Melissa Hevenor
Thursday January 23 , 2020
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A Blessed Birthday

Friday, May 25th, 2012

I had the best birthday! On the actual day, which was Tuesday, May 22, I had lunch with my best girlfriend, and pampered myself. I also was able to buy some toys at the Apple store, and got a beautiful amethyst bracelet. As all of you know, amethyst is my all-time favorite stone because of its intense healing properties and protective ability to change negative energy into positive energy. That evening, I had dinner with my family, and enjoyed watching my niece grow by the second. No matter where we go or what we do, she is the best entertainment ever. To my surprise, when I got home, there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my dear friends, and soul family, Lisa Williams and Charlie. I can not believe it has been over a year since I have seen Lisa and I am in need of a witchy woo fix! The next day, I took a second day off and went to my favorite organic café, with my other bff, Becky, and then we made our way to the Morikami Gardens. It was great! I cannot believe after living here for eight years, I had never been there before. The gardens took my breath away and made me feel like I was in another country. I loved the bamboo cove. I never knew that when the wind blows, bamboo, being hollow, makes the most incredible crackling sound. Sometimes it sounds like those rainmakers. Other times, it sounds like an old wooden door, opening and closing. But, in the middle of this majestic creation, I felt truly blessed and loved, and I made a point to take in every second and be present, as those moments were treasured memories in the making. There was a giant Buddha in the middle of one of the gardens and I made a point to make a wish and rub the belly. As I did so, a gentleman walked up and said, “I hope your wish comes true.” I quickly said, “It already has.” Recently, I have been working very hard to do positive affirmations, recognizing that all my dreams are already a reality, so I support that by confidently stating they have happened. Changing your thinking in this way is not easy, but it is the key to mastering the law of attraction. When I made this statement, the man, a little befuddled, replied, “Oh, okay. That’s great.” But even his confused response helped to put my dream into action. On Facebook, on my birthday, I wrote that my birthday wish was that everyone show each other loving kindness, starting with themselves first. I did this recognizing that I believed the meaning in life is defined by spreading love with each other, and in turn, watching that ripple effect come back to myself as giving light to others only helps your own light illuminate more of your soul and awaken the divine energy that G-d has imparted within each of us.

I hope all of you remember to be good to yourself and you are the strongest component to making your dreams a reality, so work hard to reframe your thinking to embrace the reality that you are wanting to occur. Love, light and blessings.