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Sunday October 20 , 2019
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Archive for December 13th, 2010

All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Last week I had the pleasure of reading for my dear friend, Lisa Williams. I don’t typically read for my friends, although when Lisa, Holly and I had dinner in November, during the I Can Do It conference, the subject of readings came up and an invitation to read for her was left open. As luck would have it, we corresponded via e-mail and she asked me if I would do a phone reading for her. I was touched at the opportunity to offer guidance to my friend and profoundly honored to read for someone as great as Lisa Williams. During our phone reading, I was able to connect her with her loved ones that had passed as well as provide insight into her career and personal life to help her make more informed decisions. Many people ask why someone like Lisa Williams would need someone to read for her, because it is assumed when you have this gift that you can read for yourself, but the truth is, although psychic/mediums can provide insight and foresee things for others, it is often tremendously difficult to read for ourselves. My personal belief is that it is God’s way of keeping us humble and looking to him for answers and signs as we continue on our own personal journey. Thankfully, we can most often, distinguish if we are in danger or in good company, energetically speaking, but other than that, we, too, often have to seek out someone else to read for us.

I do not typically get nervous before a reading, because I trust the information that I receive from my guide and the Divine Source. In fact, one thing that I think that makes me unique from other mediums is that I have constant contact with my guide, because I have connected with her since I was four, therefore I don’t need to go into a meditative state to receive information. However, before any reading, I do prepare and listen to music to raise my vibration and get me in a higher state to make sure I receive the best, most accurate information possible. Thirty minutes before Lisa’s reading, I was extremely nervous, not particularly about the psychic portion but about doing mediumship for the one and only Lisa Williams, and even more important than that, I wanted to give back to my friend with as much accuracy and sincerity as she always provides because I felt as though it was important for such a giver to receive as much heart as she gives away on a regular basis. I woke up this morning at 3 a.m. when my guide told me to share another uplifting poem on Facebook, so I quickly went to my blog and blogged a second poem to uplift and was returning to bed, when all of a sudden, I noticed my phone was jingling with notification of e-mails, like a set of sleigh bells and I thought, “What in the world; who would be contacting me so early?” and reading requests for readings because of my recommendation by Lisa Williams, in my wheelchair, I was running so quickly back to the computer room to see what she had written, I nearly ran my wheelchair into the wall. I could not believe she promoted me so highly and I will do my best to offer all of you who have contacted me, my very best work. As for those of you who have requested e-mail readings, please be patient as many are coming in and in each one, three questions are allowed. I do work quickly so the wait will not be too long. As for Lisa, I love her dearly and she is a beautiful angel that God has granted me as a friend. I want to take a moment to just reinforce that no matter what you’re going through, be patient because there are blessings waiting just around the corner that far exceed your wildest dreams, because after all, all good things come to those who wait.

Shine Your Light Bright and Bold until You’re Very Old

Monday, December 13th, 2010

For as long as I can remember I have had a longing in my heart wanting to share my light with the world. The light that God gave me as a little girl.

It does not matter where you live, in the city or somewhere rural The message is that you have his light too

Big or small God gave it to us all you just have to learn to be thankful and and look inside

The best thing is that to help God gave us each a  spirit guide. So we are never alone and with our guide anywhere we go is home.

There are many ways to share the gift of  of God’s light through meditation and prayer you can learn for you which way is right

In most cases it is that which brings your heart delight Or what in your mind could brighten even the darkest night.

Some will dance, some will be a nurse,  Sometimes people do something that others see  as a curse

There are those of us that do readings so that people on earth can communicate  with their loved ones who have died  but what people don’t understand is that  we were not the ones to decide

Believe me we could not do anything without God or our guide  and this is our God given gift to shine his light that we have inside  that brings a healing people should not be denied.

Other people like myself also like to write because it give us a platform to put up a peaceful fight or another way to express God’s light there is a freedom I feel when my pen takes flight

With my written words spread across a page  my emotions become  so real  the intensity is hard to gage

Because writing and sharing God’s light gives me the powers to overcome the darkest hours with much to do and big dreams to see through

You know you have found the light when you feel a calling to share shinning it bright and bold and this is the one thing you can see yourself doing until you’re very old!