Melissa Hevenor
Monday February 24 , 2020
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Staying Grounded While Being Afloat So Much of the Time

Lately, I have been super busy doing readings, teaching, healing on children with autism, and preparing for a new job working with troubled teens. Needless to say, I have a lot on my plate. Although I am loving every minute, spending so much time on another dimension which allows me to get information and successfully complete my job. In fact, while trying to complete the e-mail readings, it is not uncommon for me to work 12-14 hour days, and sometimes, appointments are so close together, that I just have time to cleanse from the previous client and briefly pray to prepare for the next. I am loving every second of it, and finding creative ways to ground myself. Sunday is my chosen day to take for myself. Although I believe that animals function on a very spiritual level, when I play with my dogs, and cuddle with them, it brings me back to the physical plane. Another way I manage to keep focused, is by talking on a regular basis, to a dear friend of mine, who is also a lightworker, and understands the crazy, stressful and delightful field that we work in. Sometimes, the things that happen are downright funny. In fact, last night, after I finished my last reading, my bedroom door, which had been slightly open as I was talking on the phone to the last client, suddenly slammed, leaving me stuck inside. When I went over to the door, to find out what was going on, I could hear the slightest sound of children laughing, and I sternly said, “You’re more than welcome to play in my house, but it is not fair to lock me into my own bedroom,” at which point, a little boy and girl who were obviously twins between the ages of 5-7, appeared in front of me, and the little girl began to speak. “Sorry about the bedroom door, it’s just there are so many dead people in this house, that we had to find a way to get your attention,” she said, “we have a message for our parents.” “Okay,” I responded, “but how am I supossed to find your parents?” “Oh, just put the message on Facebook, you have so many people on there - I am sure someone can get them the message.” “Okay, I will,” I told the little boy who offered the solution. Then, he began, “Tell Mom and Dad that we did not feel any pain when we died, and that Uncle Doug greeted us right away and took us straight to heaven. We spend most of our time with him, if we’re not down here, playing in your house.” “Also, let them know that Dad will get a job in no time, because they have both been very worried about things. But, it ’s going to happen very soon.” “How did you find me?,” I asked. The little girl smiled and said, “Another child told us that he likes playing with your puppies and showed us where your house was, and said that you can see people that have died.” “Well, I am happy you’re here, and you’re welcome to stay as much as you want, but you can’t make things harder for me, and lock me in places,” I stated. “Okay,” they both said in unison. Instantly, they were gone, and still the door would not open. So, I called my friend for backup with this situation, because she had been me once before, when I had been locked in a bathroom by an old spirit on a ship. She immediately said, “I am on the phone with another friend of our’s, can I call you back?” “Not really, I need help right now,” I explained to her what was going on, at which point, she had our other friend call me, and ask her grandmother, who was also in spirit, to help out with the situation. So, I warned the children, “in a few minutes, my friend’s grandmother is going to be coming, and she will not be happy, that you have locked me in my room.”  Behind the door, I could hear the twins laughing, and the little girl tell the boy not to pull my cat’s tail. Just as the cat meowed in response, my friend’s grandmother showed up, because I heard the little boy say, “The grandmother’s here!,” and the bedroom door swung open. This incident last night, is just one of the many things I experience as a practicing medium, but it just goes to show that children are children, no matter what dimension they’re on, and personalities remain the same, as reflections of the spirit. This does not mean that spirits do not go through transformations, because I believe that everyone goes through a period where they have to watch their life before them, and reflect on their choices that they made during their last lifetime. Then, they go to a kind of spiritual school, where they learn how they could have made better choices or what they had done that was not beneficial for their spiritual growth. However, the personality of the spirit typically stays intact.

In order to not burn out, and function well in my life, it is crucial to stay grounded and take time out for myself, so that I can spend a great deal of my life afloat on another dimension, and manage both dimensions with grace. The overall message of this blog, is to try to find a job or hobby that you are passionate about to  bring you satisfaction and happiness, but remember that all things need to be done with balance, and it is important to stay grounded and entertain the magic of the spiritual dimension with equillibrium.

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