Melissa Hevenor
Thursday August 06 , 2020
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Spiritual Growth-the Ups and Downs

2012 thus far, has been great, filled with readings and blossoming opportunities. I have heard many people say that the more you choose to walk a spiritual path, the less you feel able to understand and connect with the physical world and people choosing to walk a different road. No two spiritual journeys are the same, and there are many ways to begin embarking on a spiritual adventure. However, in the recent weeks, I have recognized more and more that it is not uncommon for someone to claim seeking spiritual evolution, yet making decisions that contradict the evolutionary process. I recently was discussing with a friend how although there is something known as healthy competition, to seek triumphing over another, contradicts all the main practices of Kabbalah and Buddhism. In no way am I saying that a person should or shouldn’t manifest to be the best, and take steps to make that happen, the difference is when the steps knock someone else down in the process. A very wise person once told me, when they were preparing for a race, one of their mentors said, “You have put in all the hard work. The rest is up to destiny, and your destiny is already determined, therefore, if you are meant to win, you’ve already won. Just do your best and know the rest is in G-d’s hands and already recorded in your personal destiny log.” This was one of the most meaningful conversations that I ever shared with this person, bcause it helped me to understand that I play a crucial role in creating my future, but I certainly don’t control all of it by any means.

I, personally, am very ambitious and have dreams of serving large masses of people by allowing God to use me as an instrument to help heal in ways that become more apparent through meditation and dedication to understanding how to be open to allow God’s light in. It is more important for me, personally, to have a good night’s sleep, knowing I have done my best to be a good person and honor those I love, than to take a path that could lead to riches separate from spiritual gain. However, I believe it is possible to have financial riches as the universe has an endless supply for all, and yet, not compromise one’s spiritual journey. It is amazing how I also find myself falling apart from people who I believed with all my heart I would have a lifetime of memories with. Although this can, at times, be difficult, the gratitude that comes with understanding the hidden blessing in making better choices and learning valuable lessons before the losses are much greater, is unbelievable. The most recent invaluable lesson I finally comprehended is that although the present may not always be the easiest, I must learn to love, exist and live in each moment, recognizing the divine that exists in every struggle, every laugh, every tear and every interaction with animals and people alike. It is not until we learn to accept and live in the present, that God is able to grant us ┬ámore magnificent moments in the future because, after all, if we are able to imagine ourself being or doing something, we are able to make it a reality. Therefore, I ony recently began to truly live in the present, and cherish the divinity in its existence. The best example of living in the present, can be observed in watching our pets or other animals. For example, if our pet does something wrong and we reprimand them, moments later it is forgotten and they love us unconditionally, as they did before the negative interaction. Also, when we take the time to spend it with our pets, nothing else exists in their world but us at that moment. And they are 100% present, listening, loving and reciprocating without distraction or deviation from that experience. This is only one example of how much more evolved animals can be than humans. Another amazing thing I personally experienced recently was recognizing that I do not verbally, even have to call my kitty; I can think about her or call her in my mind, and she will come running. The only way that this is possible, is that she recognizes energetic pulls. This is a perfect example that this energetic pulls exist. After making this realization, I began to reflect on energetic pulls that I may be participating in, either in responding to them, or putting them out into the universe. If you are putting energy out in a particular direction and continuallly see no reciprocation or acknowledgement, maybe it is time to reevaluate how your energy is being distributed. By no means does this infer that there should be any kind of countersystem, but there should be a balance, where we allow ourselves to both give and receive energy, maintaining optimal spiritual health, which is the foundation for physical and mental health.

I am eternally grateful for the spiritual community of friends, and family in my life, and in 2012, I look forward to embracing this spiritual journey further as my desire to help, learn ,teach, laugh, meditate and grow, increases hourly. I hope that all of you find that you are able to use energetic descernment in creating a personal and professional circle of community that supports your own spiritual evolution. Love, light and blessings

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