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Friday July 03 , 2020
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Exciting Times, Living and Loving in the Present

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

As many of you know, I love the spiritual world that encompasses both my professional and personal life. I recently was blessed with getting a new job, working with teens in Rehab as an art therapist. This job literally fell in my lap, from one day to the next, so when it came about, I felt certain it was a call from Spirit or G-d. It is my belief that the rise in addiction in young people, is due to teens’ sensitivity to the overwhelming energies and challenges of living in the physical world. In order to cope with their ability to sense energy on a heightened level, they use alternative substances to numb their ability to feel the energies, as a way to cope with their sensitivities to the energetic shifts that are currently taking place in the physical dimension. Therefore, I try to integrate the understanding of energy and spirituality with traditional therapeutic modalities, using art as a platform for healing.
This job has also served as a blessing because it has helped remind me how creativity helps center me, connects me to Spirit, and allows Spirit to be channeled through my physical body, producing creative endeavors. Often, it is easy to forget the importance to express our creative side, because we get so caught up in living our day-to-day life, that creativity can be pushed aside. If you find yourself in an energetic funk, turn to creative activities. Try journaling, scrapbooking, or perhaps singing, because creative energy raises your vibration and will counteract that stagnant energetic position. Also, when you embrace creativity, you automatically connect to your Higher Self, creating a stronger link to Spirit.
I have been blessed with the opportunity to be on the Lisa Williams radio show where she is brave enough to address the issue of discrimination as it impacts those of us in the spiritual world, as well as other forms that continue to be prevalent in our nation and all over the world. I am so honored to be a featured guest during these series, because the issue of discrimination in any form, is an issue near and dear to my heart. There are exciting new projects that I will briefly introduce on the radio show, to be launched in the fall.
So many people have asked me lately about their life’s purpose. In an effort to understand how they are an intricate part of the spiritual transformation that is taking place in our physical world, to elevate the overall consciousness to a higher vibration. A rudimentary answer is to be kind, giving, and loving as much as possible, because any negative energy, whether it takes the form of a negative cognitive thought, or if it comes as an action that negatively impacts yourself or someone else, it all counts because in the end, negative energy is calibrated and, over time, can have an insurmountable impact on all of us. The same is true for acts of kindness and positivity. Therefore, let’s create an imbalance between negative energies and positive energies where positivity gains enough momentum to cancel out negativity. In other words, during these exciting times, live lovingly and savor the present, because this present moment will inevitably impact all moments to follow, whether that impact is negative or positive is up to each of us, in the choices that we make in our current existence.

Cali, Home Away From Home

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

I recently had the blessing of getting away for a couple of days over the fourth of July, to Los Aneles, California. Of course, as always, the vacation went way too quickly, but even so, it was desperately needed and came at the perfect time. I stayed for the first time, in the Santa Monica area, to be closest to friends, and I loved it, because it is close enought to the Hollywood scene that you still feel the La La vibes, but it is more laid back and peaceful, with a rich history of natural beauty and the serenity of the Pacific Ocean. Upon arriving, I met a dear friend of mine, Linda, at Urth Cafe, in Santa Monica. Urth Cafe is an all-organic environmentally conscious cafe, which I love, as I stated with joy and happiness, that I recently lost 17 pounds. My dear friends spontaneously got up and ordered this delectable custard coconut pie, to help alleviate my current condition, and yes, that pie was worth every calorie. But, one of my favorite excuses for eating poorly when I’m away is, “I’m on vacation.” This justifies any ridiculous intake of insurmountable calories or fat content. Linda lso gave me the gift of being able to take a roll on the beach in an amazing beach wheelchair. It was magical and my soul was smiling from the inside out. It was a priceless gift that I will always cherish.
Then, I headed off to visit my dear friend, Lisa. It was relaxing and I felt right at home as I was greeted with open arms. The weather was sublime with the coolest of breezes. We sat around the kitchen counter and caught up. I also got to play with her two puppies, and really enjoyed some quiet R & R, especially since I had just finished my first week at my new job, working with teens in Rehab. I love it! But, I give so much of myself it can sometimes leave me feeling grateful, but drained.
Lisa has a beautiful home with a family of hummingbirds that routinely put on a show for visitors over the handmade hummingbird food they receive each day. They are actually fascinating creatures to watch-quite magical, feisty and full of personality.
The next day was the Fourth of July. Lisa prepared a typical Fourth of July feast with burgers, salad and an ever-festive Cosmo. Once again, it was a day filled with peace and the beauty of friendship and feeling at home.
Actually, one of my favorite moments was sitting by the piano while Lisa played, and singing show tunes with her. I also got to visit my friend Danielle who is a gifted medium I am taking under my wing as I see great potential in her, and I feel as though we were sisters in a past life. We enjoyed doing oracle card readings for each other, in the middle of the farmers’ market, while onlookers stopped to take notice, although there was never a feeling of what we were doing being out of the ordinary. That is one fo the reasons I vibe so well with the California energy. I also was lucky enough to get my latest tattoo of Tinkerbell as I see tattoos as an outward expression of my inner spirit and am such a fan of High Voltage, known of LA Ink’s work, I get something done whenever possible, when I am there, and in this latest phase of my life, I believe with more certainty that anyone’s dreams can come true, if they are fully invested in the manifestation. Therefore, Tinkerbell felt like the perfect choice for my latest tattoo masterpiece. No mater where I live, Cali will always be my home away from home, because my spirit or soul, feels content, and energetically matched, the moment the plane lands on the west coast.