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Monday August 03 , 2020
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The Beautiful Spirit of Oneness With Animals

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

With the start of spring, there has already been a beautiful bouquet of blessings in full bloom. I had the honor of doing readings for clients who were horse owners, as well as dog and cat owners. I have often communicated with animals, both my own pets as well as the pets of clients, though typically in those circumstances, the pets are either physically in front of me, or if they have passed to the other side, are there in spirit. During these most recent readings, the animals were rescued and the owners were interested in knowing the history of the animals’ pasts.  Since the clients were out of state, it would be the first time I would connect with the spirit of an animal who was not physically present while they were still living. Therefore, I asked the client to send a picture of the horses, that were still living, that they wanted to communicate with. My clients, being wonderful as usual, went above and beyond, and not only sent pictures, but little pieces of their manes, cut from each horse to help me connect with the energy.

It was amazing to feel the energy of the horses enter the room, and to watch the dogs in my house, as they are able to see people and animals in spirit. It was easy to tell that the dogs were frightened by the size of the unusual guests in the house. During these readings, several of the horses were alive but had been rescued so the owners wanted to know their history. I could tell the difference between the horses that were still living versus the horses in spirit because if a horse was still living, the energy felt denser and much more present, connected to the earth. I thought that connecting to horses would be the same as connecting to a dog or cat in spirit, where a dog or cat shows me images or symbols and I then have to interpret and share those symbols with the client. However, remarkably, horses did always use symbols and images, two of them actually spoke in full sentences. One horse, in spirit, said loud and clear, “I still walk with my owner in the whisper of the breeze.” Another horse that is still living said, “Please tell my owner I would like to have more apple slices.” It was indeed mind-blowing, humbling and an honor to be a part of.

I have always loved animals but this experience took my respect, gratitude and  sense of oneness with animals to a whole new level. It has even impacted my own connection with my kitty, who is definitely a soulmate to me. She is a medical intuitive in that if ever I’m having pain, she lays on me exactly where the pain is. In fact, a couple of years ago when I was having thyroid issues, my cat would not stop laying horizontally across my neck whenever I would lay down. We have always had a way of communicating without speaking. I will put my forehead to hers and speak in my mind, but ever since doing the readings with the horses, I am speaking telepathically much more with my cat, and it is amazing, because when I praise her, she begins purring louder and louder, letting me know that she hears me loud and clear, in the unspoken love connection of telekinesis.

Never underestimate the power and magnitude of any living creatures’ understanding or connection to all of us in the majestic, magical universe of oneness that exists in this vast, yet intimate, planet we are blessed to be a part of.

A Night with Russell Brand

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

My life has been a whirlwind of changes and although change is always challenging because it involves letting go, it is a good sign because when we release energy from the old, it allows G-d to bring in new energy filled with unexpected blessings. Late last month, among the hustle and bustle of working and moving, I was blessed to obtain tickets to Russell Brand’s comedy show, the Messiah Complex and, as usual, Spirit has perfect timing because a night of spiritual comedy, was jut what I needed to regain inspiration and drive to embrace all the changes that have since followed.

I took in every moment of the experience. before russell came out on stage, my friend and I sat in the quaint theater in Coral Springs. As someone who has a degree in theater, I feel very comfortable in the theater environment both as part of a Production or as an audience ember. The interesting quality about the Coral Springs Performing Arts Center is that it’s small enough to have the familiarity and friendly customer service as an old-time theater one might find in England in the theater district, or the energy one might encounter in a well-known off-broadway theater in New York city, although after spending a little time in the theater it is filled with modern art, a modern concession stand and modern architecture similar to a small theater in the heart of Hollywood. I was actually surprised at the large bar that was out front, but even more surprising, the quality of liquor was top shelf! I am not much of a drinker but I do enjoy an occasional rum and coke or Cosmo and I was impressed with their selection and the fact that they let us carry it into the theater. Once we were seated, I enjoyed people-watching, And one thing I found a bit sad was that here you had family and friends attending the show to spend quality time with each other, and while we waited for the lights to go down, almost everyone was on their cell phone. One woman was even playing Solitaire instead of talking to her husband or her kids! Have we become so dependent on our technology gadgets that we can’t put them aside for an hour and a half to spend time with loved ones communicating face-to-face before a show?

That being said I, too, was busy using my IPhone to take pictures of the theater and the stage set-up. When Russell came out, he looked like Captain Sparrow’s cousin from Pirates of The Caribbean, long hair, tight pants, prayer beads dangling, and definitely had a hippie, yet edgy swag air about him that was attractive. THEN, HE OPENED HIS MOUTH. OMG! THE MAN IS BRILLIANT!THE VOCABULARY HE WAS USING WERE WORDS THAT I HADN’THEARD SINCE I WAS TAKING A DOCTORAL-LEVEL PHILOSOPHY COURSE AND AS  A WOMAN WHO LOVES ACADEMICS, I WAS FALLING MORE INLOVE WITH HIM WITH EVERY WORD USED IN THE PROPER CONTEXT, DESCRIBING SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES INTERTWINED IN EVERYDAY SITUATIONS, SATURATED WITH HUMOR. The concept for the show was how Russell himself is similar to iconic, spiritual or activist figures such as Ghandi, Malcolm X, Che Guevara, andJesus Christ. Of course the show would not be complete, without several sexual references and humorous self-reflection dating back to Russell’s personal struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, particularly his long love affair with heroin although I have to say, my respect for him grew tremendously because he’s able to admit his mistakes and find humor in them, rather than take shots at other people who have had similar struggles.

He left me feeling inspired to continue learning and to use my experiences with Spirit as a vehicle to encourage, entertain, energize and enlighten.

New year, New Chapter, New Beginnings

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

For all of you who celebrate the Jewish New Year, shanna tovah! I, too, celebrate the Jewish New Year, as a follower of the Kaballistic philosophy and therefore, see the fall as falling into a new chapter or new beginning, in the journey of life. I had the pleasure of spending the new year with family and friends which of course included my niece, the love of my life, who, just this week, learned to say “I love you.” Perfect timing. As is very common for this time of year, requests for readings are flowing in, and sometimes it is difficult because there is a bit of a waiting list ,but nothing brings me more joy than giving guidance and connecting those to their loved ones, through the grace and honor of serving Spirit. I have received a lot of requests to start doing my Psychic in your Pocket YouTube videos again, so I am excited to announce that I will start filming, editing and posting  those for you very shortly. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel which is mhevenor94 and feel feel free to message me questions about Spirit, about crystals, anything spiritual and I will make a video in response to your questions. Sadly, I can not  answer personalized psychic or mediumship questions in the short Psychic in your Pocket videos for individuals, because of confidentiality issues through YouTube, however, I am currently looking for local clients interested in receiving a 30-minute psychic or mediumship reading for free ,in exchange for allowing me to film the session, to be posted on YouTube. For those of you that might be interested in participating in the month of October ,please contact Becky at and place “filming” in the Subject line. I will be choosing several subscribers to my You Tube channel for a free e-mail reading, so please subscribe for a chance to win a free reading each month. I also need ideas for different tutorial videos on card readings, on how to protect yourself from negative energy and so forth. So, an account which is free to set up, is necessary to send messages.

I so much enjoy doing the radio show, Latte of Heaven, on Thursday nights, and this week ,my guest is international holistic healer for children, Kate Beddow. We will be discussing raising spiritual kids and healing. I have a great deal of respect for Kate’s work and I also thought it was the perfect time to showcase her dedication to this field and children, since September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. For the entire month, I will be posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus ,and all the other social media platforms I am a part of, about childhood cancer. I have always been passionate about helping and working with children as a counsellor, and, unfortunately I have experienced the loss of two teens who I loved, from cancer. Through these experiences, I also became educated about the facts. And I want to use my platform in the public and as a servant to Spirit, to educate others. Cancer, in any form, at any age, is an indescribable monster that no one should have to fight. But children are the most innocent sufferers. People do not realize that childhood cancer is the leading cause of death for children in the US under the age of fifteen and only 1% of all research is dedicated specifically towards understanding childhood cancers. Therefore, children receive the same dosage of treatments as an adult going through cancer, and the damage to their organs is often irreversible and can, commonly, lead to secondary cancers later on, after they have initially beaten the first one. Another fact that I found shocking, was that cancer survival is defined by living 5 years past the date of diagnosis. That means that, statistically, survival rates overall are misleading because even when a person passes, they still fall into the numbers of survival. If we can save more children, we are obviously saving our future, because we will never know if the next president, prime minister or Nobel Peace Prize winner, has been born, if they don’t have the opportunity to live their life long enough to reach their potential  of changing the world.

In the spirit  of the New Year I have new projects I am working on, both for the radio show, YouTube for teaching and opportunities to be of service in different capacities, serving Spirit so please, let’s stay connected and make this new year the best one yet.