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Wednesday July 08 , 2020
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The Circle of Life Continues

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

I recently took a week off from readings, because I lost a dear friend who was like a mother to me. In my book, My Life with Robin, I talk about my first love, Matthew, and Matthew’s mother tragically passed away at 12 am Monday morning, July 18th. She was a beautiful person, who never lost her zest for life, or belief in God, even after losing four children. She and her husband, Richard, continued their crusade to serve the Lord by helping others, as active members of their large church, Church of the Redeemer in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Sharleen was a hero to me for many reasons, including because she raised a remarkable young man, who became my first love, and she exemplified everything that a mother should be and more. In fact, I referred to her as “Mom Sharleen,” even now that she has transitioned into the spirit world. The remarkable thing is that early Sunday night I had gone to bed and fallen asleep about 10 o’lock, only to wake up at exactly 12:40, with the warmest sensation coming over me, as well as a deep feeling of dread. After that, I was unable to go back to sleep, and remarkably, at 4:23 in the morning, I received an e-mail from her husband, giving me the news that Sharleen had passed. I couldn’t believe it, when I read that she passed at 12:41, one minute after I had awoken from my sleep. Therefore, I am convinced she came to give me a hug goodbye and tell me that she would join the angels in spirit that watch over me from the other side on a regular basis. The other remarkable part about receiving the e-mail was that, for two days prior, I was unable to read or open any e-mail on my phone, and Robin, my guide, told me to check my e-mail moments before Richard sent the e-mail about Sharleen’s situation. Even though, as a medium, I am able to connect, and believe wholeheartedly in the afterlife, when you lose someone close to you, the pain is just as difficult because we long for the physical contact and our hearts break for other loved ones that have been left behind. But I am happy that she is with her children and God now, in a beautiful place, and know that as my grief lessens, I will feel her presence often. One week later, I am once more enjoying doing readings and everyday, honored to help others as God uses me as his instrument.The gift that I am most proud of is that I am able to do medical intuitive readings where I can help people identify what is making them not feel well. A close friend of mine was suffering from various symptoms that could not be explained when my guide told me that there was something wrong with the water they were drinking from home. As it turns out, after simple testing, there were high levels of mercury in the water. Because of the grace of God, my guide was able to solve another medical mystery. It is because of moments like that that I so proudly continue to do this work. I am excited to announce that I am planning a trip to Australia come the middle of November, where several local events will be planned for me to do private readings and seminars. Please keep following me on Twitter and Facebook, to stay updated. I plan to be in the Melbourne area as well as Queensland. I am also starting, very soon, a second blog where I will expand on different topics covered on my Psychic in Your Pocket segment. Often, it can become frustrating because divine timing takes much longer than we anticipate, however, when we are following our life’s purpose serving others, divine timing does always occur right on time. No matter what difficulties you may be facing, realize that you must continue following your dreams as following your dreams allows the melody of your heart to be heard, making up the harmonious music in this wonderful world of ours, as the cycle of life continues.

Spreading Love around the World

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

My life has truly been a whirlwind lately, but it’s not a tonrando and that’s always good. LOL! I have been blessed with so many opportunities to get to know people from all over the world, because of the wonderful advances we have with technology. On July 12, I had the honor of being a guest on “Into the Mystic,” hosted by Heather Tobin, and I had such a fabulous time. Her questions were intriguing, fun, and helped me to “see” my book from a reader’s perspective, as she gently probed me to expand on how the book came about, and what I hoped and dreamed of, in terms of the book. She has such beautiful, radiant energy that, spending any time with Heather, is like basking in the warm morning sun. I want to thank everyone who listened and for those who have not had the opportunity, I’m excited to let you know you can still listen by downloading the interview for free on ITunes. Just type in “Heather Tobin, Into the Mystic” and click my name. I also had the pleasure of chatting live with Paris Hilton last night, while her show, “The World According to Paris,” aired on Oxygen. It turns out that a psychic was on the show doing a reading for her and her mother, and I happened to enter the chat room, asking Paris what she thought of psychics. The fun went on from there. The vibes in the chat room were really positive and we got to converse back and forth. Hopefully, I will be able to give her a formal reading sometime in the near future. I am also going to be doing live gallery readings in local spiritual churches around South Florida, so please stay updated on Facebook and Twitter, as to my whereabouts. I am thrilled for these opportunities and they will help me prepare for a huge weekend event in Los Angeles in late September/early October. Also, thank you to everyone who continues to comment on my book, on the Facebook page dedicated to my book.  Remember to check it often, as I will continue to offer contests for free readings, and other prizes regularly, via both Facebook pages and Twitter. I’m also excited to announce that I will be doing more filming for Psychic in your Pocket, very soon, so please, send in your questions via my YouTube channel, mhevenor94.  I am so excited to continue to serve and meet all of you, throughout the rest of the summer as I offer summer specials and attend local “Meet and Greet” engagements. I periodically will be asking questions about my book and for those who answer correctly, or have the best answers, you will be eligible to win a free Skype reading, so if you haven’t yet, pick up your copy and it will inspire you and provide you an opportunity to win a reading. I love you all dearly, and remember-when life gets tougher, just dream bigger. Never stop believing and stay positive, as constant positivity equals a multitude of blessings. Love, light and blessings, Melissa