Melissa Hevenor
Saturday August 15 , 2020
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Love is in the Air

Lately, my life has been wonderfully abundant in love as I recently became an auntie to my first neice and one week prior, became reunited with a long-lost love. In fact, I was in the middle iof writing an e-mail reading, when I heard in my head, that I needed to check my Facebook. I told my friend Jen who was helping me type to leave the email and open up facebook. Much to her surprise, she opened facebook, wondering why I wanted to stop working in the middle of an email reading. As soon as the facebook page was open, I saw a friend request from Brian McCracken. I was speechless. All I could repeat was “Oh my god oh my god oh my god,” to which Jen replied “Is this a good oh my god or a bad oh my god?” “A good one… I think. I just know this is huge!” Before long, Brian and I were talking all night long every night and it was like time never passed even though the last time I was in love with Brian was 18 years prior to this encounter. I have not felt this connected loved and in love in many, many years. It just goes to show that the universe always has a bigger plan for us than the one we have for ourselves. Brian is like my better half and is able to complete my sentences and if I did not feel romanticly connected to him I would think we were siblings. Between enjoying the new addition to my family and spending time with my long-lost soulmate. Love is in the air!
I recently have also become a huge fan of an app called Instagram. This is an app that allows you to take pictures and share them with other Instagram account holders. Because of this new app, I have become reacquainted with my hobby, photography. In constantly looking for artistic images to capture moments of my life, I have gained a new respect for the miraculous artwork that God creates in every moment. For instance, the contrast in colors between the dark stained wood of a coffee table and the shiny irradescent metallic composition of my laptop. There are so many colors contrast and textures in every experience that every component of our enviroment can be viewed as a new masterpiece. From a spiritual perspective, this hobby helps me to stay in the present and cherish the magic of living in the now. With all the love and blessings that have encompassed my life over the last few weeks, I am soaking in every second. Never stop believing and knowing that God has an infinite amount of blessings waiting to share with each of you if you stay positive and appreciate the now any way, that works for you recognizing that love is in the air all around us.


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