Melissa Hevenor
Tuesday February 25 , 2020
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The human spirit is indestructible, multi-dimensional and eternally amazing. This blog is dedicated to Talia Joy Castellano

Talia captured the world’s heart when she candidly shared her journey with cancer on YouTube, and combined her passions for make-up, beauty and fashion to help her deal with her illness. Last year, in June, I visited a friend of mine and when she finished working, we went for drinks and karaoke. She helped me with my make-up and I felt incredibly beautiful. I never had a knack for make-up, in terms of how to apply it. So, after I returned home, another friend recommended that I watch Talia’s make-up tutorial on YouTube. I immediately fell in love with her infectious, hilarious personality and the maturity, poise and talent she had for make-up artistry. You could tell from her videos that it was a deep passion and part of her soul’s calling to help others feel good about themselves, and serve as an inspiration. By commenting on her videos, we soon began having a dialogue over different social media platforms, about different products, make-up and how it is important to feel good about yourself, no matter what challenges you are facing. As time went on, there were different personal challenges that I faced, and Talia could always make me laugh through her Twitter messages, videos and Instagram. I was always excited about the fact that she and I lived in the same state, and I was sure that at some point, we would get to meet in person. Unfortunately, Talia passed away from cancer on July

Days before her passing, many worldwide prayer vigils were being held to bring Talia and her family comfort, peace and healing in whatever way possible. I joined the thousands of people praying for Talia day and night. Another life- changing moment that happened during this part of Talia’s journey was when I learned a psychic/medium and energy healer named Jamie, generously offered her presence and ability as a vessel of G-d’s light. This decision to add alternative healing techniques as part of Talia’s care, made me so happy because I knew the power of energy healing, and that incorporating it would be beneficial in whatever way was needed. As a result of coming together with the universal intention of love and positivity, Talia woke up and had meaningful time with friends and family that she might not have otherwise had. During this time, I also asked my guide if it would be okay if I, too, send Talia healing, and I heard very loudly, “Yes, go ahead.” The night before Talia passed, I was awakened at 2:30 in the morning, and felt compelled to send as much love and prayers as I could, constantly sending that same energy to Talia’s family. Fast forward to Thursday, the 18th, a private service was being held for family and close friends in Orlando, for Talia. Earlier that morning, I’d said prayers for Talia and her family and then prepared for my day of appointments. Late in the afternoon, I had a reading where a thirteen year-old girl wanted to connect with her father in spirit. She was brought to the reading by her paternal grandmother. It is very uncommon for me to do mediumship readings for a minor…not only was she a minor, but she was thirteen. Like Talia and full of energy, like Talia. The reading was beautiful and the girl’s father, David, came through so loud and clear, with words of humor, wisdom love and instruction as a responsible, loving, funny Dad. Towards the end of the reading, I saw, clear as day, as though it were happening right in front of me, about 25-50 balloons being released into the air, all different colors. I immediately asked the client if, at her father’s funeral, there were balloons, and both the grandmother and her granddaughter said “No,” and were confused as to why I saw an image of balloons flying in the air. I also felt an overwhelming sense of sadness and love, watching the balloons slowly drift away into the sky. When the clients were not able to relate to the balloons, I told them not to worry about it and they seemed to be very pleased with the reading except for the part of the balloons. About tne minutes after they left, I saw a message from Talia’s older sister, with a picture attached, that there was a balloon release at Talia’s service and it was beautiful. The picture was identical to what I experienced during the reading. I was overwhelmed with tears and perplexed by what had happened. It seemed unlikely to me that Talia would come to me in spirit and tell me about the balloons since we never got the opportunity to meet in person and I knew she would be busy with her friends and family. I contacted my friend and teacher, Lisa Williams, to ask her thoughts on the experience. She explained that it had happened to her before, and I had spiritually, been in two places at once. I was so concerned about Talia and her family during the service, that as I raised my vibration to connect to the client’s loved one in spirit, my spirit took it upon itself, to pop in on the service for Talia, and to make sure everything was okay and I spiritually travelled there when the balloon release was taking place. I can honestly say I felt 100% present during the reading and 100% present and certain that I was watching the balloons being released. It just goes to show how amazing our spirit truly is, and that when we tell someone that we will be there in spirit, it is very possible to literally be in two places at once. I also think it’s a testimony to the amazing Talia, whose talents and love captured my heart as well as thousands of others who unite people worldwide for the common cause of helping her in her time of need, and allowing me to experience another aspect of my spiritual journey. With love and gratitude, to Talia and her family, and as always, to G-d and Spirit for everything.


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