Melissa Hevenor
Monday February 24 , 2020
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The key to Healing

I have recently been working on a book about my life and the most amazing part of the process is that my spirit guide Robin, has been helping me remember my spiritual past. I just finished writing about the first time my  guide taught me about healing and the most important aspect of helping loved ones heal. The key to healing is to learn to ask for help and then to use that help to further help yourselves. God is always there through it all. However, you must be proactive in helping yourself so you gain can personal insight and strength from the experience. Life is a story and your personal story is meant to help others because the purpose of life I believe, is to give and get love. One of the best ways to give back is to share personal pain, so someone else will feel understood and validated as they try to make it through their own struggles along their journey through life. I also believe that God will never let us struggle through m0re than what we can handle. Therefore, If we look at some of the difficulties that people go through God must have great faith in our ability to over come problems. Thus, we should have just as much faith in ourselves and in God to get us though.  The healing process goes much faster if we turn to God with faith, then he will see us through to the healing we need as we continue on our personal journey in life.

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