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Wednesday July 08 , 2020
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Finding Joy in the Simple Things

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

I recently posted a video of me dancing on Youtube called Remember to Dance, and to my surprise, it has been positively received. I was having a rough day and after a short conversation with a friend, was reminded how much I enjoy dancing, and thought to myself, well, why not dance? That should chase the blues away very quickly. So, before you know it, I was jammin’ to one of my latest favorite pop songs, and filmed it on Facebook to make a friend of mine smile and, to my surprise, it made many people smile, which warmed my heart. Sometimes I struggle with feeling spiritually fed, because many of my like-minded spiritual friends live out-of-state, and when you are constantly doing work like psychic and mediumship readings, you crave to be in the presence of others who have chosen a similar path. I am eternally grateful for my manager and friend, Rebecca Ryan, who is a highly spiritual individual and also my better half in terms of my career goals. She is also a best friend that I could not live without. I miss interaction with other witchywoos who are regularly providing the same services. Therefore, I must find creative ways to replenish my spirit and one of the best ways that works for me is music and singing and dancing.

Taking the time to make that video also reminded me that we have to work at letting the joy in our lives and learn to use the resources around us to inspire ourselves and spread it to others.  I was also hoping to attend an advanced psychic workshop in Dallas but, unfortunately, will not be able to do so, thus my Plan B is to work hard to make it to the “I Can Do It” conference in Tampa, Florida. For all my friends who will be attending the Dallas workshop, I can’t wait to hear your stories of enlightenment and education. Remember to be thankful for the beautiful opportunity you have been granted to attend, and know that there are those of us who were less fortunate, but still send you love and light for the greatest success and joy during your Dallas adventure. This year has been drastically different for me both positively and negatively, but I always try to relish in the positive and transform the negative into a time of growth. When it seems like your sources of inspiration are limited or life puts unforeseen obstacles in your way, remember to find the joy in the simple things and, take it from me, one of the best gifts God has given is music and our ability to dance to it. Love, light and blessings.

Acceptance For All

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

I wanted to write another blog in lieu of yesterday’s anti-bullying campaign, in recognition for the terrible losses of the teenagers who recently took their own lives after suffering from relentless bullying because of their sexual orientation. If you notice that Facebook was predominantly purple, it was a quiet declaration across the social networks to recognize ending this crisis that has plagued the LGBT community. I feel very passionately about this cause, because I have a strong connection with the LGBT community, because of the countless friends I have made in the world of theater and other creative endeavors. I never want to be responsible for stereotyping or speaking on behalf of individuals other than myself, although, from my experience, members of the LGBT community are typically creative, brilliant, loyal, extraordinary human beings with a wealth of knowledge that serves as a tapestry of wisdom for any and every situation that anyone can go through given their fortitude and strength to both embrace who they are individually, and find their niche in a collective society. Personally, I also feel an alliance with LGBT individuals because as an individual with a disability, I tend to experience, on occasion, feeling like an outsider and praying for acceptance. A dear friend of mine, Karen McCrocklin, author of “Out From The Inside,” shared an excerpt from her book, where she described what it would be like if, one day, all the LGBT individuals turned purple. If this were to happen, the parades of purple people we would see would surprise us all, as we recognize how many amazing people are still in hiding, for fear of rejection and/or abuse. I am taking the liberty to paraphrase, but in essence, that was her point and that image has remained permeated in my mind since I read it yesterday afternoon. Many people who have learning disabilities which are undetectable from the physical standpoint feel the need to hide their condition, for fear of non-acceptance. In no way am I implying that being part of the LGBT community is, in any way, shape or form a disability, it is only a demonstration of how I feel passionate to advocate for those of us who are different. I have always felt, internally, that when a group that stands apart from the mainstream makes advances, huge strides will be made for the human race as a whole. Someone recently asked me why I take the time to write my blogs and, with very little consideration, I responded, “It is a simple declaration for the possibilities of what I believe the human race can become if awareness is born about the importance to accept and love each other.” So often, people are in search of the meaning of life. From my understanding, the meaning of life is simple. The meaning of life is to love; the tricky part is to find how, as an individual, you can do that at the greatest capacity. The first step in embracing my definition of the meaning of life is to live with as little judgment as possible when dealing with other individuals trying to find their way. I hope I have provided some food for thought and if, by chance, all people who do not fit into our idea of society’s “mainstream” turn purple, perhaps the mainstream will be envious and recognize the beauty found in differences.

Doing What Makes You Happy

Monday, October 18th, 2010

A lot of new, exciting opportunities have been coming my way at lightning speed. I recently did my second book-signing at Java Boys Coffee Shop, in Wilton Manors. This book-signing was completely different from the first. The atmosphere is very much like the coffee shop on the set of “Friends.” There are large couches and many people hanging out, chatting and working on their laptops at any given time. I started out by talking about myself and how the book was inspired, and then, it became a question-and-answer session, where the patrons began asking me what it’s like to be a psychic/medium and how I discovered my gift. There were many topics of interest covered before I started doing impromptu readings for the customers and we had a lot of fun with, what turned out to be, a gallery. The next day, the owner of the shop asked me to be there the last Tuesday of the month, where people can buy a medium-sized drink and get a complimentary 5-minute reading. In addition, on every second Friday of the month, a good friend and colleague of mine, will do a gallery with me for the patrons at the shop where we will do “tag team” mediumship readings. You never know what surprises are going to be in store when you are projecting positive out into the universe and doing your life’s work in new places. I also have been fortunate enough to do several readings for clients in Australia and later learned that I have a past life with some of them, both in Australia and in other parts of the world. The way that the universe brings people together at the right time never ceases to amaze me and only confirms how connected we truly are. Whenever I finish a psychic/medium event, people always ask me if I feel tired or worn out from doing the work, but the truth is, I find the work exhilarating and it takes time for me to unwind after such a fulfilling experience, and I think this is calming when you are doing what makes you happy.

Doing Work That Heals

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I feel very blessed to work in an area that brings about healing for my clients as well as myself. Sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming when you encounter a time where it seems as though everyone needs help and there are not enough hours in a day, to reach everyone to your personal satisfaction. When I begin feeling like this, I know it is time to take some “me” time and recharge my batteries. I love writing and find myself engrossed in the art of storytelling in different capacities. My latest endeavor involves a script for television and I love to get lost in the characters’ adventures. Although many would consider this activity also work, for me it’s a creative outlet that feeds my soul. I also have four doggies that I love to play with and cuddle as a way to regenerate and refuel my personal energy. Sometimes it is not until days, weeks or months later, when I hear from a client that I realize the impact and value of what I do. When clients return with a checklist of things that I got correct during their readings, it reaffirms the importance of what a dear friend of mine taught me as an acronym for spiritual work, which is Living with LUCK (Living Under Correct Knowledge). I love this definition of what we, as psychic mediums, provide for our clients, because at the heart of our work is the desire to provide people with a broader understanding of past and present events that facilitate a deeper healing and makes life a little easier by minimizing the anxiety of “what ifs.”

Last night another activity that I enjoyed that both served as providing me with some down time and a moment of teaching, was the joy I felt watching my friend Lisa Williams’ latest television endeavor on the Style Network. In the show, called “Life After Death,” Lisa helps a mother connect and heal who has lost her young son, to diabetes. The show was touching and beautifully demonstrates our work as mediums as the powerful healing gift that God has graciously granted us as translators for those who have passed. Regardless of a person’s belief system, or familiarity with the spiritual realm, I would take the liberty to speak for most, that the show was touching and enlightening. The show will repeat regularly through the month of October, so if you get a chance, please watch and support one of the greatest light workers of our time. Every time I am granted the honor to embark on a reading and help another individual live with LUCK, I know that doing work that heals is my life’s destiny and I heal, too, alongside with my client. Until next time, love, light and blessings.

A Dream Came True in Starbucks

Friday, October 1st, 2010

On September 28, 2010, a lifelong dream of mine came true. I had my first book-signing, which will be the first of a local tour I am embarking on. The manager of a local Starbucks in Boca Raton, said that I had to start off the tour with them because I wrote 90% of the book at a designated table in Starbucks, in between going to school and working. It was good to have coffee within arm’s reach as I was burning the midnight oil. Of course, I have envisioned holding the book and signing it for people for months before it became reality, but no vision could compare to actually making that dream a reality. There was a beautiful turnout and I met some beautiful people who were extremely generous, kind and encouraging. I have even had my first reading that was generated by the book-signing. We had a professional photographer there, who was phenomenal, and spiritually connected himself. There were people that entered the Starbucks that said they are never in this area and they just happened to walk in during the two hours that the book-signing was taking place. I would quietly smile to myself because I thought it was a beautiful illustration of divine intervention. Spirit, God, and the honor of serving as an instrument to help people is a blessing that never ceases to amaze me.

The day after the book-signing, I did a radio show and began a reading for a woman who had lost her son. The remarkable thing about this reading actually took place after the show, when the son continued to hang with me at my house because he felt as though he had not finished getting his message across. It turned out that the host of the show was able to track down the mother and do a three-way telephone call where I could serve as the translator so that the son could finish his message to his mother. It was like a true scene from “Ghost Whisperer!”  No matter how long I have done this work, I am continually surprised, inspired and humbled by what I experience on my journey as a psychic medium.  From all of the positive things that have been taking place lately, I guess the one thing I would want to get across to my readers is to keep plugging along and your dreams will come true. Also, find a spot that is kind of considered your own, whether it be in your house, at the beach, or at a noisy, busy Starbucks, and take the time to nurture and visualize your dreams coming true. That is the best gift you can give yourself and give others in the near future, when those dreams come true. Sometimes they even materialize in Starbucks.

For those interested, the next book-signing will be at Java Boys, on October 12th from 5-7, in Ft. Lauderdale. Would love to see you there. Love, light and blessings.