Melissa Hevenor
Tuesday February 25 , 2020
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Lifting Your Chin While Setting Goals

Today as I was preparing my paperwork to take it over to the accountant, my internal light of hope was rekindled, because I began to realize that releasing all of my 2010 receipts, documents and so on, was like God giving me a clean slate and today was a new day. I know tax time can be stressful for many people, however, it also got me to thinking how lucky we are to have our freedom and rights in the beautiful United States that is still trying to emerge from the chaos of the state of the world today. Therefore, my faith in life, love and hope was renewed. This has also been a time when I have learned who my true friends are and who is in my corner. Sometimes, I think we are put in difficult situations to remind us of these small belessings. After a great disappointment with regards to the last job opportunity I thought I was going to begin, after going through the ridiculous shenannigans that I reported about in the last blog, that job opportunity did not come about. In the meantime, I continued to do my readings, feeling completely satisfied by spreading my light in this way, and yesterday, I spent a good part of the afternoon helping solve a cold case. This was emotionally difficult, but also very rewarding, if I can lend a hand to helping justice prevail. I also decided to set goals for myself, and at this point, I’m not exactly sure how I am going to reach them, but I will remain faithful and make my best effort. My first goal is to be at the book signing that’s scheduled for May 5th in Ft. Lauderdale, at New Age Books N’ Things. I also am looking at different venues to try and hold large mediumship or psychic galleries. I am working to save up to make a trip to Melbourne, Australia, in late fall, (Novemeber) for about 3 weeks, where I hope to do readings and various teachings with a dear friend of mine. Anyway, these are just a few things I hope to get underway, and I continue to find different avenues to promote my television project and other product ideas. The one good thing that happens when we find ourselves with limited resources, is that we tend to revert quite quickly to the simple things that are important. With limited internet access or television, I find myself doing more meditation and reading, a luxury that I never afford myself because of lack of time and the attraction of multi-media stimulation. If ever you find yourself feeling down or having lack of motivation, you may want to consider putting your goals down on paper, and thinking of the simplest way to paving the path towards at least one of those goals. I am also a firm believer that if we make the smallest effort, with faith in our heart, God will do much of the paving for us.

As I’ve said many times before, remember to dance, and do the small things that are free that bring you joy. I also want to continue recognizing that this month is dedicated to autism, and because I feel such a passion for families dealing with this condition, I will spend the rest of the month promoting awareness, and don’t forget to tell your friends who are mothers of children with autism to join me on Twitter, for the chance to win a free reading. The names of the mothers will be selected at the end of the month and the readings will involve an evaluation of the child based on a photograph, revealing the details that are in the child’s aura, and a question to be answered for the mother herself, if she wishes. I want to wish all of you luck and keep your chins up, and remember to set those goals. Love, light and blessings.

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