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Friday July 03 , 2020
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New Year, New Adventure

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

I know this is a little late, but Happy New Year to all! With the new energies that have integrated since December 12, 2012, it feels as though time and energy are moving faster, and there is an urgency to get things done, but by the same token, living in the moment and being present is ever more important. I am so excited for this new year. There are so many new projects on the horizon in all forms of media, from music to film and finally, the ongoing project of my children’s series will be in its final form this year. That was one of the longest labors any of my projects have ever had, but I am still confident it was worth the wait. On a personal level, life is moving quickly as well as my angel niece is about to turn a year. I can not believe it’s almost been a year since the beautiful blessing of her birth and with every day, she is turning into a more and more remarkable little lady.

I have always been a firm believer in the power of music. It is very common that, when doing my mediumship work, spirits come through using music as signs and symbols in the messages as well as signs from loved ones who are still here. Music has also been instrumental in many of the therapeutic techniques used when practicing art and music therapy, and with this in mind, other projects are organically taking form. I will be continuing to support Music for Your Heart Foundation, which provides musical instruments and instruction to children who otherwise might not get the exposure or experience. This is a cause close to my heart and I am so excited about all of the events planned for this year. More mediumship students are now receiving private instruction and it is amazing how the Universe answers your prayers in ways that you never expected, so new classes and gallery opportunities have come flooding in already this year. As a matter of fact, my first gallery of the year will be this Friday, at Center of Grace, from 7:30-9 pm in Hallandale Beach. Hope to see you there. I recently got a reading myself, from a very gifted local psychic/medium and I was overwhelmed by the support and loving messages I received from numerous loved ones who had crossed over. I was hoping to get a little more direction on where to focus most of my energy, career-wise, but being a messenger myself, you can not control what comes through and G-d always knows best, and I was in need of hearing from my loved ones more than I even realized myself until the reading was complete. People often ask, “As a medium, can’t you connect with your loved ones yourself?” I do feel them around me and get signs all the time but it is hard to read for yourself, because

you have your own personal emotions that alter the vibrations you need to function on in order to connect. Also, I am a firm believer that you should not
offer to others, anything that you would not do yourself. Therefore, I find it so fulfilling and meaningful to allow myself the pleasure of a personal reading once or twice a year.

There is still an interest in making my book a movie, and that is still in the works, but as is often the case in Hollywood, La La Land has its own clock that is often years behind one’s personal ambitions. Every day, Spirit amazes me and makes me fall more in love with my work and my personal connection to G-d. For that, I am eternally grateful and as I recently learned from Oprah’s Life class, I dream big and pray boldly. With full faith, I know this year will be amazing, and that is my wish for everyone. The key is to have gratitude now, have hope continuously and manifest boldly when prayers are answered.