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Friday July 03 , 2020
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Feeding the Positive

Monday, June 28th, 2010

One of the unfortunate characteristics of society as a whole is to breed negativity. I, as a total optimist, feel that this tendency is, most often, unconscious. I have always been a creative person, and feel as though this creativity is a gift straight from God. Although, as I have begun working on various creative projects, I realize that it is much more common for people to try and discourage and poo-poo the ideas that I know have come from divine inspiration. Anyway, the goal of this blog is to tell everyone to keep going! I’ve been thinking a lot about celebrities who struggled before their heyday arrived. It is a known fact that Jim Carrey was living in his car before he hit it big with the movie “Ace Ventura, Pet Detective,” and Denzel Washington was a garbage collector before he hit it big in Hollywood, and these are the stories that are not often publicized for very long. However, if Jim Carrey and Denzel can make it, why not you or me? You only need one person to believe in you, or your creative endeavor, in order for things to turn around, allowing you to strut down the red carpet. I, indeed, have big dreams, which I know will soon become reality, because I know I have been put on the planet to make a huge impact, in order to leave the planet in a different state than how I had found it. Of course, I get excited when I imagine indulging in the perks that come with becoming a Hollywood elite, although my desire to reach this level far exceeds the glamor it entails. I want to help heal those who have lost someone they love, by serving as a channel of communication, bridging the gap between the earth plane and heaven. I also want to serve as an advocate for individuals who are disabled and deserve a shot, at the very least, to feel equal in opportunity, particularly in the world of the arts. One of the most shocking realizations is that in the world of the arts, whose capital is artsy New York City, a city which is an icon for the United States, Manhattan is one of the most wheelchair-unfriendly cities in the nation. Most subways have to be entered by going down stairs, and a majority of the shops, hotels, diners, cafes, art galleries,and boutiques do not allow for wheelchair access. How does a city of this magnitude get away with something like this, you may ask? By stating that “the city is historic,” and they [those in power] have explained that  abiding by the ADA rights for the Disabled, would “devalue the historic preservation” of such “public” facilities. Because I grew up in Washington, D.C., Manhattan was only a three-hour train ride away, and it was not uncommon for me to make this trip over long holidays. During these holidays, I also discovered that the hotels often claim that they are “wheelchair-accessible,” when, in fact, a child-sized wheelchair could just barely make it through the room door. On more than one occasion, there were hotels in the cities where, in my wheelchair, I could not access the front desk, because, leading to the front desk, was a set of stairs, and if I did manage the luxury of accessing the front desk, the height of the  desk, was so high that I was lucky if the hotel staff could see anything more than the top of my head. Don’t worry! I’m not only going after New York City. The other capital of the “artsy” industry, is Los Angeles, California. L.A. is a beloved location for me, and one of my first goals when I become blessed with financial freedom, is to own a condo by the beach on the west coast. With that being said, Los Angeles is not wheelchair-friendly for other reasons. As far as abiding by ADA laws, L.A. is awesome, because California was the first state to adopt the laws in the first place. The reason that L.A., with regards to the art world, is not wheelchair-friendly, though,  is because so much of the industry is consumed with appearances. Since I have decided to take my psychic mediumship talents public, I have had to face the harsh reality that it is common that a person’s success does not solely rely on talent, but instead, is often impacted by what you look like and who you know. The upside to this realization is that a person in a wheelchair does get treated similarly to other individuals who are chasing their Hollywood dreams because they, too, may not fit the Hollywood prototype. With all this being said, I still intend on bringing my dreams into reality because I know that it is part of my divine purpose, and I also realize that there are 3.5 million disabled individuals living in the United States who could benefit from a positive role model who has earned the right to roll as a highroller in their wheelchair, down the red carpet. I also want to serve as a beacon for my collective disabled individuals’ family, demonstrating that there’s no such thing as disability, only different ability. Thus, no matter what obstacles you face when trying to achieve your goals or dreams, try to keep your chin up and when someone comes to you with their ideas, be among the few who continually feed the positive.

Simple Impact

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

There are so many concerns that we all have to consider each and every day, it becomes very easy to forget about the importance of even the slightest movement in the universe. For example, if we examine a science known as the Butterfly Effect, we are reminded that something as slight as the movement of a butterfly’s wings, can cause a ripple effect, creating a monsoon in another country. If we consider this science on a personal level, it  has a hidden message about the importance of every interaction we have with each other. If one person is sitting in a cafe and makes the decision to smile at the next person, perhaps the first person, with their small gesture of friendliness, changes the other person’s feeling of complete loneliness and motivates them to behave more friendly to others, which, in turn, helps to, over time, alleviate their loneliness. The whole ripple of improvement that happens for that one lonely person all started from the simple impact of a smile. From time to time, I make the conscious decision to pay the toll for the person behind me, to serve as an example that generosity is still alive and well in the United States, during a time when we are all suffering the harsh reality of a depleted economy. The more positive energy we, as a collective community, can facilitate, the more quickly the massive turnaround for a happier society can come about. One positive effect from the financial restraints perpetuated by our economy is that we must find alternative ways to enjoy social interaction. For example, instead of going out to a restaurant and spending extra money, I have been sharing dinners with friends, at each of our homes. In the long run, we end up having a better time, laughing, eating good food and just being together in the quietness of our houses than we probably would have out in a public restaurant. I also have acquired such a complete appreciation for my friends and the food, every comfort that God has blessed us with, during a time when comfort is even more priceless than it was before. If you find yourself feeling depleted, helpless or stuck, because of financial struggles or any other barrier that may prohibit you from achieving what you want or having different circumstances, maybe this time is a  blessing in disguise that God has created, to help increase your personal stillness, quiet time to help you regroup and plan for the positives that are sure to manifest if you hang in there and believe. For me, music has  such an impact on my mood. Whenever I’m feeling discouraged, that impact of one of my many favorite, upbeat songs, turns out to have a huge influence on improving my state of mind. Therefore, the simple impact of turning on the radio, can be monumental in creating change that generates happiness.

Staying Grounded Like an Acorn

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Recently, my career has really begun to take off and although I consider myself to be both a psychic and a medium, it seems as though the mediumship work has been more in demand and I have also had the pleasure of adding new gifted psychics to my group of students who desire to begin their journey with working with those who have passed through mediumship. Working in this field, I will take the liberty to speak for all of us, to say that we tend to be helpers or we wouldn’t be doing this work. With that being said, I continue to realize how important it is to ground and protect myself as my business expands, therefore allowing more people to have access to me in this regard. One of the things I find most challenging is that I want to help everyone, and being a sensitive person, I tend to load too much on my plate in an effort to be available to everyone at all times. However, I am learning quickly that I have to make choices to prioritize and accept that I am not Superwoman, and that is okay, because after all, in granting this gift, God does not expect us to use it all of the time, or to our detriment. So, one of the greatest lessons I hope to teach my students and share with everyone who cares to listen, is that you are enough - as a Mom or Dad, as a sister, as a therapist; whatever roles you find yourself tackling in this life, all you can do is your best. At the end of the day, if you can honestly say that you did your best, then there is nothing more you should require of yourself. One of the ways I stay grounded is to, literally, hold an acorn in my hands. The acorn is small and dainty, but has a specific role in this life, to increase the population of trees and feed local squirrels. It does its job quietly, never feeling inadequate, ugly or unworthy. A wonderful psychic and friend of mine, Kathleen Tucci, gave me the gift recently, of teaching me about the acorn, so my wish for you is that you all remember how an acorn tends to lead its life staying very grounded and happily understanding what its job is, without judgment of itself, so in parting, I wish all my little acorns a wonderful day.