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Wednesday July 08 , 2020
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Just Keep Shining as Darkness Invades

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Yesterday was my birthday, and I felt so blessed to be surrounded by beautiful, intelligent, loving women that I am lucky enough to call my friends. First, we had lunch, then a delicious homemade chocolate cake. I got amazing presents, and most important, was surrounded by their amazing presence. Finally, the night was topped off by a late-night movie that had me in stitches, “Rio,” and soft-serve yogurt in the most hip, fashionable parlor I’ve ever seen. Needless to say, there were blessings all around.

Today is another story. It takes a lot to get me down, but due to some issues with my car, I will not be able to use it for quite some time, until I have the means to fix the problem. Even though I am in a wheelchair, I’m constantly on the go. In fact, I have over 100,000 miles on my van that is only a 2007. I love to travel, and being that my van is wheelchair-friendly, I often help friends of mine who are wheelchair-bound to get their transportation. In fact, when President Barak Obama was being elected, the poll workers were laughing because my van transported over twenty people who would otherwise not have been able to make it to the polls to vote, regardless of their political stance, for the mere fact, that I felt like this past election was monumental in trying to elevate the United States during this economic slump. Anyway, I find it hard to accept being immobile. Therefore, I hope this period passes quickly. However, I’m not gonna let this get the best of me, because I know there is a lesson to be learned within these circumstances and I will continue to shine my light and help others as best I can, from one location. If you also notice, I am less frequently on the internet. It is because I do not have internet access from home at this time. I will do my best to keep you updated and stay connected. Even if we have to take events that are difficult moment by moment, or breath by breath, it is important to always seek the positive. There is always a deeper life lesson in any given circumstance, and we can only find the hidden treasures in these challenging moments if we try and look at the larger picture, and not let moments that may be riddled with frustration, or any other negative emotion, cripple our progress or efforts to move forward. Therefore, I am thankful to begin a new year, as a young, vibrant, 35 year-old woman, with big dreams that are closer to frutition every second of every day. No matter what darkness invades your world, seek the light and you will be miraculously surprised at what illuminates your world. Love, light and blessings, Melissa

Mother Earth and All her Glory

Monday, May 9th, 2011

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I wanted to write a blog about the importance of female strength, and the beauty of motherhood when it is valued correctly. However, yesterday I decided to disconnect myself from technology, in an effort to provide a peaceful environment in my house to meditate and connect with those on the other side. Therefore, I was not able to write this blog until today.

A mother is so much more than the woman who brings a baby into the world; Mother’s Day is difficult for me, personally, because my natural mother took her own life the day before Mother’s Day, and my great aunts who were two of the most generous, beautiful women that embodied everything a mother is supossed to be, are now on the other side. Thus, yesterday, I worked hard to raise my vibration and feel them around me, as we always celebrated Mother’s Day together, feeling grateful that god had brought us all together. My natural mother battled mental health issues most of her life, and was, at times, very difficult to love, no matter how hard I tried. The good news is since her passing, she has gone though spiritual school, and discussed with God what she could have done differently in order to make better choices, and if she had been able to be half as loving while she was on earth as she is in spirit, she would have saved me  many hours in therapy. Now she is on my spiritual team, and helps me with readings, providing advice, and tries her best to leave me signs to let me know she is supporting me all the time. Of course, I long to hug her physically, but I am so grateful to have her at peace, and to get the chance to witness who she is without her illness and I am grateful everything has happened the way that it has.

I also got the chance to spend time with my furbabies, who were very happy  to have their “Mama” at home, spending time with them, and it is during this time, that I began thinking about our magestic Mother Earth. I do not believe it is common practice to recognize Mother Earth on Mother’s Day, and this is in fact, a shame because without Mother Earth, all of us wold be in trouble. Every day, when we wake up, we are blessed to have another day on this planet. It is important to respect the planet and teach our children the miraculous qualities that Mother Earth possesses.


She strokes us daily with her gentle breezes, as the sun beams down with her beautiful leaves and branches, the heat she eases. When daybreak creeps across our bedroom window, the beautiful sunlight wakes us as she teases.

Wake up, sleepyhead! I have beautiful gifts I want to spread.” You can sit by the water, or climb up a tree, all of these gifts were given by me.” The more that you recognize my efforts with love, the more you will see my divine presence sent from above.” I love every organism, tree, bird or flower, you can see my beauty anytime, no mattler the hour. Although I am beautiful andl, quiet, I am not without power.

I am known as Mother Earth for one reason it’s true, because I give you everything without asking a thing of you.”

If you find Mother’s Day to be difficult, either because your mother is no longer with you, just remember she is always there, in spirit, and if you do not have a good relationship with your mother, remember there is one mother that greets you every day. This is, of course, Mother Earth, and every moment  of every day, she shares all her glory in every way.

Praying for Peace, Gathering for Hope and Spreading Love

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

I feel compelled to address the recent killing of Osama bin Laden. Although I rejoice for those family members who feel closure and vindication, because the man responsible for 9/11, which took the lives of their family and friends, has been eliminated, it is difficult for me to rejoice on a personal level, over the death of another human being, because I am a firm believer that violence breeds violence, and I now fear more deaths will come inthe form of a retaliation, and my ever-vigilant sending of protection and love to President Barack Obama will only continue with greater intensity as I fear that his life is in greater jeopardy than ever before. My desire to protect him comes out of reaching out to another human being who has take on the position as President of our country. In other words, my sending of white light is not necessarily a political declaration, but rather, a humanitarian stance, in hopes of greater peace in the world. However, I am a firm believer that all the devastation, including this most recent loss of life during the national disasters, falls under the umbrella of the energy shift that is percolating as we reach the middle of 2011, what I believe to be an Angel year. The idea that this year is an Angel year does not mean the year is particularly easy, but the greater masses of people will recognize their individual life purpose, in terms of how to spread more light in the world, making them feel closer and connected to the angelic realm and vibration. I have so much hope in the wake of natural disasters, as human beings are coming together and being reminded of the important things in life-love, compassion and peace. This shift is also causing a greater number of people to recognize their own personal connection to divine light and God. It would be very easy during this time of transition, to feel anxiety about future events, although worry and anxiety is crippling, and inhibit perpetual movemnt forward. It makes no difference how small we each move forward, what is important is our continued effort and progress. Therefore, I find hope in continued pursuit of projects in the form of manuscript, television and big screen endeavors that will, at the very least, shine light to greater populations, to illuminate the beauty that this world and the spirit world encompasses.

With this in mind, I am excited to tell you to keep an eye out for all the great things yet to come, as they will be announced on my Facebook, Twitter, and television soon enough. The first of these exciting, new events is my next Book Signing at New Age Books n’Things in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Friday, May 6th; from 5-7 p.m. EST, I will be reading parts of my book and signing copies, and from 7-8 EST will be a Question/Answer/Discussion session. I hope many of you can make it, and work to find outlets and opportunities to shine light during these difficult times that  sometimes try to overshadow the light and beauty within all of us. Even if it is the smallest gesture of a smile, or a positive twitter, do whatever you can to keep spreading love in a world that hungers and needs affection. Love, light and blessings, Melissa