Melissa Hevenor
Monday February 24 , 2020
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Love is the Most Important Word We Know Because its Effects Transcends Time and Space

I recently posted on my Facebook status to only say, “I love you” when you mean it, because those three words have lasting effects that transcend time and space. After making this declaration, it was requested that I elaborate further, and so, here’s the blog to do just that. It is a known fact that if a baby is given nutrition and ample water, they still will not thrive without human contact. Studies have shown that a baby deprived of affection and contact, will, indeed, suffer mental delays, emotional disturbances and stunted growth in general. The way, amount and understanding that we grow up with about how to give, receive and understand love, affects the fundamental elements of who we are, and since it is not uncommon for people to pass down through generations, elements of their understanding of love, the way love is born within a family can be repetitive for generations. Although there is so much more to our understanding of love, love is everywhere. Love is without boundaries and love is what created the world as we know it. Many of us have a pretty good idea of what we think love is supossed to be, but living life from a place of love 100% of the time, is virtually impossible. In fact, if you can live your life from a place of love 75% of the time, I think you’re doing pretty darn well! One of the hardest challenges for me was learning to love my past, which was riddled with a lack of love or understanding of love from a healthy perspective. However, from a very young age, I was able to connect to my spirit guide, Robin, who explained to me at the ripe old age of eleven, that everything I had gone through and would continue to go through that was difficult in my life, my spirit had actually written in a sacred contract, before I inhabited the physical body in this lifetime. She went on to explain to me that everything written in our sacred contract before we descend from heaven to take on the present lifetime, has to be approved by God, and God would only approve of those difficulties if he believed that my spirit was strong enough to endure them. Also, she explained, that very often, the more suffering a person endures, the greater healer they have the potential to become, if they choose to find their strength within, rise above that suffering, and use the wisdom and love they found to pull themselves up from the suffering, to help heal, nurture and love others. With this in mind, the level at which we learn to love, in terms of giving and receiving, determines, in my opinion, the level of spiritual growth we will experience during the present lifetime, and lay a blueprint for the starting point of our spiritual growth in the next lifetime. Furthermore, I believe that when we say the words, “I love you,” and mean it, or not mean it, it affects our Karmic energy. For instance, because I can see auras, I have noticed the changes that occur in someone’s aura, when they hear the words “I love you.” Along these same lines, I can see from an energetic perspective, as detailed by the aura, whether or not the person was able to accept those words when they were declared. A person’s aura changes color, size, and intensity, based on the circumstances surrounding which the words were spoken. I have witnessed this firsthand, so I have come to believe that these three little words actually have an energetic DNA fingerprint, and over time, giving love to someone to promote their highest good, can heal almost any ailment. That is why I struggle to understand why people have difficulty with blind faith, because I have never heard anyone say they don’t believe in love, and yet love is not easily defined by something experienced by the naked eye. Love is everywhere. If you look in the sky and see the beautiful clouds as they proudly show off their individual shade against the baby blue backdrop, there is such a perfection to their existence, that it serves a svidence that only the energetic DNA of love can create such a thing. There are thousands of examples. Going back to the challenge of finding your individual struggles as a blessing, or embracing them with love, can take place if you learn to love yourself, realizing that your spirit has every faith in you, and God allowed you to descend into this lifetime, knowing that you have the strength within to face these challenges. For myself, I have found that I have the greatest appreciation for love in every form, and realize what a precious commodity it is, after experiencing personal strife from those who were supposed to be the first to help me understand and feel what true love was. Even though the Creator has faith in us to be able to overcome these difficulties, He/She is the highest source of love and, therefore, would never send us to earth to face these hardships without some unbelievable tools. So, we all have the ability to connect to this highest divine source of love, as long as we make an effort to do so, and we also have our own individual supply of energetic love DNA to help us find our divine purpose, which allows us to spread our love supply to others. This sharing of love is what I believe to be the true meaning of life, because it was the Divine Creator spreading love that created the world, so I think it is our purpose to continue spreading love to create the best masterpiece God ever envisioned.

I wrote this blog as a reflection on the importance of love, because of its ability to transcend time and space.

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