Melissa Hevenor
Sunday October 20 , 2019
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Archive for December 10th, 2010

The Lyrics of My Heart

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Since I was just a little girl I’d shared the brightest Smile with the world and most often people smiled back at me

Not mentioning they saw or felt that  my life was a tragedy because as a little girl in a wheelchair what more could it be.

I  am soooo glad as a child I didn’t use other peoples eyes to see because with my belief in God I knew my life had endless possibility

After all, I knew  in God’s eyes he made the perfect me and when he looked at me my disability he did not see

I was only a light worker working for him  exactly whom I was meant to be

I was made that way from the start and these are the lyrics from my heart.

With the written word there is nothing I can not  do and through prayer and meditation I have found this same freedom too

that is why I had to share these the lyrics of my heart with you to help relieve that which leaves you feeling crippled or blue

Faith is all you need God is sharing his light with you to help you succeed

There is no limit  to whom you can be although, it is up to you which eyes you use to see that is the beauty of reality

we have a choice as to what and how we see and that is why we can manifest our own destiny

My only wish  I have to say is when you see someone today try looking at them in a different way because you have no idea what the lyrics of their heart would say

If in fact the person you see is in a wheelchair the chair may not bother them at all because with God’s light in their heart they are standing very tall!