Melissa Hevenor
Thursday December 12 , 2019
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Forever Grateful and Thankful for the Love and Support

As many of you know, the last several weeks have been extremely challenging for me, over the recent misfortunate events involving my puppies. If, for some reason, you do not know what I am referring to, please read the last blog post. To provide a brief update, I have secured legal assistance to help me in the pursuit of regaining custody. Regardless of the outcome, I am grateful for the learning experience that this painful time in my life has provided. It is in the darkest hours that those with the purest of heart and brightest healing light, shine through. This has really been a time of reflection  for me and a time of learning who my true friends are. I want to take this chance to thank my fans and supporters who I consider like friends and family, for their continued prayers. I especially want to thank one fan, Jill, who was kind enough to send a care package filled with everything I like, in terms of food, and other items necessary for personal care. She also sent treats for my kitty who is currently living like the Siamese queen that she is. There are many of you out there who have also helped to make this trying time more bearable, Jolie, Kevin, Lorna, Kimberlee, Lisa, Holly, my soul sisters, Becky and Racca, and so many more. Please continue to pray that, at the very least, my therapy dog, Chaz, is returned, as he and I have never been apart more than a few days. I a a firm believer in astrotravel, and a spiritual connection, particularly when it relates to animals. In fact, a few nights ago, I had the most amazing dream, where one of my mentors who is extremely spiritually gifted, popped into my dream, in her jolly way, and announced that she had brought my dogs back. The interesting thing is that when she revealed the four dog leashes, each dog looked a little bit transparent. Therefore, I became alarmed and said, “Oh my God, are they in spirit?” “No, no, no,” she reassured, “I taught them to astrotravel, so they are with you in spirit.” It was the most amazing experience because I could feel, smell and hold them just as though they were right there. Another dear friend of mine, Andrew, recently purchased Barbra Streisand’s latest album for me, as he knows that her music is very healing for me, after reading my memoir, and there is one song on there, entitled, “What Matters Most”, that I dedicate to my fur babies, because it discusses the importance of love and how it transcends time, space and emotion. Therfore, once again, I want to thank everyone for their continued support and prayers. Always remember, no matter how hard the rain falls, if you continue to look up and seek God’s love, eventually you will see the rainbow. Forever grateful and thankful for the love and support. Love, light and blessings, Melissa

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