Melissa Hevenor
Monday April 22 , 2019
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A Real Friend

A Friend

A friend is more than a label a friend lends a hand to make you feel able

To handle whatever life throws your way and  does little things like a phone call to make your day.

A friend is there to cheer for you when the chips are down.

A friend does their best to wipe away your frown.

With a friend you can go anywhere even drive aimlessly all over town!

A good friend is hard to come by in front of them you’re not afraid to cry the ugly cry

A friend will not lie and say what you want to hear their honest opinion is why you draw them near.

Their insight you can trust  and so talking often is a must.

They make you laugh until you feel you just might bust!

You can tell a true friend by  the happiness they often make you feel and a friendship goes 2 ways that’s how you know if a friendship is real!

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