Melissa Hevenor
Thursday December 12 , 2019
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Mother Earth and All her Glory

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I wanted to write a blog about the importance of female strength, and the beauty of motherhood when it is valued correctly. However, yesterday I decided to disconnect myself from technology, in an effort to provide a peaceful environment in my house to meditate and connect with those on the other side. Therefore, I was not able to write this blog until today.

A mother is so much more than the woman who brings a baby into the world; Mother’s Day is difficult for me, personally, because my natural mother took her own life the day before Mother’s Day, and my great aunts who were two of the most generous, beautiful women that embodied everything a mother is supossed to be, are now on the other side. Thus, yesterday, I worked hard to raise my vibration and feel them around me, as we always celebrated Mother’s Day together, feeling grateful that god had brought us all together. My natural mother battled mental health issues most of her life, and was, at times, very difficult to love, no matter how hard I tried. The good news is since her passing, she has gone though spiritual school, and discussed with God what she could have done differently in order to make better choices, and if she had been able to be half as loving while she was on earth as she is in spirit, she would have saved me  many hours in therapy. Now she is on my spiritual team, and helps me with readings, providing advice, and tries her best to leave me signs to let me know she is supporting me all the time. Of course, I long to hug her physically, but I am so grateful to have her at peace, and to get the chance to witness who she is without her illness and I am grateful everything has happened the way that it has.

I also got the chance to spend time with my furbabies, who were very happy  to have their “Mama” at home, spending time with them, and it is during this time, that I began thinking about our magestic Mother Earth. I do not believe it is common practice to recognize Mother Earth on Mother’s Day, and this is in fact, a shame because without Mother Earth, all of us wold be in trouble. Every day, when we wake up, we are blessed to have another day on this planet. It is important to respect the planet and teach our children the miraculous qualities that Mother Earth possesses.


She strokes us daily with her gentle breezes, as the sun beams down with her beautiful leaves and branches, the heat she eases. When daybreak creeps across our bedroom window, the beautiful sunlight wakes us as she teases.

Wake up, sleepyhead! I have beautiful gifts I want to spread.” You can sit by the water, or climb up a tree, all of these gifts were given by me.” The more that you recognize my efforts with love, the more you will see my divine presence sent from above.” I love every organism, tree, bird or flower, you can see my beauty anytime, no mattler the hour. Although I am beautiful andl, quiet, I am not without power.

I am known as Mother Earth for one reason it’s true, because I give you everything without asking a thing of you.”

If you find Mother’s Day to be difficult, either because your mother is no longer with you, just remember she is always there, in spirit, and if you do not have a good relationship with your mother, remember there is one mother that greets you every day. This is, of course, Mother Earth, and every moment  of every day, she shares all her glory in every way.

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