Melissa Hevenor
Monday February 24 , 2020
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Love in the world of Spirit

No matter how long I’ve been working with Spirit, I am constantly amazed by the daily miraculous occurrences I am lucky enough to be a part of. Just the other day, I was doing a reading and the client wanted mediumship, which was such a relief because there were family members in line, in the room, wanting to speak with her. To my surprise, most of the family members waiting for her were speaking fluent russian and Yiddish. Before I even had time to concern myself over how I would understand them, my main guide, Robin, stepped forward, making her presence felt much more than usual, to the point that I could see her the same as if I were looking at someone here in the physical world. She was wearing a beautiful, baby blue, full-length dress. Her long, chocolate brown hair was flowing back off her neck, as if wind was blowing in front of her, and something that I rarely see, her wings were stretched at full-length, hovering over everyone in Spirit, and myself. because of her strong presence and her blue dress, I knew she was going to serve as a translator. blue is the color that relates to the throat chakra and communication. she then eloquently began speaking fluent Russian and Yiddish to converse with the loved ones in Spirit. there was a grandmother, father, grandfather, uncle, and aunt in spirit.The client was actually on the phone, so I had to explain to the client that the brief pauses were to allow my guide, Robin, to converse with them and then translate to me.
The other reminder that this reading gave me was that it doesn’t matter where someone is from, what their belief system is, or cultural differences that may exist. We all want to know that we are loved and that someone is proud of us. Also, in spirit, family members are always able to connect with the right family, and language barriers do not exist.
one of my other great joys is teaching others how to connect with Spirit, or to gain better understanding and access to one’s own intuition. It is hard, at times, to explain the dedication and devotion, nurturing and cultivation living a spiritual life requires. the more dedication that someone puts in, the stronger the connection will be over time. It is definitely not something that happens overnight. there can be spiritual awakenings that happen, but in order to maintain the level of consciousness that occurs during that awakening, a mutual relationship is required between the person and Spirit, or G-d. For instance, I recently connected with a client, who I had read for a year ago, that was asking about finding new love. During that reading, I got specifics on where and when the client would meet the new love interest. with a huge smile on their face, the client said, “I couldn’t believe it. everything fell into place for me to to go on the weekend trip that you predicted. the ticket was paid for, my hotel room was paid for and 80per cent of my meals were paid for. But at the last minute, I decided to stay home and take care of a business matter with my company.”Then the client asked, “how come I didn’t meet my love as predicted?” I replied, “Two words, honey. Free will! The universe lined up everything for you to have the encounter with the new love interest and you made the conscious choice not to go. that was your free will. G-d will provide another opportunity if it is meant to be,but now you have changed the timetables on the events involving your love life.” So often, clients come back wondering why certain patterns in their life haven’t changed. But, Spirit can only provide guidance and options. It is up to each individual to participate in their life, embracing change to break certain patterns. If you want to make new friends or meet a new love interest, you have to take steps to go to new places and embrace opportunities where meeting new people can occur. the likelihood of those people showing up at your doorstep, is slim to none. It is not uncommon for people to turn to online dating, as an alternative to going out and meeting people, and online dating definitely has its place in our society, but keep in mind, if you are a sensitive person who vibes off energy, it can be hard to do that through a computer screen, and it is my belief that if you are meant to meet your love online, it will happen very quickly. Sometimes, it is a good idea to get off the dating site and return at a different time, when the energy has changed, but once again, if you are supposed to meet the right person online, it will happen and, typically, very fast. I hope you have enjoyed this bird’s eye view of my life with Spirit. Until next time, love, light and blessings, Melissa


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