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Friday July 03 , 2020
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2013-Bring on the Spring

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

I cannot believe it’s already the middle of February now. An amazing milestone was reached as my niece turned one year old, and we celebrated with a baby-licious party. Among the guests was a family who are friends of my sister, and niece, Lauren and Michael Fischer and their beautiful son, Isaac. Michael is the executive director of Drops of Hope, an organization that serves children with cancer. Michael provides limousine service transportation to children who are undergoing chemo who might otherwise miss a treatment, or be unable to get the treatment at all. If anyone undergoing chemo misses a treatment during the treatment cycle, the probability for success in treating the cancer is considerably compromised. Therefore, I was so grateful that the Universe brought us together, as Michael and his family are part of the puzzle coming together to team up with the common goal of creating a map that makes for a better world. Thus, I am very excited that this year, we will be doing events together and other creative projects that will be beneficial to us all in an effort to be of more service to the future of today’s youth. As we solidify dates for our first big event, I will keep you posted.
The readings have been streaming in from all over the world, leaving me so humbled and inspired as I watch Spirit come in with beautiful messages of love and healing, and I am lucky enough to serve as a messenger during that process. After being witness to those experiences, I am left with the creative drive to write lyrics for songs. My style is Pop, R & B, ballads and anything in between. I can always hear the type of rhythm that I want my song to have, but I am unable to compose the music. If you or someone you know, is a composer or creates dance beats, please e-mail me at to see if we can create beautiful music together.
A dear friend of mine, Sandra Barbieri, is an artist, who is collaborating with me to illustrate my children’s book series, as well other artistic, spiritually-based projects. Details on those to come very soon as well. I also keep getting the repeated message in meditation, how important expressing creative energy is during this time, which explains why my creative juices have been in overdrive, and I am lucky enough to work with one of my best friends and manager, Rebecca Ryan, to create other media projects that I will continue to tell you about as they progress. The good news is that the Psychic in Your Pocket video series as well as Psychic in Your Backpack series will be continuing in the next couple of weeks. I know many of you will be happy as I’ve received numerous requests, e-mails and messages to post more videos, so they are on their way.Yeah! I will also be teaching intuitive mediumship and other spiritually-based workshops and classes at The Center of Grace in Miami Beach, starting this month, so please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In , GooglePlus and Chime-In, to stay updated on the little bit I have going on, LOL.
Among all of this, I am smack in the middle of writing my second book, and creating child-friendly spiritual events as well. Often, people ask me how I have the energy to be doing everything but the truth is, working for Spirit gives me endless supply of energy and I have to consciously set in my schedule, time to recharge and rejuvenate, although meditation is a regular practice in my routine. For me, meditation can often involve upbeat music and dancing around, because that makes my spirit happy. With everything taking place, I am so pleased at how 2013 is unfolding, and am excited to swing into spring.