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Wednesday July 08 , 2020
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New Chapter, New Inspiration and New Year All Rolled Into One

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

I love this time of year, even though it is the marker for the last quarter of the year. I always consider it to be a new beginning, in light of the fact that I study Kabbalah and, according to the Jewish calendar, the New Year begins next week, on Rosh Hashannah. I, for one, truly feel like a new beginning is on the horizon as all of these exciting career opportunities are finally coming into fruition. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I will be attending the Conscious Life Expo in L.A. Sept. 30-Oct. 2, so go to this link for more information and to purchase your tickets.     I will be doing several large shows and teaching a 3-hour workshop on developing mediumship skills, and, finally, a Q & A live interview about my book. There are other television and screen projects that I have been nurturing for quite some time, and they, too, seem to be blossoming into beautiful projects that I will be able to elaborate on very soon. I also will be performing a live gallery in West Palm Beach this Friday, the 23rd, from 7-9, at 528 South Haverhill Rd., between Southern Blvd and Summit Blvd at a metaphysical church. Hope to see you there.  On a more spiritual note, I think it’s important to share with everyone how special this time of year is in terms of miracles and blessings. This is the time when prayer is a great practice to open your heart and reveal the wishes and desires for a healthy, happy and prosperous new beginning.

I recently heard the best quote from tha late Bob Dylan, and it is my wish that all of you, at some point during your lives, have this situation ring true for you. Know that it is never too late. The quote was as follows: “Success is when you wake up every morning and go to sleep every night and in between, you are doing what you love.” Another realization I had recently involved the importance of thinking outside the box. Many of us tend to be planners and, as such, we try and plan how and when opportunity or success will present itself. However, if we learn to have faith and think outside the box, in terms of being innovative and flexible, with how these blessings manifest, G-d and our angels and guides, will always be creative and surprise us with how these events take form. It is my prayer that this new year is filled with new inspiration marking a new chapter for all of you filled with growth, peace, happiness and health all rolled into one. Love, light and blessings.

So Excited about Fall Events and Falling into a New Chapter

Monday, September 5th, 2011

September 30-October 3, I will be a keynote speaker at the ConsciousLife Expo in L.A.. There, I will be holding large mediumship galleries and teaching a 3-hour workshop on developing one’s mediumship ability. If you are going to be in the Los Angeles area during this time, please attend. It is going to be a great expo with lots of various keynote speakers and presenters from all different backgrounds. Here is the link.  Please check it out! If you click on my name, you can see all the different events that I will be doing as part of the expo. I also will begin having my own segment on Coast to Coast radio in the next week or so, once a week, so please stay posted to get the latest news with regards to all the different, exciting things that are coming up.

I am still in the process of trying to find some resolution with regards to my puppies, so please continue to pray for an amicable outcome. I am beginning to understand that the unfortunate events that ocurred with regard to my dogs, did so as a catapult to create an emotional investment and passion for the  rights of the disabled as well as animals. I have always been very passionate about both of these issues, but never considered myself an “activist” in these areas until now. If need be, I am trying to come up with different ideas to generate money in the hopes of raising enough to purchase and care for a King Charles Cavalier spaniel puppy that can also be trained as a companion therapy dog for me, much like my beloved Chaz. Although it is difficult for me to consider replacing him, or any of my other babies for that matter, I feel the emotional need to have the companionship in my home, both for safety and personal happiness, because there is no bond like the bond shared between an owner and their service dog. If any of you have ideas on how to organize an event, or raise money to this end, please do not hesitate to contact me at   and subject the email “ESA” (emotional support animal info).

I have also once again learned from my current experiences, that it is true, now more than ever, that it is vital to tell those you love that you love them often, and every day, because you never know when things can change. Change is the one constant that we can count on, so tell your partner/spouse/children/sister/brother/husband/neighbor and puppies or pets that you love them as well.  Also, I’m excited to announce that I will be resuming my Psychic in your Pocket, and starting my Psychic in your Backpack very soon, so stay posted. Excited to be falling into a new chapter in my life and so grateful that I can share this new beginning with each of you. Much love and light, as always, Melissa