Melissa Hevenor
Monday February 24 , 2020
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Happy Halloween! Hope Your Time is Spooktacular!

Wow! Life has been quite a whirlwind lately. I’m not sure what’s going on, astrologically, but it seems like this last week was full of major chaos. I’m thankful that it was not my personal chaos, but many people that I love deeply were going through some very trying family and personal struggles. As a lightworker, we always want to spread as much light and help as much as possible, and I’m thankful that God and the angels gave me the strength to do that on a large scale, where now things are getting back to normal, and those that were greatly in need of prayer and healing are doing better.  On a happy note, I have been working diligently on new projects for TVLand! Will keep you informed as new information becomes available. I’m also excited to announce that I am well on my way into the next book, and have children’s stories much further along.

I love this time of year, because it is a time that we can, for one day, pretend to be something we’re not, taking on the identity of an admired icon or facade that we think would be fun for a day. In fact, Halloween is one day where, even as adults, we can play dress-up and eat candy. I have been offering many Halloween specials in the spirit of all that is spooky, and paranormalicious. This time of year is kind of a great time to be able to speak to those that have passed, because haunting ghosts exemplify Halloween. I also have been an active member in Oprah’s Life class every night at 8:00, and I have learned far more from these delectable hours of television than what I have learned through a lifetime of living. Two of my favorite lessons that I will remember every moment, for the rest of my ife, are when someone shows you who they are, believe them, and when they prove it to you, over time, you have no right to be mad, because you were shown the make-up of their character way before it became undeniable. The other lesson is that our personality and who we are, in this lifetime, is only a small percentage of who we are as light, spiritual beings, and if we can learn to recognize that whatever hurdles we are facing in the moment, they are but only the smallest fraction of possibilities of what our life can be. They do not have to define who we are and, no matter how difficult life is, try and embrace joy, even in the smallest amount, because joy in the end, is a choice, and completely made of perception that initiates from the infinite light that resides at the center of our soul.

I think we are at a time when spiritual development is at an all-time high and there are major shifts in consciousness that are taking place, evident in current mainstream media interests. For example, Oprah has developed her enlightening network, Anderson Cooper invited John Edwards on his show, and Lisa Williams will be investigating hauntings at Cooper’s house on tomorrow night’s show. Awesome! Don’t miss it! I hope your Halloween is safe , fun and spooktacular!

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