Melissa Hevenor
Monday February 24 , 2020
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Letting Go Sounds So Easy, But Yet So Hard

Recently, my lesson in life, I think, has been learning to let go. The actual act of letting go is so simple, from a physiological perspective. You release your fingers from a grasp, and find freedom as the once tense knuckles are released. However, letting go from an energetic perspective, is much harder. No matter what we do, our energy is involved, and energy always leaves some kind of imprint on both inanimate objects and human beings or other living things. Keeping this in mind, it is then easy to pose the question-Do we ever fully let go, given that energetic imprints are always left behind? There are all different types of emotional and energetic holds that we find ourselves intertwined in. For example, my sister recently had a baby, and I wanted more than anything, to be there for his birth. Despite my desire, there were several factors that influenced the outcome I was not happy with. Money was an issue, the snowstorms that were wreaking havoc on the east coast, and the fact that I had fallen ill, and was going in and out of the hospital, all proved to be barriers that could not be overcome. Therefore, I had to let go and resign myself to the fact that I would not be there for my second nephew’s birth. Accepting it allowed me momentary freedom from trying to strategize in my mind over how to make the trip happen. Although, thankfully, because of modern technology, I was able to receive photographs and have contact throughout the process. This technological contact helped me, spiritually astrotravel, to the hospital where my sister had given birth, which got me to thinking, I did not really let go of the opportunity to be there, but found a different way to accomplish my desire. On a physical level, I was not there, so I let go of the physical element of my presence, and incorporated how to be there on a spiritual level . I have always been brought up to believe that whenever possible, we should look at situations from a spiritual perspective. Does this mean that on some level, my inability to physically be present, was beneficial and, in fact, in the long run, a better option? After several weeks of pondering this idea, my answer is yes, because I realized if I had physically been there, my self and my sister would have been concerned about my well-being in the cold weather as well as the accessibility of my surroundings. These concerns could have distracted both my sister and I from the beautiful blessing that God had bestowed on the family. This isn’t to say that under different circumstances, I would not take the first plane out of Florida to be with my sister, because, God knows, if it was even remotely feasible, I would have found a way. My inability to control the situation and let go enough to focus on my spiritual abilities to travel, served, however, as a learning experience which heightened my ability to astrotravel, and reaffirmed my belief that everything happens for a reason.

A friend of mine in Australia and I were recently discussing how difficult it is to let go of someone you have a physical attraction to, even if that person is not good for you. I feel the reason that that can be so difficult is that when you have invested energy from your heart chakra, that energy on some level always remains part of the other person’s heart chakra, leaving the smallest void of heart energy in the other person’s aura. This energy can be fulfilled once more, and healed, however, it takes much longer to replenish a void in the heart chakra, or heal a wound in this area, than it does to give off energy from the same place. So often, people who separate from a loved one, find it necessary to create physical distance between themselves and this person. I believe that this is because the physical distance helps prevent one’s own heart chakra from longing for the residual piece of 0ne’s own energy that was invested into the other person, or, on the other hand, longing for the other person, who was constantly strengthening your own heart chakra, while you were in their presence. It is very important to find individuals who surround you in positive energy so that your heart chakra can easily get a boost when needed, and you do not have to rely on a romantic partner to feed you energetically. Love, in any form, feeds the heart chakra, without the heart chakra knowing the source of that love, as long as the love source does not cause repeated pain, which, then penetrates the heart chakra, leaving empty holes. Sometimes it is important to let go to learn how to love differently, or grow as a person, accepting that some things are out of our control, but in the end, there must be a reason. It is not uncommon for people to say to each other, “Just let it go,” and letting go sounds so easy, but when you look at things from a spiritual, energetic level, this very act is yet so hard.

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