize that school will continue to be here and wait for my return where other great things that have come my way recently will not wait for me to have more time. The greatest lesson I have learned through this recent time of uncertainty is that we must take our time when making a big decision if possible, Pray for guidance, follow our hearts, and once all of those efforts are in place just simply have faith in our choices and the fact that god will never leave us, so carry on with joy and happiness! Do not forget to give thanks that we are never alone!

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