Melissa Hevenor
Thursday July 09 , 2020
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Love Conquers All When It Is In Its Purest Form

Lately, I have been faced with decisions about being true to myself while following my dreams and conforming to the visions held for me by influential people. As opportunities in Hollwood arrive, it is easy to find oneself molding to the perfect version of who you are, and compromise is always a positive thing, however, when you compromise to the degree that you lose sight of yourself, a problem has arisen. In making plans for the future, I have recently learned how even with the best intentions of communicating my needs and who I am, that presentation can still be distorted, by those around you to fit their version of the perfect you. Love is about acceptance and recognizing what makes another person soar and doing your best to help them reach those heights, without making your assistance conditional or riddled with resentment. Compromise is always a vital ingredient to make any relationship work, but the degree of that compromise has to be comfortable and still allow you to be your own person. No one is ever perfect, but recognizing those imperfections and being willing to work together to make them manageable or minimal, is necessary in order for any relationship to remain healthy. I hope that in the future, I can look back and say, with satisfaction, that I was willing to compromise a reasonable amount and stay true to myself at the same time. Self-love is the root of any healthy relationship and it must be balanced with a love for unity, among you and another. I am still a believer that love conquers all, when it is free from ego and conditions.


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