Melissa Hevenor
Saturday August 15 , 2020
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The Importance of Staying in the Now while Time Keeps Moving

I recently have been blessed with a very busy schedule and had the honor of doing many beautiful readings for people from all backgrounds. Whenever I see someone heal right before my eyes, during or after a reading, it just reinforces that I am on the right path, and fills my heart with a feeling of gratitude - to have, and share, the gifts that I have. I also am blessed with new opportunities on the horizon to do my work on a grander scale that exceeds my wildest imagination. In fact, today, is a pivotal moment in which opportunities will come into fruition. So, please, cross your fingers and say a prayer. Although I know whatever the outcome, it is divinely determined and in the larger scheme of things, would be in my best interest, but a little finger-crossing never hurts!

I am a little disappointed because I will not be able to go to Australia and see many of my fans and loved ones, and, of course, my mentors and family, Lisa Williams and Holly Riddel, at their wonderful Bliss group event. If you get the chance, don’t miss it. It will, for sure, be life-changing. With that being said, I am still hoping that God and the Universe will find a way to get me “Down Under” for the Christmas season, to be with my soul family and have the honor of becoming a Godmother. I truly believe that the holiday season is definitely a time when miracles occur in multitudes, and maybe I will be lucky enough to be granted one this holiday season! Another important reminder I have had reinforced lately, is the importance of being present in the moment, and cherishing the little things in life. On Saturday, after a beautiful meditation, I heard my guide, Robin, tell me to let my kitty-cat be my teacher, in terms of living in the now, and it got me to thinking, how highly evolved and beautiful animals truly are. They never hold on to the past and when we take time to love them or show them attention, they are so present in that moment, giving you their undivided attention, without the distraction of texts, computers, Ipads, etc. They savor every moment and become so consumed with gratitude and love in return, that it is almost like their bodies can not contain it. Foe example, my kitty begins to purr so loud, she sounds like a monster truck, and puppies, on the other hand, begin wiggling and wagging their tails so hard that sometimes their tails look like an airplane propellor is about to lift them off the ground. Sometimes, we are so busy concentrating on the next goal or our daily agenda, that much of our life passes us by, with little to no notice until something drastic happens that stops us in our tracks. Therefore, if we make an effort to recognize the beauty and the divine presence in small things in life, staying connected to the present, perhaps it can serve as a preventive measure to needing those drastic wake-up calls. Just a thought.In a time when our economy is still struggling, try hard , this holiday season, to recognize the things that you do have, rather than what is absent or on the “To Buy” list. There is nothing more priceless than one’s health and the health of our loved ones, and as I said this time last year, if you have found a way to read this blog on a computer, you have access to internet, news and knowledge, and that is a luxury for those in third world countries, or those denied access because of political domination, so consider yourself blessed. Thus, the message in this blog is granting yourself the gift of recognizing the importance of staying in the now, while time is perpetually moving forward.

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