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Thursday July 09 , 2020
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Teaching What You Learn Along The Way

Monday, August 30th, 2010

As many new projects have come full circle and they are finally coming into existence, I have reached an exciting point in my career. My new book, My Life With Robin (How My Spirit Guide Saved My Life), will be available in less than two weeks. I am overjoyed with happiness. The book details my life and how my spiritual gifts helped me rise above all kinds of obstacles. Many people might think that the fact that I am in a wheelchair is the biggest obstacle I have had to face, although really, the wheelchair is just an extension of myself and has served as a blessing throughout my life rather than a hardship. The book also details my first true love experience and how to find the positive in the bleakest of situations. Despite my difficult past, I am forever grateful for it, because it has shaped who I am today and made for a very interesting book. One of the most important reasons, I believe, we are put on the planet is to teach one another and help others through this journey we call life. I was recently reminded of the importance of sharing knowledge when I attended a Kabbalah class in Miami. The rabbi who was teaching the class, told such an interesting story, I just had to share it with all of you.

He said that a friend of his called him up one day and was terribly upset because he was walking down the street in New York City, and some guy just came up to him and smacked him in the face. Needless to say, the man was angry, saying to the rabbi that he had done absolutely nothing to this man, and after taking a moment to think, the rabbi replied, “Well, maybe you got off lucky.” To which the man replied, “What? I was just minding my own business!” And the rabbi went on to explain, “Perhaps you deserve the smack for something you had done in a past life. What if, in a past life, you had killed his brother or something? It’s a perfect opportunity to learn to turn the other cheek and to thank God that you suffered no other harm.” The rabbi went on to explain, “This does not mean that you find the man and further question him about his actions, but take the incident as a consideration that we all commit sin and hurt one another, often unintentionally, all the time. So, this incident was really a lesson in humility, and one of the most important principles taught in Kabbalah, is that without suffering there can be no growth.”

To further illustrate the concept of embracing suffering, or committing sacrifice for spiritual growth is this quote that I heard while watching Dr. Wayne Dyer’s film, “The Shift.” The sun has shed light on the earth since the beginning of time, giving up its own energy to illuminate our planet, while never once asking the earth what it has done for it in return. Imagine the kind of world we could have if we spread love like that? In the darkest places, light could illuminate anything and everything, bringing a brighter future for everyone. No matter what we learn along the way, if we do not share it, we are keeping the light for ourselves, and eventually, that light could go out, because we are social beings who need interaction to survive. I know that many of you have a book inside of you that needs to be written. We all have a story with good and bad, happiness and sadness, the universe works in a cause-and-effect fashion. If you make an effort to tell that story, any way that works for you, in the end, I guarantee that you will receive many more blessings because you will be fulfilling part of your life-driven purpose. Teaching what you learn along the way can help you remember these lessons and possibly prevent others from suffering in the same way.

One of the other avenues that I have decided to take my career in, is to offer intuitive coaching services. This involves weekly or monthly sessions with clients helping them discover their purpose, reach their dreams, or gain greater understanding of their spiritual paths. I love this aspect of my practice because it has allowed me to work with all sorts of individuals, from businessmen looking to gain insight into which business deals to make, to women and men who are looking to increase their spiritual awareness or psychic ability, and I coach them based on their individual needs and goals. As I do this work, I am able to give them some of my energy and light to help illuminate their dreams, lighting the path to making them a reality. We all have light inside of us, so look within yourself, find your light and in whatever way you can, share it, because that is the easiest and best way to better your life as well as someone else’s.

Psychic Mediums Are Ordinary People with Extraordinary Gifts

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

I recently did a reading for a lovely woman who was extremely apprehensive and new to the world of psychic mediumship. She wrote me a thank-you letter after the reading and made a comment about how shocked she was that I was so “normal.” When it comes down to it, I am a pretty ordinary person. I walk my dogs, eat breakfast in the morning, pay bills, and keep a busy work schedule. I also grew up in a Christian home and I still consider myself to be a Christian, so to answer a question that I get often, which is “you are a Christian and a psychic; how is that possible?,” I feel very blessed because I have the best of both worlds. I go to church service regularly and have since I was young. I continue to enjoy going to a place where I can gather with other people looking to feel a connection to God and learn how to live a fulfilled life connected to God. The flip side, which includes being a psychic-medium, is that I regularly am able to tap into heavenly information to solidify my beliefs. I have also studied in-depth Judaism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Hinduism, and other religious philosophies. One of the best gifts I was given from my family, is that I was never forced to believe what they believed, but rather, encouraged to explore and question, to decide what belief system resonated with me, personally. When I was seventeen, I decided to be baptized as a Christian, all on my own accord, and I tried to honor this choice by living the best life I can, always working to serve others. At the same time, I, in later years in my life, was taken in by a family that practiced Judaism, and who are from Israel. It was easy for me to feel comfortable with their belief system because my grandfather was Jewish and I had had exposure to Jewish tradition growing up. I also became extremely interested and intrigued by the study of Kabbalah because it is a philosophy more than a religion, that allowed me to incorporate both my Christian background and my love for Jewish traditions. In fact, I became interested in Kabbalah before it became the Hollywood trend. I still consider myself to be a Kabbalist, and have taken personal instruction in reaching high levels of understanding in these practices. However, I will never consider myself to be a master of Kabbalah, or feel qualified to teach about the Kabbalah belief system, because it is a mystic study that takes years of dedication to even come close to comprehending the beauty and complexity of these teachings. Being a person blessed with spiritual gifts has only increased my connection to God and ability to love others beyond even my own understanding. It is through embracing my gifts and accepting myself, that I have become closer to God than I ever felt while sitting in a pew at church. I think this is because spirituality at its best is a proactive endeavor that really teaches that you get what you put in, although, most often, you get ten times more back. Unfortunately, all too often, people who label themselves according to certain religions, can often be judgmental and shut people down, rather than embracing each individual’s light and accepting those people for who they are and what they believe.It is also these same people who carry in their mind, an image of what a psychic-medium is, as someone who is into trickery, voodoo or some sort of streetcorner conman looking to make a dollar by feeding on innocent victims that come into their presence. There are those psychics out there who are not authentic and you must always follow your instinct. More often than not, you will get a feeling, internally, about whether or not this person is the real thing. One of the best warning signs to determine if the person who is reading for you is a conman, is they will try to get more money from you before the reading is finished, by stating that you have a curse. If anyone tries to get more than a couple of hundred dollars, and they are not a well-known psychic, they are probably just on the hunt for money. These are the types of people who give us real psychic-mediums a bad rep. In general, psychic-mediums are ordinary people with extraordinary gifts.

A Real Friend

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

A Friend

A friend is more than a label a friend lends a hand to make you feel able

To handle whatever life throws your way and  does little things like a phone call to make your day.

A friend is there to cheer for you when the chips are down.

A friend does their best to wipe away your frown.

With a friend you can go anywhere even drive aimlessly all over town!

A good friend is hard to come by in front of them you’re not afraid to cry the ugly cry

A friend will not lie and say what you want to hear their honest opinion is why you draw them near.

Their insight you can trust  and so talking often is a must.

They make you laugh until you feel you just might bust!

You can tell a true friend by  the happiness they often make you feel and a friendship goes 2 ways that’s how you know if a friendship is real!

Stay True to Yourself

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

One of the more difficult aspects to deal with, when being in the public eye, is that it makes you vulnerable to anyone and everyone’s opinion. Although, I am extremely grateful for the love and support I have received from a majority of my fans, I also , on occasion, fall victim to criticism. I will be the first to tell you that productive criticism that pushes you to be the best you can be is wonderful, even though it, too, at times, can be hard to hear. The other type of criticism, where someone tries to pick apart your personal appearance or style, is really unproductive and hurtful. Thankfully, now that I am in my thirties, I have come to a point in my life where I am secure enough in who I am and proud enough of what I have overcome, that, for the most part, I take this frivolous criticism with a grain of salt. I would be the first to admit I dance to my own beat, and tend to take the road less travelled, but I believe these tendencies are because I am an old soul who loves vintage. My chosen style is one that embraces the past, in order to accessorize the future. Recently, I have taken on small filming projects in an effort to assist the public in understanding different aspects of the spiritual world that I am connected with. In taking on this latest project, I am more exposed to the opinions of everyone, even those who are close to me. Again, I love and respect that they care, but when it comes to my attire, hair and other personal choices with regard to appearance, I choose to stay true to who I am, and carry on with what I feel is my purpose in life. I think this is a valuable lesson to learn early on in my career, before I am bombarded with opinions and critiques from the massive media world. I will be first in line to accept a Hollywood makeover from the fashionistas whose job it is to make you look your best. At the same time, I will always stay true to my style and who I am, because, after all, that is an expression of my spirit. God created us all to be unique creations that are extensions of the same spirit. By honoring our uniqueness, we are honoring God’s masterpieces which allows for an array of individuals that make up a rainbow of the beautiful human race. It is only a higher power that would create such a blend of people who are also united and part of the same life force. It is my prayer that all of you who read this will get to a point in life where you, too, can look in the mirror and say, “Y’know what? I am proud of who I am and love myself enough to know that, in the end, the opinion that means the most or should weigh heaviest on our hearts, are our own.” If you find it hard to find positive things about yourself, know that I think highly of you because you have chosen to take time to read something that might positively impact your day, and that helps the light of your spirit shine brighter, even if you don’t realize it. Also, I can tell you with complete certainty, that you are never alone, regardless of who you are or what you’ve done, you have a spirit guide who is always with you to share your life journey and because they are from the heavenly plane, they have nothing but love and respect for you, as does their boss ,your father, our God in heaven.