Melissa Hevenor
Saturday August 15 , 2020
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Savoring the Moment to Appreciate the Journey

I have been blessed recently with the joy and honor of doing many readings, everything from psychic readings to medical intuitive readings and/or mediumship readings. Doing these readings that are sacred and special only solidifies my joy and honor to do this work. I also continue to teach numerous classes and so enjoy the connection with my students. One of the things I was reminded of this week is the importance of our thoughts and how every action begins with a thought. Therefore, a thought, in energetic terms, is definitely a deed. Of course, we oftentimes have negative thoughts about a person, but in having these thoughts, we usually only solidify the reason that we’re feeling negatively towards the person to begin with. And it’s better to stop those negative thoughts as quickly as we can and instead replace them with thoughts of love. To encompass positivity, we will have more reasons to feel blessed and stay positive. In teaching my students about psychic attacks, I began the conversation with how many of us here have had a negative thought about a person, and spent at least two minutes putting energy into those thoughts. That, on a small scale, is a psychic attack. Therefore, it is important to protect ourselves, by asking the angels and our gods to protect us as we go out into the world. Being mindful of protection is not an indication that we view the world negatively, but it embodies the idea that we must care for ourselves as often as we care for others.We must do the same as we embark on life’s journey on this earth plane.

Every day I’m amazed by the power of Spirit, and our ability to connect to that Divine Source when we have the purest of intentions and are striving to do good. If we all make an effort to improve our thought process, we could easily take steps to a brighter world. One of the hardest recurring lessons for myself is to remember to stay in the present, but one hobby I have indulged in recently is taking photographs with my phone, as I keep an eye out for artistic demonstrations of G-d’s creations. It allows me to be very present in the moment. Contemplating the shapes and colors that make up everything, from the contrast of the wooden table that my laptop is placed upon as it holds the silvery construct square that embodies my laptop. This, in itself, is a piece of art, when you notice the details and colors that make up each of these objects, as they combine to make it easier for me to do my work. This is just a small vehicle the magic and beauty of everything that can serve witness to, when we can take the time to appreciate the moment, and recognize the blessings before us. Enjoy each moment of your life, as your life could change at any moment, and the journey is so much more importanat than the destination.


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