Melissa Hevenor
Thursday December 12 , 2019
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Praying for Peace, Gathering for Hope and Spreading Love

I feel compelled to address the recent killing of Osama bin Laden. Although I rejoice for those family members who feel closure and vindication, because the man responsible for 9/11, which took the lives of their family and friends, has been eliminated, it is difficult for me to rejoice on a personal level, over the death of another human being, because I am a firm believer that violence breeds violence, and I now fear more deaths will come inthe form of a retaliation, and my ever-vigilant sending of protection and love to President Barack Obama will only continue with greater intensity as I fear that his life is in greater jeopardy than ever before. My desire to protect him comes out of reaching out to another human being who has take on the position as President of our country. In other words, my sending of white light is not necessarily a political declaration, but rather, a humanitarian stance, in hopes of greater peace in the world. However, I am a firm believer that all the devastation, including this most recent loss of life during the national disasters, falls under the umbrella of the energy shift that is percolating as we reach the middle of 2011, what I believe to be an Angel year. The idea that this year is an Angel year does not mean the year is particularly easy, but the greater masses of people will recognize their individual life purpose, in terms of how to spread more light in the world, making them feel closer and connected to the angelic realm and vibration. I have so much hope in the wake of natural disasters, as human beings are coming together and being reminded of the important things in life-love, compassion and peace. This shift is also causing a greater number of people to recognize their own personal connection to divine light and God. It would be very easy during this time of transition, to feel anxiety about future events, although worry and anxiety is crippling, and inhibit perpetual movemnt forward. It makes no difference how small we each move forward, what is important is our continued effort and progress. Therefore, I find hope in continued pursuit of projects in the form of manuscript, television and big screen endeavors that will, at the very least, shine light to greater populations, to illuminate the beauty that this world and the spirit world encompasses.

With this in mind, I am excited to tell you to keep an eye out for all the great things yet to come, as they will be announced on my Facebook, Twitter, and television soon enough. The first of these exciting, new events is my next Book Signing at New Age Books n’Things in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Friday, May 6th; from 5-7 p.m. EST, I will be reading parts of my book and signing copies, and from 7-8 EST will be a Question/Answer/Discussion session. I hope many of you can make it, and work to find outlets and opportunities to shine light during these difficult times that ┬ásometimes try to overshadow the light and beauty within all of us. Even if it is the smallest gesture of a smile, or a positive twitter, do whatever you can to keep spreading love in a world that hungers and needs affection. Love, light and blessings, Melissa

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