Melissa Hevenor
Saturday August 15 , 2020
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I Can See Clearly Now

Returning from a weekend retreat in Atlanta, to the conference Through the Veil 2012, I feel blessed and connected. Georgia, in general, has a beautiful, inviting energy, with the best of Southern hospitality and a modern edge. Upon arriving at the hotel, which was the Hyatt on Peachtree Road, I was impressed at the massive size of the hotel alone, and the customer service was above and beyond what is usually found at a 4-Star hotel, because it was accompanied by the sweet Georgia Peach hospitality. I first attended Opening Ceremonies and was deeply moved by the prayer offering recognizing the Native American elders and the desire for participants to reach that pivotal point in their own spiritual transformation when change embracing a higher consciousness unfolds. Although I was deeply entrenched in the presentation, all of a sudden, I noticed a vibration on my cell phone, indicating a text, and sure enough, my dear friend, Lisa Williams, who was a keynote speaker at the conference, text, “I am right behind you.” I quickly took the gentleman who was seated beside me in the front row by surprise, as my wheelchair rapidly rolled backwards and I spun around as quickly as I could, in my form of wheelchair running, over to embrace Lisa, who was trying to stay incognito in the back of the room, taking in the presentation. Throwing our arms around each other, we quickly embraced and went briefly out the door, to greet each other. Then, feeling spiritually pulled to hear the rest of the lecture, we returned into the opening event. Feeling as though that particular lecture was written specifically for us, we let the message settle into our energy, as we decided what to do for dinner. I feel sorry for the pretty little waitress who waited on us, because she came back countless times, because we paid no attention to the menu, as we caught up over a year’s worth of events, news, happiness, sadness and this beautiful journey we call life. Finally ordering, we enjoyed our dinner, and soon were greeted by other presenters of the weekend, covering spiritual topics of all sorts. It was a great time for me to serve as an observer, and not be working, as the three days prior to leaving, I had literally worked 13 hours each day, with back-to-back readings, something I was pleased about, but in need of some “Me Time.”

The next day, I slept in, something I rarely do, and truly enjoyed being in the presence of the stillness of my hotel room, and the beautiful skyline of downtown Atlanta. I was excited to get all dressed up to support Lisa at that night’s event, so with my long, silky evening dress, and hair and make-up complete, Lisa and I stepped out to greet the memories in the making. I was blessed with the honor of attending the semi-formal dinner with the authors and sat with some remarkable people and teachers as our table assignments were chosen at random, which I loved, because it allowed Spirit to pick the place settings. Then, before I knew it, it was time for Lisa to do her gallery. With bated breath, I watched in the front row, as I constantly learned from Lisa’s amazing ability to connect with Spirit, and intertwine it with Lisa’s sparkle and showmanship. The messages she delivered were precise, profound and humorous all at once. She truly is a maverick in the field, and a treasure to humanity. Lisa is not afraid to accentuate her down-to-earth realism while recognizing the majestic quality of a true connection with Spirit.

After the show, the fun continued as we made our way to the karaoke bar. She and I sang “Material Girl” together, which is rather ironic, because it fully embraces living in the physical dimension, but it brought back terrific memories of when I first heard the upbeat rhythms of Madonna’s early album. Then, Lisa took the stage on her own, and shared yet another talent, singing one of my favorites, “Wind Beneath My Wings” and yes, being the sappy sap that I am, I recorded it, and will play it back anytime I need to feel just the slightest hint of the magic from that night. There are always those few friends in our lives, who no matter how much time passes, the literal distance between us, has no impact on the bond and over time, you continue to help each other grow, appreciate and make it through life, both the ups and downs. This past weekend allowed me to once again remember, that the only thing in this dimension that truly matters, is love, friendship, peace and happiness, all experiences that are invisible, and that which is visible, is merely an illusion we all become closer to seeing clearly through the veil which encompasses what we perceive as life.


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