Melissa Hevenor
Monday April 22 , 2019
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Psychic Mediums Are Ordinary People with Extraordinary Gifts

I recently did a reading for a lovely woman who was extremely apprehensive and new to the world of psychic mediumship. She wrote me a thank-you letter after the reading and made a comment about how shocked she was that I was so “normal.” When it comes down to it, I am a pretty ordinary person. I walk my dogs, eat breakfast in the morning, pay bills, and keep a busy work schedule. I also grew up in a Christian home and I still consider myself to be a Christian, so to answer a question that I get often, which is “you are a Christian and a psychic; how is that possible?,” I feel very blessed because I have the best of both worlds. I go to church service regularly and have since I was young. I continue to enjoy going to a place where I can gather with other people looking to feel a connection to God and learn how to live a fulfilled life connected to God. The flip side, which includes being a psychic-medium, is that I regularly am able to tap into heavenly information to solidify my beliefs. I have also studied in-depth Judaism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Hinduism, and other religious philosophies. One of the best gifts I was given from my family, is that I was never forced to believe what they believed, but rather, encouraged to explore and question, to decide what belief system resonated with me, personally. When I was seventeen, I decided to be baptized as a Christian, all on my own accord, and I tried to honor this choice by living the best life I can, always working to serve others. At the same time, I, in later years in my life, was taken in by a family that practiced Judaism, and who are from Israel. It was easy for me to feel comfortable with their belief system because my grandfather was Jewish and I had had exposure to Jewish tradition growing up. I also became extremely interested and intrigued by the study of Kabbalah because it is a philosophy more than a religion, that allowed me to incorporate both my Christian background and my love for Jewish traditions. In fact, I became interested in Kabbalah before it became the Hollywood trend. I still consider myself to be a Kabbalist, and have taken personal instruction in reaching high levels of understanding in these practices. However, I will never consider myself to be a master of Kabbalah, or feel qualified to teach about the Kabbalah belief system, because it is a mystic study that takes years of dedication to even come close to comprehending the beauty and complexity of these teachings. Being a person blessed with spiritual gifts has only increased my connection to God and ability to love others beyond even my own understanding. It is through embracing my gifts and accepting myself, that I have become closer to God than I ever felt while sitting in a pew at church. I think this is because spirituality at its best is a proactive endeavor that really teaches that you get what you put in, although, most often, you get ten times more back. Unfortunately, all too often, people who label themselves according to certain religions, can often be judgmental and shut people down, rather than embracing each individual’s light and accepting those people for who they are and what they believe.It is also these same people who carry in their mind, an image of what a psychic-medium is, as someone who is into trickery, voodoo or some sort of streetcorner conman looking to make a dollar by feeding on innocent victims that come into their presence. There are those psychics out there who are not authentic and you must always follow your instinct. More often than not, you will get a feeling, internally, about whether or not this person is the real thing. One of the best warning signs to determine if the person who is reading for you is a conman, is they will try to get more money from you before the reading is finished, by stating that you have a curse. If anyone tries to get more than a couple of hundred dollars, and they are not a well-known psychic, they are probably just on the hunt for money. These are the types of people who give us real psychic-mediums a bad rep. In general, psychic-mediums are ordinary people with extraordinary gifts.

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