Melissa Hevenor
Monday February 24 , 2020
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Keeper of the Water Angels

Recently, I have had the joy and opportunity of teaching classes on various spiritual topics, and I love the element of teaching and it has always been part of my life purpose plan. As a lover of learning, and a professional student myself, I continue to study in order to become a better teacher. I recently began seeking knowledge about the spiritual connection between us, as humans, and animals of all kinds, just to understand, at a deeper level, what animals and our connection are possibly meant to teach us as spiritually evolving beings. Over the course of this exploration, a dear soul sister of mine recently informed me about the tragedy going on continually in an area of Japan known as The Cove. The fishermen population that inhabit the Cove view dolphins as fish, disregarding them as members of the mammal species, and therefore, as highly intelligent marine animals. They are using large fishing nets with shiny objects embedded in the netting to intrigue the dolphins who are playing freely in the water to come close to the nets. Once the dolphins do come into contact with the net, they are trapped, and then are, horrifically, stabbed to death by spears by divers, assisting the fishermen to retrieve the dolphins. The dolphin meat is then later sold to Japanese school children as tuna fish and the majority of consumerists have no idea about the deception that is going on. Dolphin meat is most certainly not meant for human consumption, as scientists have discovered that it contains high levels of mercury and its consumption can lead to serious harm. It is the fishermen’s goal to secretly provide the dolphins as meat so that young children will acquire a taste for it and, therefore, support continued marketing of the dolphins for monetary gain. Some of the dolphins that are captured and viewed as attractive are intentionally injured before being sold to theme parks, so that the buyers are led to believe they were rescued. An Australian filmmaker secretly filmed the practices of these fishermen for a documentary called “The Cove.” I was only able to watch a small portion of the You Tube video portraying part of the documentary before being brought to tears. So many of these dolphins are being killed daily, that there is footage in the YouTube video where the ocean looks like it is covered by a blanket of blood.

I have a strong connection to dolphins ever since I was very little and I recently learned that because I was born on a Saturday, one of the angels that is personally assigned to me is Cassiel. Cassiel is the angel that is known as the “Keeper of the Dolphins.” In fact, when I was a little girl, I would much rather spend the day at Sea World, hovering over the dolphin pools, than spending it at the Magic Kingdom. When I graduated with my first bachelor’s, my graduation gift was to go to Honolulu. During this voyage, I had the miraculous honor of swimming with a dolphin. This experience only compounded my admiration for dolphins, who I would later coin “Water Angels.” My sister and her boyfriend accompanied me on this trip, and they were the first to embark on swimming with Matilda, the dolphin. She was happy and playful, and with an elegant speed, she glided across the water, as first, my sister, and then her boyfriend, grabbed hold and away they went. Once they were across to the other side of the pool, they quickly climbed out of the pool and walked around to the starting point. Seeing the speed at which she pulled them, I became anxious, wondering whether or not I had the strength to hold myself onto Matilda. When it was my turn, instinctively knowing that I was different than the first two, Matilda waited patiently until I took a hold of her fins with both hands. Then, sensing that I was secure, she gently pulled me across the pool, at less than half the speed that she pulled the other two. Then, when we reached the other side of the pool, she instinctively knew that I was not able to stand and walk back to other side where we began. So, she gently turned and brought me back to our starting point. This experience was so healing for me, on many levels. First, it was amazing to be able to do an activity that both my able-bodied sister and her boyfriend were able to do, having a sense of freedom that I sometimes lack, due to limitations. Secondly, a deeper acceptance of my differences was gained because Matilda and I connected on a spiritual level because of those differences. In fact, when the swim was over, she gently pressed her face up against mine, as to express love and I kissed her repeatedly for several minutes. Her unconditional acceptance of me as I was, is seldom experienced with other human beings. This was not the first time I had a healing experience from dolphins. Over the course of my life, due to my cerebral palsy, which leaves me with a compromised immune system, I have found myself ill on several occasions where the sound waves of dolphins’ communication have served as a healing tool. For example, having suffered from migraines since the age of 7, it was a blessing when I found a holistic healer, massage therapist, who used dolphin sound waves to help break the cycle of pain brought on by the migraines. These same sound therapies, along with visualizations, meditations and energy healings, have been instrumental in helping me to recover from other physical illnesses.

The purpose of the documentary “The Cove,” is to bring about awareness to this horrific massacre on these “water angels.” Fortunately, many of Hollywood’s elite celebrities have stepped in to try to fix this problem. If you find yourself moved to want to lend a hand, to stop this senseless killing, go to www.takeaction\ I have personally decided to make it part of my ongoing mission to advocate for all animals, including these beautiful “water angels” who have touched my spirit so deeply, and I will allow my guardian angel, Cassiel, to use me as an instrument to help serve as keeper of the dolphins.


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