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Wednesday July 08 , 2020
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Happy New Year, the first Blog of 2014

Monday, January 13th, 2014

I am so excited about this year! As opposed to last year, I am feeling very optimistic about the unfolding of 2014. As I mentioned briefly on Anna Taylor’s Blogtalkradio show, “Anna and the Angels,” myself and other spiritual teachers, Anna included, feel a much more positive projectory for this new year. In part, because 2013 encompassed a lot of energy shifting that promoted introversion and self-reflection, facilitating circumstances that caused individuals to face obstacles and experiences promoting self-reliance and oftentimes reflection and prioritizing of goals and personal values, whereas, on the other hand, 2014 resonates with a vibration that promotes more of a collaborative consciousness, communal efforts, learning to receive help when needed and much gratitude for the resilience to embrace a new year and new chapter in one’s life.

That being said, several of us in the metaphysical field feel as though this month of January is tying up of loose energy cycles leftover from 2013, and so the essence energy of 2014 will really be underway beginning February 1st.  As with any yearly cycle, there was much learning that occurred and so this year, will be one in general of using the knowledge and strength that was the fruits of the labor from 2013. Abundance is going to flourish in every sense of the word. there’s a feeling that manifestation is going to occur at a very rapid pace, soul mates, twin flames and soul families will be coming together on many different levels and I, personally, want to make it a year of the greatest positive impact so far in my life, launching many new projects, lots of travel, financial freedom and sharing in many different capacities and working in a healing platform with energy in many different capacities with all different types of people and animals. I know it sounds quite ambitious, but I’m a firm believer that our capabilities, in terms of our spirit, far surpass the dreams of the mind. And, so by expressing big dreams that stem from a human mind, I’m allowing for an even greater expression of my spirit, going back to the more human side, and some of the limitations that can arise from the physical world. One of my most current obstacles is the desperate need for a new wheelchair. Therefore, I hope to be launching a fundraising campaign to help me  pay for a much-

needed new power wheelchair that will elevate my legs, alleviate pain from swelling, and further my independence to reach some of the goals I’ve discussed. It is not often I ask publicly for assistance, however a new wheelchair for me would be like receiving a new set of legs for someone who has suffered from broken legs, and with great gratitude in my heart, being disabled has never left me feeling limited or inhibited, however, my need for a new wheelchair has become so great in the last year, facing new health concerns, that I’m going to embrace the energy of 2014, that I am going to ask for assistance in getting a new chair. the chair will allow me to a serve on a much bigger scale, also promoting self-care. Therefore, I will take you along with me on my journey, in 2014, as I experience the miracles that unfold in this new year.

Love light and blessings, Melissa

Love is in the Air

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Lately, my life has been wonderfully abundant in love as I recently became an auntie to my first neice and one week prior, became reunited with a long-lost love. In fact, I was in the middle iof writing an e-mail reading, when I heard in my head, that I needed to check my Facebook. I told my friend Jen who was helping me type to leave the email and open up facebook. Much to her surprise, she opened facebook, wondering why I wanted to stop working in the middle of an email reading. As soon as the facebook page was open, I saw a friend request from Brian McCracken. I was speechless. All I could repeat was “Oh my god oh my god oh my god,” to which Jen replied “Is this a good oh my god or a bad oh my god?” “A good one… I think. I just know this is huge!” Before long, Brian and I were talking all night long every night and it was like time never passed even though the last time I was in love with Brian was 18 years prior to this encounter. I have not felt this connected loved and in love in many, many years. It just goes to show that the universe always has a bigger plan for us than the one we have for ourselves. Brian is like my better half and is able to complete my sentences and if I did not feel romanticly connected to him I would think we were siblings. Between enjoying the new addition to my family and spending time with my long-lost soulmate. Love is in the air!
I recently have also become a huge fan of an app called Instagram. This is an app that allows you to take pictures and share them with other Instagram account holders. Because of this new app, I have become reacquainted with my hobby, photography. In constantly looking for artistic images to capture moments of my life, I have gained a new respect for the miraculous artwork that God creates in every moment. For instance, the contrast in colors between the dark stained wood of a coffee table and the shiny irradescent metallic composition of my laptop. There are so many colors contrast and textures in every experience that every component of our enviroment can be viewed as a new masterpiece. From a spiritual perspective, this hobby helps me to stay in the present and cherish the magic of living in the now. With all the love and blessings that have encompassed my life over the last few weeks, I am soaking in every second. Never stop believing and knowing that God has an infinite amount of blessings waiting to share with each of you if you stay positive and appreciate the now any way, that works for you recognizing that love is in the air all around us.