Melissa Hevenor
Saturday August 15 , 2020
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Healing for Two

recently, I was at a doctor’s appointment where a building is owned by a whole team of doctors. in one area of the building, they
Have a large treatment area w here patients are receiving blood transfusions, outpatient IV antibiotics and other outpatient treatments. I was waiting to see my doctor, when I looked down the hall and saw a woman waiting in the waiting area. There were three people standing there in spirit. One that looked like her father, a woman about ten years older than her, and a young man between the ages of 13 & 15. I then thought to myself, “I wonder if I should tell her.?” My spirit guide, Robin, appeared and said, ” Stop thinking and just go tell her.” I then called the nurse over, and asked if I could go to the waiting area for a few minutes, and she said, “Sure.” When I got to the waiting room, to my surprise, there were two other patients waiting there, but I bravely continued forward until I was in front of the woman. I then said, “Excuse me, I know how nerve-wracking it can be waiting for these appointments, and I don’ t know if you believe in this or not, but I am able to talk to those who have passed on, and I wanted you to know  that there are three people behind you in spirit  who are giving you support. T he first one looks like it could be your father. then, with tears running down her face, she nodded. “next to him is a woman that looks like she is about ten years older than you. It could be your older sister. She confirmed it and that the young man was her nephew. I told her that they said she would   be fine  and that  her husband was definitely going to be at the next appointment. S he confirmed that he was on a business trip. I also gave her other validating information, like birthdays and how all three had passed She confirmed, hugged me, and s.aid, “My G-d, you are like a little Theresa Caputo.” I said, “thank you, but my name is actuallyMelissa Hevenor.” she asked for my autograph. This experience was amazing and humbling, not only because I was able to convey a beautiful and needed message for Spirit but it was also a pivotal moment In my spiritual journey.   I gratefully announced  my name as someone working In this marvelous.  metaphysical field  in an Environment like a doctor’s office, a place run systematically by data, science and logic. Although I have been receiving messages from Spirit for years, this was a bold step towards publicly acknowledging this vital piece of who I am, and it was one reading amongst several that were  life-changing and healing for me and the woman who received the message.


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