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Thursday July 09 , 2020
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Archive for June 10th, 2014

Heaven On Earth

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

To take the beautiful words from the legendary John Lennon, “you may say that I’m a dreamer. But, I’m not the only one.” There are so many positivity life coaches out there, self-help books, support groups, studies being done on happiness, that sometimes it feels as though the idea of happiness has become a phenomenon. what some people miss is that happiness is not a phenomenon, but it is something that originates intrinsically within ourselves. Often, people find themselves looking for happiness by gaining acceptance from other people, materialistic things, status boosters, or other perks to be found if a certain number of dollars are spent. If there is a magical phenomenon about happiness, it is that true happiness is free. It originates from a chemical reaction in our brains. Of course, there are those who have chemical differences, stemming from a physiological condition that alters the neurological process that triggers happiness. And, for those individuals, sometimes medication is necessary, and that’s okay, although all too often, we are enslaved in a society that is reliant upon pharmaceuticals to induce a reaction to facilitate happiness. The problem is that often, physicians and other health care professionals are so quick to prescribe, that they don’t encourage finding happiness from within, or they treat the symptoms of unhappiness such as the eating addiction, shopping addiction, whatever has manifested as a behavioral issue, for the individual in search of happiness, which truly can only be found within in the first place.

So, what is it that makes some individuals more positive than others? Research shows that there is a genetic component that contributes to, or takes away from, personal happiness. But, that it is only part of the equation. The other part of the equation is in large part, in my opinion, a choice. For example, as most, or all of you, know I have cerebral palsy, which leaves me reliant on a wheelchair for much of my mobility. And, of course, with this condition, there are daily struggles, such as: taking a shower and getting dressed in the morning can take me anywhere from an hour & a half to two hours, and if done within that time frame, it is considered a good day. Of course, there are times when I wish I could wake up fifteen minutes before I’m supposed to be somewhere and do things quickly like a majority of individuals. But, that thought or desire, only emerges when I am overtired and wish I could have extra sleep that morning. Most often, I am extremely grateful that I am able to shower or dress myself at all, and it fills my heart with gratitude, that although my childhood was not an easy one, it prepared me to be self-sufficient, for the most part.

I made the choice a long time ago, to choose happiness and see the glass as half full, rather than half empty. If you see the glass as half full, you’re halfway to having it filled, and therefore, the lack is conquerable and attainable. If an obstacle, or problem, is conquerable, then we have motivation, or strength, to overcome it. If we focus on the lack in our lives, the lack becomes unrealistically overwhelming and demolishes any hope of alleviating it. It is important to realize that whatever challenges, losses, or difficulties you face, your spirit is stronger, resilient and capable of handling those problems as long as you stay connected to G-d, the higher power, what you believe is the creator of your spirit. The part of happiness that many people don’t understand, is to truly have it, you have to, realistically, examine who you are, and accept your flaws, changing those that you can and accepting those that you can’t. Because there are some things about ourselves, we can’t change, in this lifetime. But, more often than not, those things are much less significant than our positive qualities, and it is us who spend more time focusing on those things than the things that set us apart or make us uniquely different and special in our own way. Even if I could take a pill tomorrow and walk, I don’t know that I would take it, if it was a permanent fix to my disability, because it is my disability that’s made me the person that I am. It is my disability that my spirit chose in this lifetime, that brings me closer to the Creator, my guides and angels. It is my disability that makes my life’s journey unique. Although I can not get up and run down a hill, or walk on the beach, even walk up stairs or in places that are not wheelchair-friendly, with my heart I can do everything. With my heart, I have the strength to climb every mountain. With the use of language, I can describe the feeling of walking or running, by connecting to my guide or channeling a spirit that is able to do so. I am phenomenal at astrotravel, which is, in essence, allowing your spirit to travel to different places, all distances, attached to, but free from the physical body. This is something we all do in dreams, or when our heart is with someone in need, when we physically can’t be there. But, the more we practice living from the heart, the more we can do. Realizing that reality is only a perception, a perception we must embrace and function, in but also overcome when we live a truly spiritual life. And, living from the heart, where we focus on the positive, even when it feels like there is nothing to be grateful for, there is gratitude in the magic of our breath, the functioning of gravity, and the ability to communicate with other individuals all over the world, via technology, indeed making the world a smaller place and more conquerable, regardless of limitations. Happiness comes form within and if we live from this understanding and teach this to the current, and coming, generations, there is the opportunity to shift in living in a world where more of heaven can be experienced on earth.