Melissa Hevenor
Thursday December 12 , 2019
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An Update from the Psychic in Your Pocket

Recently, I attended a psychic fair that I absolutely adored becasue I was able to help many people in a short amount of time, and get the word out about my services. There are also many projects in the works that center around my book, My Life With Robin, therefore I recently created a Fan page for the book on Facebook. I am anticipating feedback because a collection of frequent comments and opinions on the book will help mold the upcoming projects. Therefore, don’t hold back. With that being said, I am aware that there are some editing issues because of the pressure to finish writing by a deadline, but I am still very proud of the finished product and would like to help get the story out to help as many as possible, so please let me know, specifically, what aspects you enjoyed about the book, or perhaps what could have used more explanation or deletion. All opinions welcome. Just be polite considering that this is a public forum.

The other exciting aspect of this new page is that I will be providing regular opportunities to win free readings, based on the people who like the page and answer the questions I pose, pertaining to the book. because I want your feedback to be considered when making new editions, other media formats and throughout the writing process of the next book. Ruthie is your friend, and I want this character to help you on your spiritual journey wherever you are along the way, as the main character, based off of myself, is here for you. Also, videos are welcome if that’s easier than writing, and I am also working on a children’s series that  I will be making avaiable in the months to come. Therefore, there will be an area for your children’s input as well, although my first book, My Life with Robin, is not for a young audience. Psychic In Your Pocket will also be filming new episodes so keep the questions coming on Youtube! It is going to be an exciting summer and I am so happy to share it with you, even if you’re snuggling up to y our computer while it rains outside. Always remember, anything is possible, and your wildest dreams are only limited by lack of imagination, so embrace your inner light and shine, and I am here as the psychic in your pocket. Much love and light, Melissa

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