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Tuesday April 07 , 2020
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Lifting Your Chin While Setting Goals

April 8th, 2011

Today as I was preparing my paperwork to take it over to the accountant, my internal light of hope was rekindled, because I began to realize that releasing all of my 2010 receipts, documents and so on, was like God giving me a clean slate and today was a new day. I know tax time can be stressful for many people, however, it also got me to thinking how lucky we are to have our freedom and rights in the beautiful United States that is still trying to emerge from the chaos of the state of the world today. Therefore, my faith in life, love and hope was renewed. This has also been a time when I have learned who my true friends are and who is in my corner. Sometimes, I think we are put in difficult situations to remind us of these small belessings. After a great disappointment with regards to the last job opportunity I thought I was going to begin, after going through the ridiculous shenannigans that I reported about in the last blog, that job opportunity did not come about. In the meantime, I continued to do my readings, feeling completely satisfied by spreading my light in this way, and yesterday, I spent a good part of the afternoon helping solve a cold case. This was emotionally difficult, but also very rewarding, if I can lend a hand to helping justice prevail. I also decided to set goals for myself, and at this point, I’m not exactly sure how I am going to reach them, but I will remain faithful and make my best effort. My first goal is to be at the book signing that’s scheduled for May 5th in Ft. Lauderdale, at New Age Books N’ Things. I also am looking at different venues to try and hold large mediumship or psychic galleries. I am working to save up to make a trip to Melbourne, Australia, in late fall, (Novemeber) for about 3 weeks, where I hope to do readings and various teachings with a dear friend of mine. Anyway, these are just a few things I hope to get underway, and I continue to find different avenues to promote my television project and other product ideas. The one good thing that happens when we find ourselves with limited resources, is that we tend to revert quite quickly to the simple things that are important. With limited internet access or television, I find myself doing more meditation and reading, a luxury that I never afford myself because of lack of time and the attraction of multi-media stimulation. If ever you find yourself feeling down or having lack of motivation, you may want to consider putting your goals down on paper, and thinking of the simplest way to paving the path towards at least one of those goals. I am also a firm believer that if we make the smallest effort, with faith in our heart, God will do much of the paving for us.

As I’ve said many times before, remember to dance, and do the small things that are free that bring you joy. I also want to continue recognizing that this month is dedicated to autism, and because I feel such a passion for families dealing with this condition, I will spend the rest of the month promoting awareness, and don’t forget to tell your friends who are mothers of children with autism to join me on Twitter, for the chance to win a free reading. The names of the mothers will be selected at the end of the month and the readings will involve an evaluation of the child based on a photograph, revealing the details that are in the child’s aura, and a question to be answered for the mother herself, if she wishes. I want to wish all of you luck and keep your chins up, and remember to set those goals. Love, light and blessings.

April - Understanding the Awe in Autism

April 4th, 2011

With the month of April being Autism Awareness Month, I felt compelled to discuss my dedication to the children and families that have been affected by this condition. I have always been fascinated by understanding the inner workings of autism, and I believe this interest stems from a deeper knowing that the condition is connected to spirituality. I believe that these individuals have a greater understanding of energy and more and more of these children are being born into this world today. I have over one thousand hours working with children with autism, ranging in age from 18 months - 21 years. The more time I spend with those affected by autism, the greater my fascination, love and committment to helping in the fight to finding a cure, although I will be the first to say that I, personally, do not see these children as having a disease, but instead having an understanding that far exceeds much of our own collective consciousness. From a very young age, I was blessed with the ability to see an individual’s aura. The aura is the energetic field that surrounds the physical body, and reveals a great deal about physical health, mental health, personality and provides insight into various past, present and future aspects of a person’s life. In fact, I was lucky enough to find a professor at the university where I began working on my doctorate, who embraced my spiritual gifts. With the permission of the parents, she allowed me to meet the children who are entering a twin study on autism, and I was able to evaluate whether or not I believed they were on the spectrum and what techniques or lifestyle changes would help them reach their optimal health, based on what I could see in their auras. The more time I spent working with these children, the more I was able to psychically gain information about how to help both the parents and child cope with the condition. Therefore, autism is, and always will be, a cause that I am passionate about. It is not uncommon to become frightened when hearing the staggering rates at which autism is increased. The truth is it is not exactly the rate of children with autism that is increasing, but instead, professionals’ abilities to diagnose and recognize the signs that are becoming more perfected. The one aspect about autism that parents, professionals and those affected can agree on is the importance of early detection and intervention.

I believe, with all my heart, that these kids are often absorbing others’ energy, to a level that they do not know how to handle the sensory overload they are taking in. Therefore, as a professional who perceives these energies, I can teach the child and parents techniques to help manage the perception and absorption of energies of others, for the individual who is autistic. I also can psychically pick up likes or dislikes of a child who may not be able to verbalize them, as well as psychically determine what techniques may or may not be beneficial for the child. Once again, this is a passion dear to my heart, and I want to help, on a widescale basis, as many as I can. As a psychic, medical intuitive, therapist-in-training, and most importantly, as a fellow human being, I care deeply about not only those with autism, but for the well-being of the human race as a whole, spiritually, physically and as a humanitarian. I am proud to offer two free readings to mothers of children with autism, to be completed in the month of May, although the two lucky mothers will be chosen later this month. Thus, if you or someone you know, is a dedicated mother to a child with this condition, tell them to follow me on Twitter, and send an e-mail, to (Subject: autism), telling a story of their child and providing a picture. Then, I will provide insight into assisting the child as well as answering a psychic question for the mother. It is the least I can do to show my continued support of this community.

Part of my hope is to help those affected by autism to see the awe in their awe-ras.

A Work in Progress (A look at Myself and Equality)

March 27th, 2011

Life recently has been a whilrlwind of blessings and hardships, and ninety-nine per cent of the time, I feel exztremely blessed to live in the United States where we have beautiful freedoms, although recently, I have seen even clearer that quality is a work in progress. I’m very happy that I recently was given the opportunity to apply for a job in counseling, doing what I love, which is working with kids. Although the application process was surprisingly challenging, the challenges were in no way caused by the facility that is hiring me, but, by the logistics of the application process. To start with, I had to take a drug test, because the facility is a drug-free envivronment, and once again, I had done this before for other jobs, so this was not something new to me, however, the manner in which I was treated throughout this process, looking back, was pretty funny. In order to be tested, I had to pee into a cup, giving them enough of a urine sample to do the test. When I first started, a nurse at this walk-in clinic, escorted me into a bathroom with no running water, and closed the door behind me, after placing an empty plastic cup in my hand. Before I even had time to pull my pants down, the nurse was banging on the door, and telling me that time was up, because everyone getting a drug test, is timed in the bathroom. “Excuse me?,” I said in shock. “Time’s up, you need to come out in 45 seconds,” she replied. To which I said, “I mean no harm, but I haven’t even gotten my pants down yet. It could easily take me up to 15 minutes in the bathroom.” All the while, I’m thinking, “Thank G-d, I can be self-sufficient, but I’m still not the fastest mover in the bathroom, especially in a new environment, where I am extra careful not to fall.” After a brief moment of silence, the nurse informed me I could try again, however she would have to escort me into another bathroom. Then, without even attempting to go to the bathroom, I pulled up my pants, and headed into the next chosen bathroom. At which point, the nurse grabbed the plastic cup out of my hands, and took a pen and drew a line on the plastic cup, showing me how much of a specimen was needed. Perhaps the fact that I take more time in the bathroom made her assume that my intelligence was less than she first anticipated. Heading into the second bathroom, going on 15 minutes from the time I entered the clinic, I was not even allowed to use my phone to call my driver, to tell him what the holdup was. In fact, my driver came into the lobby, asking about my whereabouts, and the receptionist announced she was not allowed to reveal who was in the back rooms getting tested. At this point, my bewildered friend and driver, Glenn, said, “What are you talking about? I brought her here.” “Sorry, Sir, that’s our policy,” to which Glenn retreated back to the van, to wait for me, thinking that I had fallen in. Once I was in the second bathroom, the nurse announced that she was going to give me a couple of extra minutes, and this time, I was able to pee in the cup, however, I was not able to stand up straight enought to lift the cup up out from under me without spilling some back in the toilet. Therefore, the specimen did not reach the line that the nurse had so diligently drawn on my little plastic cup. “Damn!,” I said, before realizing I said it out loud, and the nurse shouted, “Are you okay in there?” I then came out and said, “I caught some, but it’s not up to the line.” Looking at me disapprovingly, she got closer to me, as though I were Deaf, and she stated, “You have to give us enough up to the line.” I then tried to explain why I did not have enough in the cup, when she handed me a bottle of water, and told me to start drinking. At this point, I was thinking in my mind, “isn’t it ironic that I am the one considered to be disabled, but the nurse could not comprehend that the problem was not actually a lack of specimen, but that I was not able to collect it properly, due to my inability to stand up straight enough to get the cup out from under me without spilling it?” Thus, drinking more water was not going to solve the problem. At this point, feeling more frustrated, I said, “You are more than welcome to come in with me, and help me retrieve it, if you like.” You would have thought I’d asked her for a kidney. “Oh no,” she proclaimed, “that goes beyond my duties.” “In that case,” I replied, “may I leave and come back tomorrow with someone to help me?” “No, if you leave it’s an automatic “Fail” of the drug test, by default, and it will go in your paperwork that you failed the test by refusal to comply.” “Refusal to comply? I can’t help it that my body refuses to stand up straighter!” The nurse then said, “I understand, but under our policy you must try for three consistent hours, unsuccessfully, before we are allowed to let you leave without it being considered a failure of the test. By now, I was almost in tears, as I had been ridiculously drinking water, thinking that perhaps, if I filled my bladder enough, I would catch enough to meet the damn line. After trying yet again, and having the same result of spilling half the specimen before retrieving it, I then got back in my wheelchair, went out to the desk and said, “I’m going to call ‘Help Me, Howard,’ because I am being treated like a criminal and I only wanted to complete a drug test for employment as a counselor.” ‘Help Me, Howard’ is a local journalist that people call when they feel as though they have been treated unjustly and after two and one-half hours of these shennanigans, I had reached my limit. Finally, a manager came and said, “Let me call the facility and see if we can do a Rapid test on you.” Within minutes, she came back and said that a Rapid test was fine, and they only needed a drop or so, which was collected quickly and I left. As I was headed out the door, the same nurse who had caused me so much frustration and insisted on confidentiality, shouted, “Good news, Sweetheart, the test came back negative, there’s nothing in your sytsem.”

The next hurdle in this Employment journey was getting my fingerprints done. Ironically, I had my fingerprints done for the northern county, where I live, because of my prior jobs, but needed to get them redone for the southern county where I would be working. Upon entering this facility, there was barely enough room for my wheelchair to get into the lobby, and then, when I was called back to get the actual fingerprints, the computer that does the imaging was at a station that was so high there was no way I could reach it, and when the technician saw me, she stated, “Oh, you have to go to a special location for the disabled.” I was completely shocked by this, becuase, after all, a fingerprinting facility is government-run, and it got me to thinking, “Are there so few disabled people being hird by our government, that all facilities needed in order to fill out a job application are not required to be handicapped-accessible?” This is both sad and appalling to me. Going back to my van, I headed to the next disabled-friendly destination, although it was far from easily accessible. Once again, it was extremely difficult to maneuver my wheelchair through small, single-filed rows of chairs in limited space, and when I went in the back to do the fingerprinting, once again the station was quite high. Luckily, it was positioned in such a way that I was able to raise the seat of my wheelchair, so I was in a half-standing position, to reach the computer to do the prints. The tech did apologize for the awkward set-up, and I told him, “It wasn’t his fault, but thank God, I am mobile, because if not, this disabled-designated facility would still not be accessible.” “I know,” the technician replied, “I feel terrible about this,” and he assisted me to position my hand in such a way that the computer would take my print. After three attempts, the prints were readable. It was all worth it in the end, becuase I will be getting the job, and I am very excited to begin on this new journey. The process did, however, become an eye-opener for just how far society needs to improve before equality is garaunteed.

I also learned to be patient, within reason, but when your individual rights are being infringed upon, it is time to stick up for yourself, even if it means, threatening to call “Help Me, Howard.” These experiences only exemplify why I have such a strong ambition to reach a level of fame that allows me to have a voice that will, perhaps, be heard more widespread. In fact, as most of you know, I love music and dancing, and one of my dreams is to be one of the few, or perhaps the first, person in a power wheelchair, to be featured in a music video. This is also why I chose to write my life story and my book called “My Life with Robin,” because, honestly, my wheelchair was the least of my hurdles, and I was able to discover the gifts I carried within to overcome a past faced with addiction, a mentally ill mother, and many other obstacles, to become a happy, successful psychic/medium, who only wants to inspire others to rise above their own darkness by lighting the light God has placed inside of them.

Staying Grounded While Being Afloat So Much of the Time

March 15th, 2011

Lately, I have been super busy doing readings, teaching, healing on children with autism, and preparing for a new job working with troubled teens. Needless to say, I have a lot on my plate. Although I am loving every minute, spending so much time on another dimension which allows me to get information and successfully complete my job. In fact, while trying to complete the e-mail readings, it is not uncommon for me to work 12-14 hour days, and sometimes, appointments are so close together, that I just have time to cleanse from the previous client and briefly pray to prepare for the next. I am loving every second of it, and finding creative ways to ground myself. Sunday is my chosen day to take for myself. Although I believe that animals function on a very spiritual level, when I play with my dogs, and cuddle with them, it brings me back to the physical plane. Another way I manage to keep focused, is by talking on a regular basis, to a dear friend of mine, who is also a lightworker, and understands the crazy, stressful and delightful field that we work in. Sometimes, the things that happen are downright funny. In fact, last night, after I finished my last reading, my bedroom door, which had been slightly open as I was talking on the phone to the last client, suddenly slammed, leaving me stuck inside. When I went over to the door, to find out what was going on, I could hear the slightest sound of children laughing, and I sternly said, “You’re more than welcome to play in my house, but it is not fair to lock me into my own bedroom,” at which point, a little boy and girl who were obviously twins between the ages of 5-7, appeared in front of me, and the little girl began to speak. “Sorry about the bedroom door, it’s just there are so many dead people in this house, that we had to find a way to get your attention,” she said, “we have a message for our parents.” “Okay,” I responded, “but how am I supossed to find your parents?” “Oh, just put the message on Facebook, you have so many people on there - I am sure someone can get them the message.” “Okay, I will,” I told the little boy who offered the solution. Then, he began, “Tell Mom and Dad that we did not feel any pain when we died, and that Uncle Doug greeted us right away and took us straight to heaven. We spend most of our time with him, if we’re not down here, playing in your house.” “Also, let them know that Dad will get a job in no time, because they have both been very worried about things. But, it ’s going to happen very soon.” “How did you find me?,” I asked. The little girl smiled and said, “Another child told us that he likes playing with your puppies and showed us where your house was, and said that you can see people that have died.” “Well, I am happy you’re here, and you’re welcome to stay as much as you want, but you can’t make things harder for me, and lock me in places,” I stated. “Okay,” they both said in unison. Instantly, they were gone, and still the door would not open. So, I called my friend for backup with this situation, because she had been me once before, when I had been locked in a bathroom by an old spirit on a ship. She immediately said, “I am on the phone with another friend of our’s, can I call you back?” “Not really, I need help right now,” I explained to her what was going on, at which point, she had our other friend call me, and ask her grandmother, who was also in spirit, to help out with the situation. So, I warned the children, “in a few minutes, my friend’s grandmother is going to be coming, and she will not be happy, that you have locked me in my room.”  Behind the door, I could hear the twins laughing, and the little girl tell the boy not to pull my cat’s tail. Just as the cat meowed in response, my friend’s grandmother showed up, because I heard the little boy say, “The grandmother’s here!,” and the bedroom door swung open. This incident last night, is just one of the many things I experience as a practicing medium, but it just goes to show that children are children, no matter what dimension they’re on, and personalities remain the same, as reflections of the spirit. This does not mean that spirits do not go through transformations, because I believe that everyone goes through a period where they have to watch their life before them, and reflect on their choices that they made during their last lifetime. Then, they go to a kind of spiritual school, where they learn how they could have made better choices or what they had done that was not beneficial for their spiritual growth. However, the personality of the spirit typically stays intact.

In order to not burn out, and function well in my life, it is crucial to stay grounded and take time out for myself, so that I can spend a great deal of my life afloat on another dimension, and manage both dimensions with grace. The overall message of this blog, is to try to find a job or hobby that you are passionate about to  bring you satisfaction and happiness, but remember that all things need to be done with balance, and it is important to stay grounded and entertain the magic of the spiritual dimension with equillibrium.

Letting Go Sounds So Easy, But Yet So Hard

March 1st, 2011

Recently, my lesson in life, I think, has been learning to let go. The actual act of letting go is so simple, from a physiological perspective. You release your fingers from a grasp, and find freedom as the once tense knuckles are released. However, letting go from an energetic perspective, is much harder. No matter what we do, our energy is involved, and energy always leaves some kind of imprint on both inanimate objects and human beings or other living things. Keeping this in mind, it is then easy to pose the question-Do we ever fully let go, given that energetic imprints are always left behind? There are all different types of emotional and energetic holds that we find ourselves intertwined in. For example, my sister recently had a baby, and I wanted more than anything, to be there for his birth. Despite my desire, there were several factors that influenced the outcome I was not happy with. Money was an issue, the snowstorms that were wreaking havoc on the east coast, and the fact that I had fallen ill, and was going in and out of the hospital, all proved to be barriers that could not be overcome. Therefore, I had to let go and resign myself to the fact that I would not be there for my second nephew’s birth. Accepting it allowed me momentary freedom from trying to strategize in my mind over how to make the trip happen. Although, thankfully, because of modern technology, I was able to receive photographs and have contact throughout the process. This technological contact helped me, spiritually astrotravel, to the hospital where my sister had given birth, which got me to thinking, I did not really let go of the opportunity to be there, but found a different way to accomplish my desire. On a physical level, I was not there, so I let go of the physical element of my presence, and incorporated how to be there on a spiritual level . I have always been brought up to believe that whenever possible, we should look at situations from a spiritual perspective. Does this mean that on some level, my inability to physically be present, was beneficial and, in fact, in the long run, a better option? After several weeks of pondering this idea, my answer is yes, because I realized if I had physically been there, my self and my sister would have been concerned about my well-being in the cold weather as well as the accessibility of my surroundings. These concerns could have distracted both my sister and I from the beautiful blessing that God had bestowed on the family. This isn’t to say that under different circumstances, I would not take the first plane out of Florida to be with my sister, because, God knows, if it was even remotely feasible, I would have found a way. My inability to control the situation and let go enough to focus on my spiritual abilities to travel, served, however, as a learning experience which heightened my ability to astrotravel, and reaffirmed my belief that everything happens for a reason.

A friend of mine in Australia and I were recently discussing how difficult it is to let go of someone you have a physical attraction to, even if that person is not good for you. I feel the reason that that can be so difficult is that when you have invested energy from your heart chakra, that energy on some level always remains part of the other person’s heart chakra, leaving the smallest void of heart energy in the other person’s aura. This energy can be fulfilled once more, and healed, however, it takes much longer to replenish a void in the heart chakra, or heal a wound in this area, than it does to give off energy from the same place. So often, people who separate from a loved one, find it necessary to create physical distance between themselves and this person. I believe that this is because the physical distance helps prevent one’s own heart chakra from longing for the residual piece of 0ne’s own energy that was invested into the other person, or, on the other hand, longing for the other person, who was constantly strengthening your own heart chakra, while you were in their presence. It is very important to find individuals who surround you in positive energy so that your heart chakra can easily get a boost when needed, and you do not have to rely on a romantic partner to feed you energetically. Love, in any form, feeds the heart chakra, without the heart chakra knowing the source of that love, as long as the love source does not cause repeated pain, which, then penetrates the heart chakra, leaving empty holes. Sometimes it is important to let go to learn how to love differently, or grow as a person, accepting that some things are out of our control, but in the end, there must be a reason. It is not uncommon for people to say to each other, “Just let it go,” and letting go sounds so easy, but when you look at things from a spiritual, energetic level, this very act is yet so hard.

Love is the Most Important Word We Know Because its Effects Transcends Time and Space

February 15th, 2011

I recently posted on my Facebook status to only say, “I love you” when you mean it, because those three words have lasting effects that transcend time and space. After making this declaration, it was requested that I elaborate further, and so, here’s the blog to do just that. It is a known fact that if a baby is given nutrition and ample water, they still will not thrive without human contact. Studies have shown that a baby deprived of affection and contact, will, indeed, suffer mental delays, emotional disturbances and stunted growth in general. The way, amount and understanding that we grow up with about how to give, receive and understand love, affects the fundamental elements of who we are, and since it is not uncommon for people to pass down through generations, elements of their understanding of love, the way love is born within a family can be repetitive for generations. Although there is so much more to our understanding of love, love is everywhere. Love is without boundaries and love is what created the world as we know it. Many of us have a pretty good idea of what we think love is supossed to be, but living life from a place of love 100% of the time, is virtually impossible. In fact, if you can live your life from a place of love 75% of the time, I think you’re doing pretty darn well! One of the hardest challenges for me was learning to love my past, which was riddled with a lack of love or understanding of love from a healthy perspective. However, from a very young age, I was able to connect to my spirit guide, Robin, who explained to me at the ripe old age of eleven, that everything I had gone through and would continue to go through that was difficult in my life, my spirit had actually written in a sacred contract, before I inhabited the physical body in this lifetime. She went on to explain to me that everything written in our sacred contract before we descend from heaven to take on the present lifetime, has to be approved by God, and God would only approve of those difficulties if he believed that my spirit was strong enough to endure them. Also, she explained, that very often, the more suffering a person endures, the greater healer they have the potential to become, if they choose to find their strength within, rise above that suffering, and use the wisdom and love they found to pull themselves up from the suffering, to help heal, nurture and love others. With this in mind, the level at which we learn to love, in terms of giving and receiving, determines, in my opinion, the level of spiritual growth we will experience during the present lifetime, and lay a blueprint for the starting point of our spiritual growth in the next lifetime. Furthermore, I believe that when we say the words, “I love you,” and mean it, or not mean it, it affects our Karmic energy. For instance, because I can see auras, I have noticed the changes that occur in someone’s aura, when they hear the words “I love you.” Along these same lines, I can see from an energetic perspective, as detailed by the aura, whether or not the person was able to accept those words when they were declared. A person’s aura changes color, size, and intensity, based on the circumstances surrounding which the words were spoken. I have witnessed this firsthand, so I have come to believe that these three little words actually have an energetic DNA fingerprint, and over time, giving love to someone to promote their highest good, can heal almost any ailment. That is why I struggle to understand why people have difficulty with blind faith, because I have never heard anyone say they don’t believe in love, and yet love is not easily defined by something experienced by the naked eye. Love is everywhere. If you look in the sky and see the beautiful clouds as they proudly show off their individual shade against the baby blue backdrop, there is such a perfection to their existence, that it serves a svidence that only the energetic DNA of love can create such a thing. There are thousands of examples. Going back to the challenge of finding your individual struggles as a blessing, or embracing them with love, can take place if you learn to love yourself, realizing that your spirit has every faith in you, and God allowed you to descend into this lifetime, knowing that you have the strength within to face these challenges. For myself, I have found that I have the greatest appreciation for love in every form, and realize what a precious commodity it is, after experiencing personal strife from those who were supposed to be the first to help me understand and feel what true love was. Even though the Creator has faith in us to be able to overcome these difficulties, He/She is the highest source of love and, therefore, would never send us to earth to face these hardships without some unbelievable tools. So, we all have the ability to connect to this highest divine source of love, as long as we make an effort to do so, and we also have our own individual supply of energetic love DNA to help us find our divine purpose, which allows us to spread our love supply to others. This sharing of love is what I believe to be the true meaning of life, because it was the Divine Creator spreading love that created the world, so I think it is our purpose to continue spreading love to create the best masterpiece God ever envisioned.

I wrote this blog as a reflection on the importance of love, because of its ability to transcend time and space.

Just Keep Smiling and Soon a Rain of Blessings Will Warm Your Heart and Feed Your Soul

February 7th, 2011

Lately, I have had some disappointment surrounding asking my church  for help cleaning because they provide cleaning services for those who are in need, and because of the financial loss I faced last year and being sick, I asked for help for the first time. To my surprise, those who I thought would help, blatantly hung up on me and accused me of doing “the devil’s work,” as a professional psychic. I took this very hard because I had been going to that church for years, and volunteering my time to help many different church groups. I, indeed, loved my church, and I would gladly do it all over again, but I still felt hurt. I also received an e-mail from someone accusing me of being inspirational because I have “no problems and need to get a real job.” Usually, these types of negative tirades I delete with love and just keep moving forward. However, recently, there has been one after the other, and I am not writing this blog as a defense, but have decided to allow you a closer look into my personal life, in an effort to show that, during hard times, we must look within and find, at a soul level, the light that resides inside.

In May, I lost not one, not two, but three jobs in the same week, where I was working as a counselor. I worked with a psychologist, helping children with behavioral problems, and also was working at a center for children with autism. Finally, on the weekends, I would work in a shelter for battered women and children. But, the doctor that I was working for decided not to work with children anymore, and the other two facilities shut down because of lack of funding. Thank God, the readings have been keeping me afloat, but it was extremely difficult to take an 80% salary loss. In fact, I then decided to apply for permanent disability as I needed help to cover bare necessities and I will never forget the person’s face in the office, as I began sobbing, signing the paperwork. She inquired as to what was the matter and I said, between sobs, “I am now officially disabled,” and she then said, “Oh, honey! Were you in an accident?” “No, I’ve been like this since birth but I never felt disabled because I was able to be self-sufficient and make my way through school, surviving what was not an easy childhood.” In fact, when I was twenty-one and decided to deal with some personal issues, I went to some therapists and when the first words out of their mouths were, “It must be really difficult to be in a wheelchair,” I politely informed them that the wheelchair was not a problem at all, but at times had been a saving grace for me, and would move on to another therapist, until I found the one that saw me as a person first, and never addressed the wheelchair unless I did. That’s one reason why I love doing psychic readings because I read people’s energy, unassuming about anything presented by appearance and always view someone’s energy with care and respect, thinking that it is an extension of my own. Then, I was blessed to read for my friend, Lisa, who pulled me out of the psychic and mediumship closet, which I am eternally grateful for, because it is now all of you who are helping me keep food on my table, and inspiring me every day to continue doing what I love.

As most of you know, I have recently been sick with thyroid issues that are just now beginning to resolve themselves after removing my entire thyroid. My main concern about this surgical procedure was that I wouldn’t be able to sing, and singing has also been therapeutic, rewarding and healing for me. All prayers have been answered, because, as of last night, I tried to sing and, for the first time since I became sick, and although it was far from perfect, I know my voice is still there and will only continue to get better. I also have had some individuals indicate that my prices for psychic readings are too high, and , really, I would love to do them for free and try desperately to accommodate and help people as generously as possible, but it is important to understand that those of us who are doing lightworker work, must keep ourselves afloat, and I do have another career which I love, but currently with this economy, it is not providing for me as it once did. I still feel very blessed to be able to do my life’s purpose work more frequently and know, that before long, my book will be picked up by someone who can put it on the big screen or some of my other creative projects will be embraced, taking my career, and the spiritual transformation that we are all experiencing, by storm. That is why I keep the faith by just smiling and posting inspirational quotes and music because there is one thing I know for sure, the minute I receive the break that I am looking for, and have more financial security, I will spread it around, so that we all will be dancing in a rain of blessings, to warm each of our hearts because I do love each of you very much. Thank you for all of the support for my gifts and belief in what I and other lightworkers do. Love, light and blessings.

New Year, Cleansing, Healing and Living as a Psychic/Medium

January 27th, 2011

I recently took a short hiatus from life as I knew it, due to an unexpected illness that centered around my thyroid. In fact, it was quite the ordeal because it took a ridiculous amount of time to get it properly diagnosed. In the end, I had to have a complete removal of my thyroid and continue to learn to live healthy without it. Even during a time of illness, I cannot fully escape my gifts, not that I would ever want to. In fact, one day after spending countless days in a shared hospital room, I asked my friend to help me get into my wheelchair so that I could take a stroll down the hall, just to get some new scenery. During this hospitalization, I was recovering from bronchitis, which I acquired during an ER visit when I first started not feeling well and had an extremely high fever that would not drop. Anyway, due to the bronchitis I was on a Respiratory floor and all of a sudden, I am in the hallway, I begin to see some security guards and nurses taking off down the hall, as the smell of smoke became very strong in the hallway and the charge nurse announced that some crazy person was smoking in one of the hospital rooms. So, only feet away from me, the security guards continued on their crusade to find the culprit, as quickly as possible as there was oxygen running rampant in many of the rooms. I quickly asked my guide, Robin, which room the person who was smoking was hiding in and she told me Room 464, which was a room at the complete opposite end of the hallway from where I was, but she explained that the oxygen was carrying the smell of smoke. I told my friend who was assisting me on my walk in the hall, and she laughed and turned in the direction of the nurses and security guards and stated, “You might want to check out Room 464.” All of a sudden, the charge nurse asked, “Do you know the people in Room 464?” “No,” I answered, ” I just have a feeling.” With a confused look, they proceeded to head in the direction of that room. An hour or so later, a cute little nurse popped her head in my room and said, “It was Room 464! Do you know them?,” she inquired. “Not at all,” I stated. “Then, how did you know?” she asked. “Let’s just say I had a feeling,” I answered with a smile, and with a perplexed look on her face, she retreated from the room and I have a feeling, she still ponders this incident. I could never reveal how I really knew this information because I was being treated at a Catholic hospital which provided amazing care, but I’m not sure how they would respond to the fact that I am a psychic/medium. Anyway, I just thought I’d share this story, so you could have a glimpse into my world, even while in the hospital. A few other amazing things happened while I was in an environment where many spirits tend to linger, but these stories are to save for a book.

I want to take a moment and thank everyone for all the healing and prayers that were sent in my direction and continue to be sent as I continue to heal. I also want to apologize for the delay in responding to reading requests. However, I always want to offer my best work and had to wait until I was able to raise my vibration enough to receive the most accurate information for my clients. During this time, I have continued to cleanse myself, enhance the protection and practice meditation to assist in my healing. My health is not the only thing that has been cleansed; I recently saw a gentleman who I was in love with for quite some time and both of us worked hard to make it work, but at the end of the day, he was not able to accept that I am a psychic/medium. He is a very spiritual person, and when we first met, he was intrigued by it, but over time, as he prepares to finish his Ph.D. in psychology, he struggled with the idea of having a flourishing practice and also being known as the doctor whose wife is a professional psychic. So, after shedding many tears, and months of coming to terms with the fact that I was not going to be with this beautiful individual, I am finally at a point where I am happy I made the decision to be true to myself, and follow my dreams, embracing my gifts. This gentleman is so remarkable he even encouraged me to share this segment of my life with all of you publicly, in hopes that it would help others realize that sometimes you have to choose to be true to yourself over anyone else because you can’t live for their dreams, you must embrace your own, and when you fully realize what those dreams are, and make it your mission to embrace them at a pace and in a way that is right for you, you can finally experience the true meaning of freedom as life takes on a deeper meaning. Therefore, for me, the new year has now begun, healing continues to take place so I can be strong in my pursuit of these dreams and continue to enjoy living as a psychic. For you, my readers, it is my hope that you realize how extraordinary you are and carry this feeling during the tough times, so that you, too, can gather your strength and make those dreams a reality. Love, light and blessings.

Happy New Year! Healing, Happy and Hopeful About 2011!

January 5th, 2011

I am so pleased to be blogging again, for the new year. I know that this year is going to be marvelous for all of us, as eleven is an angel number and I can feel the positive anticipation of all that is yet to come. I first want to thank everyone for their love, kindness, prayers, healing and understanding about the delay in responding to your requests due to my recent illness, starting as what seemed like a flu, and ended up being an infection and a cyst and growth in my thyroid. This condition left me with hardly any voice and put me in the hospital as infection grew and my temperature spiked. I am still in the hospital after receiving a biopsy and removal of 90% of the growth, but doctors are very optimistic that all will be healed with no lasting setbacks, although, please continue to pray until I receive the full pathology report with a clean bill of health. I will keep everyone updated via Facebook and, of course, through blogging. I deeply miss connecting with all of you and can’t wait to return back to helping you and spreading positive energy and love with my gift. I plan to answer a few e-mail readings this weekend, and resume phone and in-person readings within a week’s time. The last request I would ask is that you please pray that I am able to sing again, once healed, because the growth did impact my vocal cords. Although I am not looking to do it professionally, it is a hobby I cherish and it helps me raise my vibrations. But, have no fear, I promise to continue doing my dance videos regardless of the singing capabilities. LOL.

Everything does happen for a reason because I have met some phenomenal people while in the hospital, and been able to read some books on my reading list and finally download some music that I received for Christmas. I also have an even deeper appreciation for my voice. I have never struggled to be vocal. I also am currently working on trying to land some TV interviews regarding my autobiography and working on the second book and other projects. Today was the first day I felt more like myself as I was jamming to Katie Perry’s Firework song, and my new favorite  soul singer, Jana Mashonee, and finally, but not least one of the best musical healing gems that I got for Christmas, was Ian Beddow’s Crystal Symphony CD. The combination of his voice, imagery and music heals on a cellular and soul level like nothing I have experienced through music, but, believe me, you don’t have to be sick to reap the treasures of his beautiful talent. I love you all dearly and have so many exciting surprises brewing that will make you laugh, smile and feel the abundance of hope that is bestowed in this new, beautiful year of 2011. The main message of this blog is that in a new year, healing can bring about happiness even in the depths of illness, when hope is the staircase to the peak of an angel year. Love, light and blessings, Melissa

Dancing in the Rain of Blessings

December 17th, 2010

Since the beautiful recommendation that my friend, Lisa Williams, made about me, the joys and blessings have just continued to flood in. In fact, I feel as though Christmas has come early for me. There’s nothing more that I want in my life than to use my gift to help others connect with their loved ones who have passed, especially during the holiday season which can be particularly difficult when you have lost someone. Whenever I complete a reading I feel I have been given the honor to serve as the translator between a departed loved one and their family or friend. I also have really enjoyed and continue to enjoy, receiving psychic information to help guide and provide understanding for new clients. You have no idea the gratitude and love I feel that you have all come into my life. The most incredible thing is that even though I knew it before, I recognize with greater appreciation, how technology really does assist in making the world a smaller place. Through e-mail readings, I have been able to reach new clients from all over the world, and someday I hope to be blessed to go to all the wonderful places where I have made new friends via e-mail.

I mean this with all of my heart, each of you are unique and special in your own way, and have unbelievable spiritual ability and understanding, because you have taken a leap of faith to entertain the belief that  life does go on after death and it is possible to be granted LUCK (Living Under Correct Knowledge), when going to someone like myself for guidance. In the near future, I also hope to teach classes to help any of you who are interested to gain a greater connection, spiritually, and deeper understanding of how and why things work a certain way, as I provide my services. I heard a beautiful quote recently, that  ”the limit of blessings that can be bestowed down on someone is only set by the limits of one’s imagination,” and I am so grateful that I have always been, as a child and an adult, someone with the most active, vivid imagination. I have expressed in previous blogs that things had been particularly disappointing as I felt as though I was putting out a tremendous amount of energy without seeing results. I now realize there were results, only the best results created by God, can sometimes be invisible. Then, when I least expected it, the greatest result fell into my lap, reading for Lisa, which has granted me the ability to be discovered on a greater scale, and reach a dream of mine which was to help spread light in the world and heal on a greater scale. Therefore, the main message of this blog would be, no matter what storms are on the horizon, or tornadoes you may find yourself in the center of, just keep dancing and before you know it, the same forces that generated the storms can, in an instant, have you dancing in a rain of blessings. Sending everyone love and wishes for a beautiful holiday season. I will not be blogging again until after Christmas, so I hope, regardless of your belief, you feel the joy of a child discovering the magic and mystery in this difficult but wonderful journey we call life.

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