Melissa Hevenor
Wednesday January 29 , 2020
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As The Year Ends, New Beginnings Are Right Around The Corner

So many new, exciting things are falling into place with my career. Over the last couple of months, I have had to come to terms with a lot of realizations about the people in my inner circle. Sometimes there are people you meet, whom you feel as though they will be in your life forever because you have a special connection, but one of the hardest lessons to learn is that sometimes those people are only in your life for a season or an important reason. Once that season has passed, you find that you have outgrown the relationship. The most important thing to remember when something like this happens, is that it is not the fault of either party, but a fact of life that change is inevitable. I have always been the type of person who loves people, but also enjoy time to myself, and as I have made personal realizations, for a short period of time, I felt lonely. Then I began to realize it wasn’t so much that I was alone, but that I was so caught up in the loss of certain relationships that I had invested a lot in emotionally, that I was missing the wonderful angels God brought into my life. Due to some misfortunate events, I have been struggling financially, finding it difficult to maintain even the bare necessities, but miraculously, God continuously brings forth opportunity and earth angels who help me pick up the slack. For that I am eternally grateful and I know a great, positive change is heading straight my way, to help with the recent difficulties. One of my dreams is to help those less fortunate and I have continued to provide my psychic and mediumship services to those who find the price a bit out of their budget, making every allowance and consideration for others’ struggles, especially since we are in the season for giving. It is amazing how the most unexpected earth angels can just seem to fall out of the sky right when you need them and family is far more than blood. Therefore, I am so blessed by a chosen family of friends, who have continually helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel and that light is getting brighter and brighter every day. I did a reading today with a wonderful person and I take it as a sign that there are many more psychic/medium readings heading my way. I am also excited to be attending a Christmas party on December 11th, as a featured psychic/medium among the South Florida spiritual community, to bring awareness about all the wonderful organizations and spiritual community available right here in my hometown. My next book signing is also scheduled for January 7 in New Age Books and Things in Fort Lauderdale. This event also entails a question-and-answer portion where I hope to read excerpts from my book. I am also continuing to seek out screenplay writers for my screen adaptation of my autobiography and God and the Universe, is literally, dropping them in my lap. I also have a wonderful feeling about Christmas. It has been a long time since Christmas brought me joy, because Christmas was one of the few times of the year in my childhood that was happy, and although I am thankful to have my adopted family, they do not celebrate Christmas, so I have often had a longing in my heart to spend Christmas with people I love who celebrate it for the magical time that it is. This year I have friends who are like family that will provide me the opportunity to feel the joy of Christmas once more. I just want everyone to remember to keep their eyes and ears open because God’s gifts and miracles come in the most unexpected form right in the nick of time, and although I feel I am not alone in being happy to see 2010 leave, I am overjoyed and extremely excited to ring in 2011. Remember, that 11 is an angel number, so I believe with all my heart that this upcoming year will bring a great many the blessings they are hoping for. New beginnings are just around the corner and I wish everyone happy holidays and a multitude of blessings yet to come.

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