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Friday July 03 , 2020
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The Journey of Life Gives Us Direction,But Spirit or G-d, Creates the Definition

Friday, August 30th, 2013

It seems as of late, I keep being asked by various people in various situations, if I consider myself a psychic, a medium, an animal communicator or a medical intuitive. This is a hard question for me because I really consider myself to be all of those things equally. When you work with Spirit every day, it’s not so much about defining the capacity in which that happens, but adjusting yourself as a vessel to accommodate whatever it is Spirit is leading you into, in any given situation. I can say that, consciously, I had my first mediumship experience at the age of seven. I saw a young girl who was in spirit, dressed in time period clothing, complete with a bonnet, long dress and an apron,and she was a bit translucent and blue in color. For me, when a spirit has been in spirit for a long time, the energy takes on a a blue hue, indicating that there is no association at all with the physical existence. However, after recently going through some of my old journals, I came across an entry that I wrote at age twelve, where my great aunt told a story about when I was four and apparently, I was in the passenger seat as she was driving, and I told her to go home differently because there was a “bang” in the street. It turns out, there was a four car pile-up blocking all lanes of traffic on the route that we typically took home from the grocery store. Therefore, it must have been a psychic vision at the tender age of four, that I experienced. This makes sense, because, typically, psychic development precedes mediumship. As I was taught by John Holland, all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. After teaching for several years, I can indeed say this is a true phenomenon. Having had spiritual experiences very early on, I don’t really identify myself one over the other, but because I actually remember my first experience being one of mediumship, I tend to identify myself as a medium more readily.

Then, there is the world of animal communication. I have been communicating with animals before I was even verbal. Dogs and cats would approach me all the time, and my grandmother used to say it was like we were talking. For years, I was terrified of big dogs, because around the age of five, I was sitting outside on the cement steps, in front of the house, and the neighbors had gotten a huge St. Bernard, and I literally looked in the direction of the dog, and this massive puppy that was already the size of a small pony, came charging in my direction, of course, just wanting to give kisses, but his loving knocked me over and I spontaneously rolled down the steps. Thankfully, I now understand animal communication and I love all animals dearly, even snakes which I have a bit of a fear of, but at the same time, I have a deep respect for them. One of my greatest joys is doing mediumship readings for owners of deceased pets. Obviously, animals can not verbally speak in the same way as human spirits do, but they communicate through symbolism and, certainly, are equally capable of communicating their messages.

As far as identifying myself as someone who is in this field, that has definitely become easier, in part because I am deeply humbled and proud to be a Servant of Spirit, or G-d, through my work, and also because more of the general public are open to the metaphysical field, in large part due to Lisa Williams, John Holland, John Edward, and currently, The Long Island Medium, who have helped the field be represented in the medium of both  television and radio.

The medical intuitive component of my work definitely stems from my training as a therapist, and watching how different physical and/or mental conditions and ingested substances alter a person’s physical energy. however, once again, my childhood experiences were preparation, as I spent a great deal of time in medical settings, seeing different energies in people with different conditions or problems, and early on, I wanted to be a doctor. I would even play doctor with my dolls, and place my hands on the doll, pretending to heal them by touch. Of course, now I know that any healing that takes place for a client, has little to do with me, but is Spirit, or G-d, using me as an instrument to bring whatever is needed during a medial intuitive reading or an energy healing. The bottom line is no matter how difficult life may seem at times, there is always a bigger picture that we, consciously, have no awareness of, but it is okay, because G-d always has the map ,or the bigger picture, and the more we trust and let ourselves be led by Spirit, the harder it becomes to pinpoint exactly who we are, in terms of a career, because G-d continuously has us grow, expanding that definition in ways we have not even dreamed of.

Talia’s Birthday Tribute - a Journey of Love

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

For weeks, I have been working hard to make money and get things done so that I could take  the weekend off, to attend Talia Joy Castellano’s tribute. I first discovered Talia, after  one of my dear friends did my make-up at a spiritual conference, and I wanted to learn how to put make-up on more expertly, so another friend recommended I watch make-up tutorial videos on YouTube. I now know, certainly, not by accident, I found Talia’s YouTube channel She was a spunky, full-of-life, talented make-up guru and she was only 12 years old at the time. Before long, I connected with her through various social media platforms, and we communicated and I became a fan/friend of Talia’s over the Internet. She not only taught me about how to apply make-up from watching her videos, but she taught me how to be strong in the face of life’s challenges and to count your blessings, no matter what you’re facing. Talia also bravely shared her difficult battle with cancer very openly in her vlogs. I Always drew strength from her happy, bubbly personality and wise outlook. In life, I faced many a challenge, thinking what would Talia do or say. Over time, Talia’s health declined, but her personality and flair for life never faltered. I prayed for her and her family daily, and sent encouraging messages, while she spent large amounts of time in the hospital, fighting two forms of childhood cancers. Being that she only lived about 3 hours from me, I had always hoped to meet her in person, and I’m sure we would have, if given the chance. About two weeks before Talia’s passing, I began to send distant healing and prayers as much as I could, and as often as I could. Sometimes as a healer and a spiritual worker, I have to accept that healing does not always mean curative measures, but sending love and peace to the person to aid in whatever way G-d sees fit. It touched my heart deeply when Jamie, “the psychic,” host of the radio show, Cosmic Caffeine, was given the chance to do hands-on healing with Talia and her family in the hospital. Serving as an instrument that allowed G-d to work through her, Jamie provided pain relief and peace to beautiful Talia. Through G-d’s grace, Talia’s loved ones were granted precious time with Talia, while she was awake and alert, that they might not have been given if Talia, her family and Jamie, had not been so open, loving and ready to do whatever needed to be done, to allow G-d’s love to help her. That is a beautiful example of how free will comes into play. G-d is always there to help and love us, but the choices we make impact our complete acceptance and accessibility of that divine intervention. At 2 a.m., on July 16, I was awakened form a deep sleep, by my guide, Robin, who said, “Talia is transitioning.” I had  never sent healing to anyone transitioning from their physical into their spiritual form from a distance, so I didn’t know what to do, and my heart ached from the thought of not seeing another video or communicating with Talia over social media again, but as a light worker, I have taken an unspoken vow to use my life as a vehicle to spread and carry G-d’s love, serving the divine above all else. This sense of duty is often difficult, because my earthly human self has wishes, desires, and wants that do not always correlate with what is best for the highest good. This was certainly one of those times. My human heart wanted Talia to be here more than anything, so I gave myself a few minutes to grieve and accept that this was probably not going to be the case, and then took a deep breath, pulled myself together, gathered my favorite crystals, cleansed them and formed them in the shape of  a heart on the bed beside me.  Then, I said aloud,”Okay, I  am here to serve whatever G-d’s plans are and whatever Talia needs right in this moment. Please help me to be of service.” I closed my eyes and visualized Talia on her bed. The next thing I saw was myself floating above her, and then rolling out like a blanket, green light over her, beginning at her feet, going up to her shoulders. I also noticed I was taking slow, deep breaths, and, for a few minutes it even felt like, somehow, I was helping her breathe, like remotely using my lung capacity to even out her breathing. My guide, Robin, then told me to call in Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing, and visualize placing my hand intuitively where I felt she needed assistance, to ease pain or bring comfort. I visualized one hand placed gently on her stomach and the other hand over the heart, sending as much love and positive energy that I could. I did this for about a half-hour, and then my guide said, “Say a prayer.” I bowed my head, sitting up on my bed, hands folded and said, “Dear G-d, in heaven, I’m here to help as you know, and as a spiritual person, I know you always have a plan. If there’s any way that those plans can change, so that beautiful Talia can stay here on earth, and finish more of her dreams, I will be eternally grateful and help in any way I can, to serve you more completely. If that is not possible, please ease her pain and give her a special place in heaven. I vow, to you, and to her, that I will spend the rest of my life helping to educate about childhood cancer, and supporting Talia and her family in any way that I can. Eternally yours, Melissa.” Then, I placed my hand on my heart, and imagined sending out as much pink and white light as possible into my hand, and closed my eyes to visualize Talia placing that same hand where her heart would be. Tears began to fall, and I intuitively knew, with deep sadness, that her time here on earth was coming to an end. It took me a good 45 minutes to go back to sleep. I woke up at 11 a.m. Because my first appointment of the day was not until later, and at 12 noon, I saw the post that Talia had gotten her wings at 11:22 that same morning. Even knowing hours before that it was going to happen, I was deeply saddened, and reached out to her family on social media, giving as much support, love and prayers as possible. The family soon announced that there would be a public tribute to celebrate her life in Orlando. I wanted so much to go and be a part of it, to honor Talia and embrace her beautiful family. Unfortunately, traveling for me takes more planning and money than it does for most, even if the destination is a simple 3 & 1/2 hour car ride. Unable to drive, I need someone to do the driving and in order to travel long distances, I am most comfortable and do so most easily with my electric wheelchair. If I have the luxury of bringing my electric wheelchair, that involves securing a van with an automatic ramp that my wheelchair can securely travel in, and renting a wheelchair-accessible van is very expensive, typically over $100/day, plus mileage once surpassing whatever the allowed miles. The tribute was starting at 7:30 and lasting until 10:30 at night, so I knew most likely, we would need to pay for one night at a hotel. Therefore, a simple 24-hour trip can easily run hundreds of dollars! Which isn’t that much of an issue when there’s time to set money aside, but even working extra hours and cutting corners, I was unsure if I would be able to manage it, so I surrendered to Spirit and asked the angels to help me. Help me, they did indeed! One of my soul sisters Lisa Came to visit, and because we are so close, she knew I was sad over Talia’s passing. To my heart’s delight, she and some other close friends rallied together, to help me get there. The experience was truly amazing.

When my friend, Becky, went to pick up the van, the one they had available was brand new and a beautiful gold color, with the word “Star” written across one of the windows. We were going in style for Talia. Arriving in Orlando, we decided to have lunch at a restaurant in Disney’s Marketplace. The restaurant we chose was called “the T-Rex.” It was awesome. Once again, Talia gave us a huge sign that she was with us. The parking  lot was filled and, within minutes, we got the best parking spot. Then, we put our name in for our table, and I had to use the rest room, so our table was given away. The hostess then explained that we would no longer be sitting in the Ice Age (the restaurant is divided into historical, geographical eras); we had been move to the Coral Reef area. In this section of the restaurant, there was a massive tropical fish tank, with hundreds of fish, Ike clownfish and, of course, fish that looked like Dori, who is known to say, like Talia, “just keep swimming.” In fact, we were seated directly in front of the tank, and moments later, a little girl went up to the tank and said, “Look. It’s Dori! Just keep swimming.” So, once again, we knew Talia was there with us. We enjoyed our lunch and then celebrated Talia’s 14th birthday, by ordering a huge chocolate cake with ice cream, called the chocolate Extinction, complete with a volcano that smoked. It was sinfully massive and amazing. We had plenty to take back to the hotel! Lunch was such an event that we had very little time to get back to the hotel and change for the tribute. Just for Talia, I brought almost all my make-up and, thankfully, learning some of her trade secrets on You Tube, the make-up was both fun and pretty seamless. I wore a baby blue top, and a  matching skirt with baby blue embroidery, because blue was Talia’s favorite color. Upon arriving to the event, there were tons of news crews, traffic controllers, and you could feel the magic and tension in the air, all at the same time. Entering the church was like entering a Red Carpet event. As soon as you walked through the doors of the main Lobby, there were velvet ropes blocking off an area that had life-size cut-outs of Talia in her edgy, stylish fashion and a montaged backdrop with images of her glamorous eyes and her name. It indeed felt like Hollywood, honoring Talia. Then, once again, I’ m sure Talia assisted in helping me get a spot in the auditorium where I could see everything, but where I also had privacy to share in the event with my friend, Becky, and say my goodbyes to sweet Talia. On every large  screen, there were videos and photographs of Talia, beginning at birth and chronologically documenting her personality and her journey with cancer. The whole event was amazing, but the highlights for me were hearing her big sister,Mattia Joyce Castellano, sing “Dancing in the Sky” with her best friend, by Danni & Lizzy. If you’ve never heard that song, check it out on You Tube, as it captures the feelings experienced when someone you love dearly is now in heaven. Truly perfect song to dedicate to Talia. The other highlight included watching Talia’s best friend, Sheridan, perform a modern dance to the song, “NoDay but Today” from Rent. Elegant, exquisite and deeply moving are the only ways to describe it. Towards the end of the event, it was complete with a fashion show and, as the pastor stated in the beginning, I think Talia is one of the only people who would have a memorial so hip and special that it included a fashion show of her personal designs, with the help of Urbana Chappa. The collection is called Bald Chick Collection, and trust me when I say, the designs are edgy and hip. At the end, one of the most moving moments was hearing Desiree, Talia and Mattia’s mom, speak, and asking everyone to sing, “HappyBirthday” to Talia, which we did. Then, at the very end, if there were anyone left in the auditorium who had not shed a tear, this was the deal breaker. Talia’s stepfather spoke about Desiree’s endless support of Talia and credited her with being an earth angel. You could feel his love for these girls. They even served little chocolate cupcakes with pink pearls on top. Absolutely perfect for Princess Talia! I made my way to Talia’s sister, Mattia, and she immediately knew who I was. I thanked her for sharing her sister with the world, myself included, told her how much she and Talia meant to me and promised to help in any way I can, fight childhood cancer and carry on Talia’s legacy. Knowing that Mattia felt my same sense of loss, but 10,000 times more deeply, it was hard to hold back tears when speaking to her. It was a total honor. She was mature, sophisticated and represented Talia beautifully. We took a photograph together and then I  went to her mother. Desiree knelt down beside my Chair and listened intently to everything I had to say, completely present and she radiated love every moment. We embraced and also took pictures, and I promised her as well, that I would continue to carry all of them in my heart and help be part of Team Talia forever. I feel more peace since being able to attend the tribute and there are so many dreams Desiree and Mattia will carry on for Talia in her name and I want to be a part of everything. They gave me permission to write this blog and I want to thank Lisa, Becky, Jennifer, Sandra, Mattia, Desiree, and last but not least, everyone’s angel, mine included, Talia Joy Castellano.

Soul Families - Beyond Space and Time

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Soul families are those individuals who you feel a connection with beyond anything comprehensible to the logical mind. It is not uncommon for us to have a soul connection with individuals who are in our actual family in this lifetime, although when a younger brother, for example, takes the initiative and watches over you, often more like a father figure, it could be that, in a past life, the spirit of that brother, was, indeed, your father or husband.There are always spiritual fingerprints left over from past life soul connections in your present lifetime. I am very blessed in this lifetime, because I have been able to connect with, and love, many individuals who I know are a part of my soul family. the interesting thing about the soul family is that sometimes, individuals that we obviously are extremely close to in a past life, can end up thousands of miles away in the present life, and somehow, against all odds, we are united, despite the geographical distance. For example, one of my dearest friends grew up in Chicago and is a year older than I am. We ended up on the same cruise ship and within a week of spending every dinner together on the ship, this friend knew that she wanted to move to Florida and help me manage my career as a psychic/medium and the rest is history, as they say. There is one person who is definitely the link to many of my soul family connections in this lifetime. But, before I get to her, I have to acknowledge that family is not always defined by blood. My sister, Leanne, who is one of my only blood living relatives, will always have a special place in my heart, and no one can ever replace her or understand the bond that  we have, after enduring a remarkable childhood-remarkable in terms of positive and negative experiences. Then, I have an “adoptive” family, who were generous enough to accept me as their own, at a time when I felt like I had lost all stability I had ever had in my life, and I would not have been able to continue in school

and thrive as the happy, spiritual person that I am, without the emotional support of the Maroms. I know, in a past life, their youngest daughter, Noah, was indeed my child and my blood sister, because, literally moments after meeting her, I felt familiar and safe, and protective over her. We bonded very quickly, and took care of each other all through college and she served as the gateway to help me become a part of her family. Now, because of Noah, I have a niece who means the world to me, and I got to be present the night that she came into the  world. My sister, Noa, is another person that was born in another country (in Israel,) and now I indeed feel Israeli through association. Her parents also felt very natural to call “Imma” and “Abba,” meaning Mom and Dad, so given the geographical distance, we still found a way to connect in this lifetime.

Back to the person who has served as a major link to many in my soul group, that person is Lisa Williams. years ago, I was struggling with  the fact that I was brought up as a Christian , and I had the ability to speak to those who had passed and the Maroms, are, of course, Jewish, but they always respected that I had grown up in a Christian household as a child, never expecting me to compromise my beliefs. Therefore, as I sat in church, during my college years and heard the pastor talking about how mediumship was evil, I was brought to tears until a friend of mine said, “Don’t cry. There is a show you must watch.” That show was called “Life among the Dead” and there was an amazing medium named Lisa Williams, giving the most beautiful, heartfelt readings I had ever seen. As soon as I saw her, I felt understood, and I felt like I knew her. months later, a friend got me tickets to one of her live shows. There were so many people waiting to see her and as I approached her, before I really said too much, she leaned over, gave me the longest embrace, and said, “You’re like me. You’re a witchy-woo.’” I couldn’t believe that she knew that merely by looking at me. Not only did I feel understood, but she helped me understand that this was part of my path, and slowly encouraged me to start charging for my readings, which was first paid for with cups of coffee (LOL).Before long, she said, “Melissa, it’s time to start charging money!” And,  once again, the rest is history.

In between her support of my gift, we developed this amazing sisterhood. she’s definitely Ike a best friend, a mentor, a sister, and at times, like a mother, all wrapped up in one person. Amazingly, by getting my name out there, she connected me to people in New York, Texas, New Jersey, all over the US and Australia that I am extremely close to. That’s why she serves as a link to much of my soul family.

I was blessed to have a slumber party with her this past weekend. As is usual, there was very little sleeping, lots of girl talk, laughter, even tears of understanding and love for each other. People often ask me if it’s difficult because she and I work in the same field. But, really, that doesn’t matter, even if your gifts are similar ,everyone has something different to offer and there’s enough people in  Spirit to go around. First and foremost, our friendship comes before anything career-based. I will always put my  support, love and trust for her and with her, above all else. This, again, comes from, I believe, a past life connection that she and I have, and one of my spiritual teachers confirmed that in a past life she has been my mother and, in another life, I was hers. That spiritual connection far surpasses any healthy competition that could exist in this lifetime. We shared matching pajamas, matching phone cases, exchanged gifts and English chocolate. Nothing’s better than that, and you are never too old for a slumber party! For years and years to come and beyond, I hope our friendship will leave a legacy, serving as a testimony for the power of soul family, to defy space and time. And a key ingredient, for any soul family relationship is creating priceless memories, which is, indeed, what we did this weekend, leaving me happy,  peaceful and inspired. I wrote this blog because several people have asked me about how she and I met, or what “soul family” is, so I kind of combined the answers to both. don’t ever mss the opportunity to develop friendships that transform into family because you undermine or doubt your initial feelings or familiarity with someone. When I first met Noa, if I had brushed off the connection that I felt with her, I would have missed the blessings of a family unit like I had never experienced before, and thanks to that experience, when I met Becky on a boat, I trusted that connection, and I have the greatest support team, friend and manager you could ask for because of that, and, finally, if I had told myself that I was crazy and there was no way that a TV star from the UK could possibly feel familiar to me, than I would have missed out on: embracing my soul purpose as soon as I did publicly, having dreams come true, and, most importantly, the greatest soul sister someone could ask for. I have other soul sisters that are included in this group, that are equally as important and vital to my spiritual growth and life, but I couldn’t discuss all of them or I’d be writing until next week. I hope you enjoyed this window into my understanding of soul family and my personal experience making the connections.

First Sip of Latte of Heaven

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Wow! What a busy week last week was. I taught some students mediumship development, did as many readings as I could fit in, worked on creative writing, and the thing I am, indeed, most excited about, launched “Latte of Heaven,” my brand new radio show on Blogtalk, which airs every Thursday at 6 p.m. EST. I had the most incredible time with my first guest, Anna Taylor. she is an amazing angel therapist, giving angel guided-readings, and a talented musician, singer/songwriter, as well. the first show was actually discussing music and how music can serve to break down barriers and unite people. Also, how music can be used to raise our vibration, so that we can receive clearer messages and find peace and harmony within our daily lives. The link is: Once you get to the main page, look down in chronological order for Thursday night at 6, & you will find all the playback links to the shows.

The radio show addressed music’s ability to unite people and that is, indeed, true, however, music also has the incredible ability to unite us to our loved ones who are no longer with us, or as Anna mentioned in the show, music can be used as a tool to receive messages from our angels, guides and departed loved ones. This characteristic of music was crescendoed in my life, when a music group called Gospel Boys, wrote a tribute song for Talia Joy Castellano, the make-up guru and sensational You Tuber who passed away from Cancer on July 16th. I, indeed, miss seeing Talia’s happy, beautiful face over social media and hearing her messages of inspiration, however, when I hear the tribute song written for her, I immediately feel closer to her, as the music raises my vibration and the slightest bit of relief is felt in my daily missing of her. Another song written for her by Gina Pichulo, called Talia’s Song, captures her spirit and beauty, and I listen to both songs, by two different artists with two different styles, and feel closer to her, so be sure to check these out on ITunes, if you are missing  our angel, Talia.

I hope that my first radio show captured the magical ability of music to unite us, no matter where we are, in the physical or in spirit. This new opportunity allows Spirit to work through me, and reach more people, spreading love, light, inspiration and education over the Internet. in the weeks to come, there will be giveaway items, contests, psychic/mediumship and medical intuitive readings, as I allow Spirit to guide me and formulate future shows.  this week’s show will be equally exciting and fun as I will be joined by Heather Tobin, an incredible medium, intuitive and musician in her own right. Please tune in as it is sure not to disappoint.

my heart is also filled with joy as I’ve been surrounded by soul sisters this summer, supporting me through this journey of life and this new creative endeavor.  I will share more about this sisterhood and soul family next week. Until then, love, light and blessings, and don’t forget to tune in for your weekly “Latte of Heaven.”