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Sunday August 09 , 2020
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Much Love to Mother God, the Wonderful Women in My Life And Celebrating Being Part of the Truly Best Gender

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

I want to start by saying happy holidays to everyone. I hope everyone who celebrates the Festival of Lights felt the illumination of the candles’ ripple from the menorah into your heart, soul and ignite a flame that burns each day of your life for the entire next year. I love Hanukkah because of the magic and celebration, of light  for a group of people who were facing great darkness. It was through their faith, belief, support and dedication that the oil lasted for eight days. I embrace and celebrate Hanukkah as part of my dedication to Kaballah and for me, personally, as someone who has chosen the path of a lightworker, many of the Jewish traditions and beliefs resonate with my heart’s vibration.

I also celebrate Christmas as a time when a great prophet, spiritual leader, healer, and enlightened spirit carried a torch as a beloved child of G-d. Christmas has become very commercialized but Christmas is about the spirit of love and giving; it’s not about the presents. It’s about sharing time and love with the people who love us back. love is about sacrifice, of time, to help someone type, to bring someone food, to offer a hug, that you have to travel forty or more minutes to give, love is about texts that make you laugh or touch your heart even though you’re miles apart. Love is about helping someone carry their dreams by providing support even when it seems like those dreams are getting farther away. Love is about easing someone’s  sadness when they can’t sleep, Through singing. Love is about giving someone encouragement whenever you can and letting them know how much they mean to you so that they know their feelings are important. I am blessed because I have these acts of kindness every day of my life. I try with so much dedication and love in my heart to let each of you know that you are loved and appreciated and that you have god’s light within you. it’s important to fuel that light and to share that light. There’s never enough illumination in this world because light will never cast out light. It will only make the beam brighter. Through social media, my blogs, contests, random posts on Facebook, I try to share love and light with you not just during the holidays, but every day. No matter what goes on in my personal life, it is my followers, clients, friends and social network family that give me a  reason to get up every morning. If I’ve read for you, I want to take this time to thank you for that honor. If I have read for you, I hope our time together was healing, not only during our session, but that the healing lasts every day for the rest of your life. If I have not yet had the honor to read for you, I hope that Spirit will bring us together, so that I may do so in the near future. Regardless of if you are my client or not, I thank you for your support and for sharing in my spiritual journey.

I love being a medium and a psychic with all my heart, and I’ve said it before and I will say it again, it is really not me, it is Spirit that allows the healing. G-d graces me with the ability to serve as an instrument of the Divine. December 8 is the day that we recognize the feminine aspect of the Divine. Regardless of your belief system, it is important to recognize that Mary, the mother of Jesus, watched her son be tortured and go through the crucifixion with stellar strength devotion belief and relentless support. To watch your child go through that is nothing short of  miraculous, and so december 8 is a day that we recognize the feminine divinity and everything that embodies maternal love. many spiritualist believe that Azna is the female aspect of G-d. Every day, I am grateful to be part of this gender, although I am not able to have children, I have dedicated by life to serving the people and it my hope that, for the most part, people feel the  divine goddess energy that G-d has gifted me with. so to all you ladies, celebrate the natural beauty of being a woman and stand proud as a woman today, and everyday.

This is also a holiday that Sylvia Browne truly loved and she made it be known today, while writing this. And, I am honored, humbled and happy. These are the words that popped up on m y screen in the middle of writing this blog: Sylvia Browne was the author of dozens of books on paranormal and spiritual topics. She discussed a wish for people to feel that they are loved by God. Browne claimed that God comprises both a male and a female part, named Om and Azna respectively. She stated that the entity of God loves all people and living beings equally, no matter what one’s specific religious or spiritual beliefs are.

Gifts come in many different forms, and presents are never needed, but always appreciated. That being said, I am so     Overwhelmingly grateful for the gifts I received yesterday from my soul sister, Lisa. I felt her love, thought and support in everything. I wear the hat that is like the one Lisa wore on her television show, “Life among the Dead,” with honor, humility and happiness. I also want to thank my Australian family, in particular Lisa Watt, for their continued support, delicious chocolate, amazing one-of-a-kind Australian bridge hat and all the other gifts that I have received from my fans, friends, and now certainly family from Australia. And last, but not least, I want to thank my other fans and friends who have also sent me packages that I am saving for Christmas, in particularly, Ashley Gore, Jill vanVlack, and so many others that give me the gift of friendship, support and love throughout the year. If you find the holidays difficult, remember there’s one witchy-woo in South Florida that loves you dearly. Be grateful that you have the ability to read this blog, that you live in a place where I have the freedom to write this blog, and happy holidays, and yay, today,for the magic of being a female.