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Friday April 03 , 2020
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Happy Passover, Easter, the Whole Shebang! In Other Words, Happy New Beginnings!

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

I LOVE this time of year more than any other, because it is the time of the year when major shifts in energy take place to promote the positive and allow for the blessings of a new season. Sometimes, the Christmas season or that holiday season can bring about sadness because of losses that have been experienced involving family. However, for me, personally, spring and the holidays that take place during this time, bring me great joy, because they encompass so much more than eating, collecting sweets and any other commercial ritual that have taken form to celebrate. In the Jewish tradition, Passover is a time when the Israelites who were enslaved, took a leap of faith with a spiritual man of God named Moses, to find freedom and abide by the wisdom of God to avoid great trepidation. Those people who are willing to believe in this miracle made a statement over their homes, by spreading the blood of a lamb over the doorways to symbolize that they believed in God’s power and his ability to protect them from ten plaguesthat were put in place to befall those who were trying to act as God, reigning over the slaves in Egypt. Therefore, the holiday Passover receives its name because taking this leap of faith and making the declaration visible, about their belief in God’s word, allowed those people to have the plagues pass over them. Once again, I must say how much I love this story! There is such an important message of having faith and forging through whatever hardship comes your way, knowing that, in the end, God has a plan and we are part of that plan who have been blessed with the ability to spread his light and shine upon whatever darkness the world embodies.

From a Christian persective, Easter exemplifies the idea of rebirth or second chances as were granted to Jesus after his resurrection from the horrible, horrific death from the earth plane he endured, due to his dedication to his father, God. God reached down and granted him a most beautiful eternal life. Both holidays breathe life into the idea of rebirth and fresh starts. And last but not least, my next ever-so-quaint day to be recognized, Earth Day, is tomorrow. Yeah! Disney has a new movie, called African Cats, coming out tomorrow, where they documented the life and experiences of cats in the wild in Africa, but the best part is if you go to see the movie tomorrow, the proceeds from ticket sales (tomorrow ONLY) will be matched by Disney and donated towards wildlife preservation. Therefore, do Mother Earth a favor and go to the movies! I know I will.

In doing meditaion this morning, the main message that my guide gave me is that the sky’s the limit. No matter how difficult life may be in the present, you need to look within, find the smallest spark of light within yourself and use that spark to motivate baby steps to turning the situation around. I, like everyone, know how difficult it can be to find that little spark, when it feels like the storms of the world have done everything to put the spark out, but I’ve come to realize that the more trials and tribulations we face the more faith that God has in us, that we can persevere and create something greater for our lives than we ever imagined. It is only living in the depths of sadness and despair that we can fully embrace pure joy and blessings with the same intensity of emotion. Thus, mo matter where you are in your life at this moment, or even in this second, know that this is the time of the year for new beginnnings, and I grant you permission, at whatever level you can, to invest in a new start where blessings will exceed your wildest expectations. The best way to begin this investment process into a brighter future is to write down your goals, and think of baby steps that will bring you even the slightest bit closer to those goals, and I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, at the very least you have access to your computer that allows you to access these words of hope and love and belief that I have in you, for the best life has to offer as we enter this time of a fresh start. Love, light and blessings.

Lifting Your Chin While Setting Goals

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Today as I was preparing my paperwork to take it over to the accountant, my internal light of hope was rekindled, because I began to realize that releasing all of my 2010 receipts, documents and so on, was like God giving me a clean slate and today was a new day. I know tax time can be stressful for many people, however, it also got me to thinking how lucky we are to have our freedom and rights in the beautiful United States that is still trying to emerge from the chaos of the state of the world today. Therefore, my faith in life, love and hope was renewed. This has also been a time when I have learned who my true friends are and who is in my corner. Sometimes, I think we are put in difficult situations to remind us of these small belessings. After a great disappointment with regards to the last job opportunity I thought I was going to begin, after going through the ridiculous shenannigans that I reported about in the last blog, that job opportunity did not come about. In the meantime, I continued to do my readings, feeling completely satisfied by spreading my light in this way, and yesterday, I spent a good part of the afternoon helping solve a cold case. This was emotionally difficult, but also very rewarding, if I can lend a hand to helping justice prevail. I also decided to set goals for myself, and at this point, I’m not exactly sure how I am going to reach them, but I will remain faithful and make my best effort. My first goal is to be at the book signing that’s scheduled for May 5th in Ft. Lauderdale, at New Age Books N’ Things. I also am looking at different venues to try and hold large mediumship or psychic galleries. I am working to save up to make a trip to Melbourne, Australia, in late fall, (Novemeber) for about 3 weeks, where I hope to do readings and various teachings with a dear friend of mine. Anyway, these are just a few things I hope to get underway, and I continue to find different avenues to promote my television project and other product ideas. The one good thing that happens when we find ourselves with limited resources, is that we tend to revert quite quickly to the simple things that are important. With limited internet access or television, I find myself doing more meditation and reading, a luxury that I never afford myself because of lack of time and the attraction of multi-media stimulation. If ever you find yourself feeling down or having lack of motivation, you may want to consider putting your goals down on paper, and thinking of the simplest way to paving the path towards at least one of those goals. I am also a firm believer that if we make the smallest effort, with faith in our heart, God will do much of the paving for us.

As I’ve said many times before, remember to dance, and do the small things that are free that bring you joy. I also want to continue recognizing that this month is dedicated to autism, and because I feel such a passion for families dealing with this condition, I will spend the rest of the month promoting awareness, and don’t forget to tell your friends who are mothers of children with autism to join me on Twitter, for the chance to win a free reading. The names of the mothers will be selected at the end of the month and the readings will involve an evaluation of the child based on a photograph, revealing the details that are in the child’s aura, and a question to be answered for the mother herself, if she wishes. I want to wish all of you luck and keep your chins up, and remember to set those goals. Love, light and blessings.

April - Understanding the Awe in Autism

Monday, April 4th, 2011

With the month of April being Autism Awareness Month, I felt compelled to discuss my dedication to the children and families that have been affected by this condition. I have always been fascinated by understanding the inner workings of autism, and I believe this interest stems from a deeper knowing that the condition is connected to spirituality. I believe that these individuals have a greater understanding of energy and more and more of these children are being born into this world today. I have over one thousand hours working with children with autism, ranging in age from 18 months - 21 years. The more time I spend with those affected by autism, the greater my fascination, love and committment to helping in the fight to finding a cure, although I will be the first to say that I, personally, do not see these children as having a disease, but instead having an understanding that far exceeds much of our own collective consciousness. From a very young age, I was blessed with the ability to see an individual’s aura. The aura is the energetic field that surrounds the physical body, and reveals a great deal about physical health, mental health, personality and provides insight into various past, present and future aspects of a person’s life. In fact, I was lucky enough to find a professor at the university where I began working on my doctorate, who embraced my spiritual gifts. With the permission of the parents, she allowed me to meet the children who are entering a twin study on autism, and I was able to evaluate whether or not I believed they were on the spectrum and what techniques or lifestyle changes would help them reach their optimal health, based on what I could see in their auras. The more time I spent working with these children, the more I was able to psychically gain information about how to help both the parents and child cope with the condition. Therefore, autism is, and always will be, a cause that I am passionate about. It is not uncommon to become frightened when hearing the staggering rates at which autism is increased. The truth is it is not exactly the rate of children with autism that is increasing, but instead, professionals’ abilities to diagnose and recognize the signs that are becoming more perfected. The one aspect about autism that parents, professionals and those affected can agree on is the importance of early detection and intervention.

I believe, with all my heart, that these kids are often absorbing others’ energy, to a level that they do not know how to handle the sensory overload they are taking in. Therefore, as a professional who perceives these energies, I can teach the child and parents techniques to help manage the perception and absorption of energies of others, for the individual who is autistic. I also can psychically pick up likes or dislikes of a child who may not be able to verbalize them, as well as psychically determine what techniques may or may not be beneficial for the child. Once again, this is a passion dear to my heart, and I want to help, on a widescale basis, as many as I can. As a psychic, medical intuitive, therapist-in-training, and most importantly, as a fellow human being, I care deeply about not only those with autism, but for the well-being of the human race as a whole, spiritually, physically and as a humanitarian. I am proud to offer two free readings to mothers of children with autism, to be completed in the month of May, although the two lucky mothers will be chosen later this month. Thus, if you or someone you know, is a dedicated mother to a child with this condition, tell them to follow me on Twitter, and send an e-mail, to (Subject: autism), telling a story of their child and providing a picture. Then, I will provide insight into assisting the child as well as answering a psychic question for the mother. It is the least I can do to show my continued support of this community.

Part of my hope is to help those affected by autism to see the awe in their awe-ras.