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Sunday August 09 , 2020
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Australia: the trip of a lifetime and a life-changing trip

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Australia – The Trip of a Lifetime and a Life-Changing Trip

Everything about my trip to Oz was memorable, including the flight from Los Angeles to Sydney. By the time I boarded the plane, at 8 p.m., on Saturday night, I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I had a beautiful couple of days in Los Angeles where I made beautiful memories with my close friends, Linda and Danielle, on Malibu Beach, and was filled with gratitude for that time. Linda and Marlene were gracious enough to open their home to me, and we had many laughs and great conversations along with delicious food. But I also had been working non-stop doing readings right up until the time that I left for California. Not wanting to waste any time in California, I was quite busy before leaving for Austraila. I felt so blessed to be able to make the journey over to Oz with Lisa, and as luck would have it, Lisa ended up being directly behind me in line to check the baggage. If we had planned it, it couldn’t have gone any better, but it was divinely planned.
I was very impressed with Virgin Australia Airlines. The airplane actually looked like a spaceship inside. As soon as we were up in the air, Lisa came back to where I was sitting, to show me all the extra gadgets on board. I was able to communicate with Lisa in another seating area by using a small telephone control that allows you to navigate a whole system of entertainment. After a full day of running around preparing for the trip, I was not feeling well and freezing cold and Lisa treated me like a queen and wrapped me up like a mummy. Even the food on the plane was good! Before long, I fell asleep and the flight was quite peaceful. Of course, the one bad patch of turbulence happened while I was in the bathroom stall. You have to picture it. For someone who has difficulty balancing on steady ground, imagine trying to balance with turbulence that is so unsteady that they advised the whole aircraft to fasten their seat belts. Again, if it weren’t for Lisa, I’d still be in that stall. Then, 13 hours later, we landed in Sydney. I was so excited to be in Australia. There were a couple of times I was overcome by tears. I knew when I got to Sydney, I was almost at my first destination of Melbourne, Australia. Lisa and Michelle, a stewardess on Virgin, helped me collect my large suitcase, push wheelchair and my ramp, all necessary to help me navigate Australia more easily. Before I knew it, I was on my next flight from Sydney to Melbourne. I was definitely a little nervous as I was on my own and would not see Lisa for another ten days when her course would begin in Queensland. As soon as I arrived in Melbourne, everyone was so friendly and offering to assist me, and the next thing I knew, I saw my beautiful friend Rachael, and her little son, Hayden. Rachael and I have been friends for three years, but this is the first time I would meet her in person. As soon as I saw her and Hayden coming down the escalator, I moved my wheelchair as fast as I could, to them. It definitely felt like the coming together of soul family. Rachael organized a nice gentleman named Joe with an accessible cab to pick me up at the airport. It was a 30 minute drive from the airport to Rachael’s home. I definitely felt far away from home, as they drive on the other side of the car. The scenery was beautiful with lots of trees and hills, and homes built into countryside. In some ways, it felt like we had traveled back in time as the shops are full of character and older in their architecture, and butcher shops and family doctor shops are located right in the middle of a shopping center. On the other hand, I loved how many homeopathic as well as organic food options were sprinkled in every shopping area. In fact, there were crystal shops and new age shops everywhere. Because of this heightened spiritual awareness, the energy of Melbourne felt very different. Even in the hustle and bustle of traffic, there was a steady peaceful feeling in the atmosphere. With my portable ramp, I easily got into Rachael’s new single-family home. The structure allows lots of light in and it was complete with a veggie garden and hammock out in the back. I felt right at home. Rachael is a single Mom who keeps a schedule, allowing her children to enjoy everything from athletics to playing the drums. Never complaining and constantly having to keep up with a crazy schedule that often lasted more than a 12-hour day. Just the washing and cooking alone is enough to make me tired, and on top of that, she had to help me with everything, because her house, of course, didn’t have grab bars and things that I’m used to having at home to help myself.
I really relished in every second of being part of the family routine and spending time with the children. Every day was filled with laughter and some days, I laughed so hard, my stomach hurt. Even the everyday bickering between the children was funny and Rachael handles it with humor and structure that can only be admired. One of my favorite memories of the children was watching music videos on Youtube with them, while Hannah, the middle child, videotaped her older sister and younger brother dancing with all their might, to the music. I had not laughed that hard in years. The best part, is when Hayden, the youngest, got on the kitchen counter and started dancing to the Sesame Street version of “I am Sexy” called “I am Elmo.” It was hysterical (if you need a good laugh, check it out on my Facebook page. I posted the video. It is too cute and funny)! Rachael also prepared a beautiful barbeque one of the nights I was there and invited some of her closest friends. Before we sat down to dinner, I was blessed to have a healing session with Rachael’s teacher and friend, Jane, and her husband, Dave. Jane and Dave alone are two amazing spiritual beings, and together, they make an incredible partnership providing healing and spreading love and light to others. Dave’s mastery of channeling his guide to offer insight into my personal physical and spiritual obstacles was incredible. Not only was he able to identify what was going on with me on a physical and spiritual level, but he also helped me understand how every event, past and present, are interconnected, and provided practical tools to help me heal and overcome those personal struggles. Then, given the information provided by Dave’s guide, Jane, with her angelic energy, leads you to a guided meditation that helps your spirit recognize that you and everyone come from a divine source of love and light. This meditation process leaves you feeling peaceful and as though you can accomplish and overcome whatever you desire. But even in expressing this experience, words are not enough to explain how beautiful and what a blessing it truly was to have a chance to receive healing from them. There was laughter and amazing spiritual conversation during dinner under the stars.
One afternoon Rachael took me to Jane’s spiritual shop and a beautiful café that was open and served only organic foods. It reminded me very much of California. Jane’s shop was beautiful and very large, filled with crystals, organic soaps, books, cards-everything you need to lead a more spiritual life. On this occasion, I also got to meet Rachael’s friend, Jenn, and her daughter, two beautiful ladies with great energy and spiritual insight. After the barbeque, when everyone left, Rachael and I spent time together, just vegging out watching psychic television. Not much was said, but it was understood, that we were taking the time to be present and enjoy each other’s company. It just goes to show, it’s not about the money you spend, or the things that you buy, but what’s important is the time you spend together. Before I knew it, it was time to head to Queensland with Rachael, for Lisa’s advanced Mediumship course. I was so excited for this next half of the trip because one of Rachael’s best friends, Kylee, had business in that area and would be meeting up with us in Queensland. She is bubbly and full of energy, always providing new insight and making things fun. Rachael and I had to leave at four in the morning to go to the airport for a short flight to Queensland. The energy and atmosphere in Queensland, is very similar to South Florida, humid, rainy, tropical and to many of the traveler’s dismay, it was raining when we arrived. It was obvious from their facial expressions, that they had come for a holiday and were not happy about the rain. However, Rachael and I were thrilled to be there for 5 days to study mediumship with a great teacher, Lisa, and to meet many Facebook friends we had never met in person. When we got back to the hotel, some students that were taking the beginner’s course of Lisa’s class, were gracious enough to let us use their room until our room was ready. When I woke up two hours later, I was greeted from numerous familiar faces from Facebook, who I considered to be soul sisters. Lots of hugs, kisses and even presents, it felt like Christmas. In fact, I never could have made it to Australia, if it weren’t for the generosity of these same soul sisters who came together to help me financially, and Rachael’s hospitality and generosity to help in my effort to come, and, of course, the generosity and love I received from Lisa Williams.
Later that evening, I found out that Lisa had come down with the flu, but was teaching through this. However, due to my own compromised immune system due to my condition, I couldn’t go near her. She sent me love from a distance and assured me she would be better in a few days. I also had the opportunity to meet my dear friend, Renee Eaves, who had survived, “I am a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here,” a week in the jungle, to share with me the most delicious chocolate drink I have ever had at the hotel. There was lots of laughter from her bravery and experiences in the wilderness of the jungles. Through it all, she was always a big supporter of mine and I of hers.
I can’t say enough how amazing the course is. The first day, Lisa had us doing activities to get to know each other. The group that I was a part of was an absolutely amazing group of people who I feel I will have a connection with for the rest of my life. The class was stimulating, interesting and fun all at the same time. I have studied with many teachers, various subjects in spirituality, but Lisa is, by far, one of the best teachers, as she makes herself accessible to the students and makes the world of mediumship and the other side tangible, an ability that she is born with and no one can do it with her same sense of expertise and practicality all at the same time. Rachael and I continued to support each other, and enjoyed connecting with close friends we met on Facebook. I am so grateful for Frank Matera’s insight and explanation of different things relating to mediumship that I had not thought of before or understood. He is a wealth of knowledge and extremely funny in his own right, without even trying. Being a medium myself, I have done many readings. Frank’s ability to connect with my mom in spirit was inspiring and extremely accurate. He got everything - her struggles, even the circumstances around her death. It was one of the most remarkable moments of the course. Although I have communicated with him over the years, and supported him on this spiritual journey, I had never spoken to him about my personal life. He blew me away with his ability. Another amazing moment was when I received a reading from my classmate named Christy, who connected with my beloved great aunts, who were sisters and always together. I was so happy to know that they were with me on my journey, because I always feel them around. Even as a medium myself, it’s always good to have validation. So, that reading was indeed another highlight of my experience. My soul sister, Gina Brock, organized a family dinner, where I was able to talk to Gina’s children and nieces. I love kids and the experience of having dinner with them and talking to them about their guides and angels was another highlight of my trip to Queensland. I have never felt closer to anyone as I do to my soul sisters, Gina, Nicole, Lisa Watt, Jodee and Fiona. They are an amazing group of women who hold a special place in my heart. Not to mention, they all give the best hugs and presents in the world. One night we all went to dinner as a group, and I got to meet Rachael’s other dear friend, Beck, who is like no one I’ve ever met. She’s spiritually connected, wise beyond her years, musically inclined, and all around, fun to be with. On the way home from dinner, she was driving back to the hotel, with myself, Rachael and Frank in the car. Our other friends, Jodee, Lisa Watt, and Fiona were in another car, following Becky back to the hotel, everyone in the car behind us could hear me laughing, and I seriously thought I would pee my pants. Lisa Watt and Jodee could not believe that, with three psychics on the car, no one could find their way back to the hotel. It was a great night. I also had the honor of meeting Theresa and Pat, two good friends of Lisa’s who were volunteering their time to assist with the course. They were so supportive, positive and upbeat. It was truly a pleasure to meet them and to get to know them on a personal level. I had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to support Rachael, as Spirit helped her to recognize her own inner beauty and that she must share with the public her divine purpose as a medium. There were many moments of fear and tears but I tried to be by her side and support her the best I could. Although there were a few moments I was afraid she was going to run, and it was necessary to tell the teacher, “I think we’re gonna lose Rachael.” But, Lisa handled it with professionalism and humor, like only she could. Rachael and the other class members were amazing. Rachael had stage presence, humility and accuracy as a medium and, like a true star, she shines brightly and I was brought to tears of joy for seeing how far Rachael blossomed in a week’s time. There were way too many other remarkable mediumship moments and friendships shared with other classmates to mention them all, but I will carry them deep in my heart . The last night in Queensland was extremely special because at two in the morning, Rachael, Kylee, Theresa and myself went on a joyride down to the beach, and Kylee and Theresa insisted that I must experience an Australian beach. Therefore, they stripped down to their underwear, carried me in my full pajama attire, and as I held onto their shoulders, down to the beach, while Rachael was the photographer captured every moment. The sand in Australia was like nothing I ever experienced. It was soft like silk and you sink right into what feels like a silk scarf. As I was being carried down, Rachael was dutifully reminding us, “Remember, Guys, you have to bring her back uphill.” I also got the chance to stand with help and feel my feet in the ocean. I had never felt, that I could remember, what it feels like when the ocean moves the sand under your feet as it moves forward and back. The experience was healing on many levels, and the sky was full of stars. It was a night to remember. Then, just as Rachael had said, we had to make our way back up the hill to where the car was. The sand was so soft that Theresa and Kylee literally sank in, and before we knew it, we were all laying flat on our backs laughing hysterically Rachael tried to keep her composure enough to take pictures, all three of us whaling in the sand. Eventually, we got it together, and as true troopers and friends, they carried me back up the hill and into the car.
One day, during class, Lisa did a reading for one of the students, and in true Lisa form, the reading was remarkable, but one component of the reading that I will never forget is when I looked back up, I think I had a vision of a past life experience, because I visually saw Lisa but she was dressed in interesting flamboyant clothing and was surrounded by beautiful colored curtains, with rings on all of fingers, and the student that she was reading for was dressed in clothing that looked like something you might see someone wearing in the 1930’s. It only lasted for a few minutes but it was amazing but I think it was confirmation that many of us had past life experiences together. I am positive I have had many past life experiences in Australia and with many of my friends, old and new. I love everyone I have had the honor of being connected with. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Oz and everyone in it. I love you! And, last but not least, I have eternal gratitude for Lisa for being my friend and helping me make my dream come true of going to Australia and learning to perfect my spiritual skills.