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Thursday July 09 , 2020
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Thankful for what has passed and what is yet to unfold this month of November

Friday, November 15th, 2013

November is my favorite month, because of the emphasis on thankfulness. Of course, it’s important to be thankful year-round but there definitely seems to be a great consciousness for gratitude in November, because November is the keeper of thanksgiving day. This year I’m so grateful to have a new radio show, a Latte of Heaven, and just as I had hoped, Spirit has coordinated the guests who have honored me with their presence on air in perfect timing, embracing the flavor of the show which tries to invite all areas of spirituality, wellness, love and spirit to have a platform every Thursday night from 6-7EST, on BlogtalkRadio.

I am also always humbled by the mystery and wonder that Spirit allows me to serve using my gifts as an instrument for the divine, and, recently, when I didn’t think it was possible, the experiences with Spirit have been more humbling, gratifying and busy than ever before. A new facet of my gift that’s really come to the forefront in the last few months, is communicating with someone who hasn’t passed but for reasons, such as a coma or other physical limitations, either mental or physical, can not communicate. This is an occurrence that truly touches my heart because I have worked for a long time with children and adults on the autism spectrum who struggle with verbal communication and sometimes the subtleties of body language, such as eye contact and social gestures that others could easily take for granted. Over the years, as I learned to interpret people’s energetic bodies or their auras, and could understand what I was seeing visually around them as an energetic indicator about a person’s physical, mental and emotional make- up, I more accurately could serve as an interpreter and/or translator for that individual with autism who needed  assistance being heard. While this was extremely gratifying, to be able to receive messages from someone in a completely different state or country, unable to communicate because of a coma or altered mental state brought on by Alzheimer’s, is virtually unfathomable for the logical mind, making me profoundly grateful that the connection with Spirit allows me to think way outside the lines of logic. therefore, I more frequently have been serving as a messenger for someone who, according to my friend and mentor, Lisa Williams, is in between the earth plane and the other side, or heaven. So that they are still living in the physical body but a part of their spirits can raise form the physical body and connect like someone who is fully in spirit, although the person has not passed. In fact, when they come forward, I see them in full form, but they look somewhat translucent, like someone who has passed. So, it can sometimes get confusing because they will keep repeating, “I’m here! I’m here!” And, at first, I thought it was someone who had passed connected to the client I was reading for, wanting to be acknowledged but over time, I realized, in some cases they are repeating, “I’m here! I’m here,” meaning “I’m still alive” but they have a message of love and/or gratitude, which is so that the client will know that they can hear them, and they have an awareness of circumstances and events that are happening with regard to the family and their own personal well-being.

Another, more frequent experience that has been happening as of late, is that during a reading, not one or two loved ones in spirit are coming through, but five or more loved ones in spirit are coming through with specific details that pertain to each individual spirit so that it often feels like a small gallery reading although it is occurring for a client and/or their spouse. The largest number of loved ones in spirit that I’ve had come through, for one client, was eight, and then the client’s son who’s still here asked one question at the end of the reading, and three more spirits came through, specifically for the son. This same occurrence happened when I answered one question for a spouse of my client and then deceased family members of the spouse were right there, ready to give a message. I think these new phenomena are evidence that energy shifts are definitely happening and spiritual consciousness is increasing because of the change of the overall frequency and vibration of our planet. But, as with anything, I need to meditate on these matters further, to more fully grasp with my human mind, what is happening. More importantly, though, as long as my spirit understands how to show up and respond as the instrument for Spirit, that’s all that really matters, and one thing’s for certain, my mind and heart respond, in complete gratitude, vibrating perfectly with November and thankfulness.