Melissa Hevenor
Monday February 24 , 2020
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Pray Pray Pray

I think so often we forget the power and importance of prayer. Many people  only pray when they are in trouble or need something. The fact is weather we  realize it or not,, we are constantly in need and we should make an effort to pray and connect all the time at least two or three times a day.  God sees everything we go through but I believe God would like to have a partnership with each of us. Where we take time to make that connection regularly because there are plenty of stories that say, “ask and it is given”. However, if we talk to God all the time he will help us walk through this life with more peace and confidence because we could know with more certainty that we have the best partner possible! I in no way, want to speak for  God although, I am speaking from experience about the partnership and the power of prayer. I recently faced some big struggles and learned very quickly who my true friends are and God has kept me fed with utilities on and my health good. Therefore, I am forever thankful and I have realized the hard way that many people  do not keep their word. They can sometimes disappear when the storms come but that is OK because it is those that stood in the rain with me praying with and for me that will still be beside me getting blessings as well, when the celebration begins. My book is the start of the party . I detailed the ups and downs I have faced because both my joys and  sorrows made for a beautiful journey that I have the honor to call my life.

I could never be the happy content person I am without my partner God and the power of prayer. I have finally begun to understand that it is when things are toughest that I should just let my partner take the lead because it is when we let go of control and pray that God can more easily lead us. When we are at a loss as to where to go. No matter what you are facing in life, good or bad take the time to Pray Pray Pray it is the best gift you can give yourself!

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