Melissa Hevenor
Monday February 24 , 2020
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Just Keep Smiling and Soon a Rain of Blessings Will Warm Your Heart and Feed Your Soul

Lately, I have had some disappointment surrounding asking my church  for help cleaning because they provide cleaning services for those who are in need, and because of the financial loss I faced last year and being sick, I asked for help for the first time. To my surprise, those who I thought would help, blatantly hung up on me and accused me of doing “the devil’s work,” as a professional psychic. I took this very hard because I had been going to that church for years, and volunteering my time to help many different church groups. I, indeed, loved my church, and I would gladly do it all over again, but I still felt hurt. I also received an e-mail from someone accusing me of being inspirational because I have “no problems and need to get a real job.” Usually, these types of negative tirades I delete with love and just keep moving forward. However, recently, there has been one after the other, and I am not writing this blog as a defense, but have decided to allow you a closer look into my personal life, in an effort to show that, during hard times, we must look within and find, at a soul level, the light that resides inside.

In May, I lost not one, not two, but three jobs in the same week, where I was working as a counselor. I worked with a psychologist, helping children with behavioral problems, and also was working at a center for children with autism. Finally, on the weekends, I would work in a shelter for battered women and children. But, the doctor that I was working for decided not to work with children anymore, and the other two facilities shut down because of lack of funding. Thank God, the readings have been keeping me afloat, but it was extremely difficult to take an 80% salary loss. In fact, I then decided to apply for permanent disability as I needed help to cover bare necessities and I will never forget the person’s face in the office, as I began sobbing, signing the paperwork. She inquired as to what was the matter and I said, between sobs, “I am now officially disabled,” and she then said, “Oh, honey! Were you in an accident?” “No, I’ve been like this since birth but I never felt disabled because I was able to be self-sufficient and make my way through school, surviving what was not an easy childhood.” In fact, when I was twenty-one and decided to deal with some personal issues, I went to some therapists and when the first words out of their mouths were, “It must be really difficult to be in a wheelchair,” I politely informed them that the wheelchair was not a problem at all, but at times had been a saving grace for me, and would move on to another therapist, until I found the one that saw me as a person first, and never addressed the wheelchair unless I did. That’s one reason why I love doing psychic readings because I read people’s energy, unassuming about anything presented by appearance and always view someone’s energy with care and respect, thinking that it is an extension of my own. Then, I was blessed to read for my friend, Lisa, who pulled me out of the psychic and mediumship closet, which I am eternally grateful for, because it is now all of you who are helping me keep food on my table, and inspiring me every day to continue doing what I love.

As most of you know, I have recently been sick with thyroid issues that are just now beginning to resolve themselves after removing my entire thyroid. My main concern about this surgical procedure was that I wouldn’t be able to sing, and singing has also been therapeutic, rewarding and healing for me. All prayers have been answered, because, as of last night, I tried to sing and, for the first time since I became sick, and although it was far from perfect, I know my voice is still there and will only continue to get better. I also have had some individuals indicate that my prices for psychic readings are too high, and , really, I would love to do them for free and try desperately to accommodate and help people as generously as possible, but it is important to understand that those of us who are doing lightworker work, must keep ourselves afloat, and I do have another career which I love, but currently with this economy, it is not providing for me as it once did. I still feel very blessed to be able to do my life’s purpose work more frequently and know, that before long, my book will be picked up by someone who can put it on the big screen or some of my other creative projects will be embraced, taking my career, and the spiritual transformation that we are all experiencing, by storm. That is why I keep the faith by just smiling and posting inspirational quotes and music because there is one thing I know for sure, the minute I receive the break that I am looking for, and have more financial security, I will spread it around, so that we all will be dancing in a rain of blessings, to warm each of our hearts because I do love each of you very much. Thank you for all of the support for my gifts and belief in what I and other lightworkers do. Love, light and blessings.

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