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Wednesday July 08 , 2020
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New Year, Cleansing, Healing and Living as a Psychic/Medium

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

I recently took a short hiatus from life as I knew it, due to an unexpected illness that centered around my thyroid. In fact, it was quite the ordeal because it took a ridiculous amount of time to get it properly diagnosed. In the end, I had to have a complete removal of my thyroid and continue to learn to live healthy without it. Even during a time of illness, I cannot fully escape my gifts, not that I would ever want to. In fact, one day after spending countless days in a shared hospital room, I asked my friend to help me get into my wheelchair so that I could take a stroll down the hall, just to get some new scenery. During this hospitalization, I was recovering from bronchitis, which I acquired during an ER visit when I first started not feeling well and had an extremely high fever that would not drop. Anyway, due to the bronchitis I was on a Respiratory floor and all of a sudden, I am in the hallway, I begin to see some security guards and nurses taking off down the hall, as the smell of smoke became very strong in the hallway and the charge nurse announced that some crazy person was smoking in one of the hospital rooms. So, only feet away from me, the security guards continued on their crusade to find the culprit, as quickly as possible as there was oxygen running rampant in many of the rooms. I quickly asked my guide, Robin, which room the person who was smoking was hiding in and she told me Room 464, which was a room at the complete opposite end of the hallway from where I was, but she explained that the oxygen was carrying the smell of smoke. I told my friend who was assisting me on my walk in the hall, and she laughed and turned in the direction of the nurses and security guards and stated, “You might want to check out Room 464.” All of a sudden, the charge nurse asked, “Do you know the people in Room 464?” “No,” I answered, ” I just have a feeling.” With a confused look, they proceeded to head in the direction of that room. An hour or so later, a cute little nurse popped her head in my room and said, “It was Room 464! Do you know them?,” she inquired. “Not at all,” I stated. “Then, how did you know?” she asked. “Let’s just say I had a feeling,” I answered with a smile, and with a perplexed look on her face, she retreated from the room and I have a feeling, she still ponders this incident. I could never reveal how I really knew this information because I was being treated at a Catholic hospital which provided amazing care, but I’m not sure how they would respond to the fact that I am a psychic/medium. Anyway, I just thought I’d share this story, so you could have a glimpse into my world, even while in the hospital. A few other amazing things happened while I was in an environment where many spirits tend to linger, but these stories are to save for a book.

I want to take a moment and thank everyone for all the healing and prayers that were sent in my direction and continue to be sent as I continue to heal. I also want to apologize for the delay in responding to reading requests. However, I always want to offer my best work and had to wait until I was able to raise my vibration enough to receive the most accurate information for my clients. During this time, I have continued to cleanse myself, enhance the protection and practice meditation to assist in my healing. My health is not the only thing that has been cleansed; I recently saw a gentleman who I was in love with for quite some time and both of us worked hard to make it work, but at the end of the day, he was not able to accept that I am a psychic/medium. He is a very spiritual person, and when we first met, he was intrigued by it, but over time, as he prepares to finish his Ph.D. in psychology, he struggled with the idea of having a flourishing practice and also being known as the doctor whose wife is a professional psychic. So, after shedding many tears, and months of coming to terms with the fact that I was not going to be with this beautiful individual, I am finally at a point where I am happy I made the decision to be true to myself, and follow my dreams, embracing my gifts. This gentleman is so remarkable he even encouraged me to share this segment of my life with all of you publicly, in hopes that it would help others realize that sometimes you have to choose to be true to yourself over anyone else because you can’t live for their dreams, you must embrace your own, and when you fully realize what those dreams are, and make it your mission to embrace them at a pace and in a way that is right for you, you can finally experience the true meaning of freedom as life takes on a deeper meaning. Therefore, for me, the new year has now begun, healing continues to take place so I can be strong in my pursuit of these dreams and continue to enjoy living as a psychic. For you, my readers, it is my hope that you realize how extraordinary you are and carry this feeling during the tough times, so that you, too, can gather your strength and make those dreams a reality. Love, light and blessings.

Happy New Year! Healing, Happy and Hopeful About 2011!

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

I am so pleased to be blogging again, for the new year. I know that this year is going to be marvelous for all of us, as eleven is an angel number and I can feel the positive anticipation of all that is yet to come. I first want to thank everyone for their love, kindness, prayers, healing and understanding about the delay in responding to your requests due to my recent illness, starting as what seemed like a flu, and ended up being an infection and a cyst and growth in my thyroid. This condition left me with hardly any voice and put me in the hospital as infection grew and my temperature spiked. I am still in the hospital after receiving a biopsy and removal of 90% of the growth, but doctors are very optimistic that all will be healed with no lasting setbacks, although, please continue to pray until I receive the full pathology report with a clean bill of health. I will keep everyone updated via Facebook and, of course, through blogging. I deeply miss connecting with all of you and can’t wait to return back to helping you and spreading positive energy and love with my gift. I plan to answer a few e-mail readings this weekend, and resume phone and in-person readings within a week’s time. The last request I would ask is that you please pray that I am able to sing again, once healed, because the growth did impact my vocal cords. Although I am not looking to do it professionally, it is a hobby I cherish and it helps me raise my vibrations. But, have no fear, I promise to continue doing my dance videos regardless of the singing capabilities. LOL.

Everything does happen for a reason because I have met some phenomenal people while in the hospital, and been able to read some books on my reading list and finally download some music that I received for Christmas. I also have an even deeper appreciation for my voice. I have never struggled to be vocal. I also am currently working on trying to land some TV interviews regarding my autobiography and working on the second book and other projects. Today was the first day I felt more like myself as I was jamming to Katie Perry’s Firework song, and my new favorite  soul singer, Jana Mashonee, and finally, but not least one of the best musical healing gems that I got for Christmas, was Ian Beddow’s Crystal Symphony CD. The combination of his voice, imagery and music heals on a cellular and soul level like nothing I have experienced through music, but, believe me, you don’t have to be sick to reap the treasures of his beautiful talent. I love you all dearly and have so many exciting surprises brewing that will make you laugh, smile and feel the abundance of hope that is bestowed in this new, beautiful year of 2011. The main message of this blog is that in a new year, healing can bring about happiness even in the depths of illness, when hope is the staircase to the peak of an angel year. Love, light and blessings, Melissa