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Sunday January 26 , 2020
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First Sip of Latte of Heaven

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Wow! What a busy week last week was. I taught some students mediumship development, did as many readings as I could fit in, worked on creative writing, and the thing I am, indeed, most excited about, launched “Latte of Heaven,” my brand new radio show on Blogtalk, which airs every Thursday at 6 p.m. EST. I had the most incredible time with my first guest, Anna Taylor. she is an amazing angel therapist, giving angel guided-readings, and a talented musician, singer/songwriter, as well. the first show was actually discussing music and how music can serve to break down barriers and unite people. Also, how music can be used to raise our vibration, so that we can receive clearer messages and find peace and harmony within our daily lives. The link is: Once you get to the main page, look down in chronological order for Thursday night at 6, & you will find all the playback links to the shows.

The radio show addressed music’s ability to unite people and that is, indeed, true, however, music also has the incredible ability to unite us to our loved ones who are no longer with us, or as Anna mentioned in the show, music can be used as a tool to receive messages from our angels, guides and departed loved ones. This characteristic of music was crescendoed in my life, when a music group called Gospel Boys, wrote a tribute song for Talia Joy Castellano, the make-up guru and sensational You Tuber who passed away from Cancer on July 16th. I, indeed, miss seeing Talia’s happy, beautiful face over social media and hearing her messages of inspiration, however, when I hear the tribute song written for her, I immediately feel closer to her, as the music raises my vibration and the slightest bit of relief is felt in my daily missing of her. Another song written for her by Gina Pichulo, called Talia’s Song, captures her spirit and beauty, and I listen to both songs, by two different artists with two different styles, and feel closer to her, so be sure to check these out on ITunes, if you are missing  our angel, Talia.

I hope that my first radio show captured the magical ability of music to unite us, no matter where we are, in the physical or in spirit. This new opportunity allows Spirit to work through me, and reach more people, spreading love, light, inspiration and education over the Internet. in the weeks to come, there will be giveaway items, contests, psychic/mediumship and medical intuitive readings, as I allow Spirit to guide me and formulate future shows.  this week’s show will be equally exciting and fun as I will be joined by Heather Tobin, an incredible medium, intuitive and musician in her own right. Please tune in as it is sure not to disappoint.

my heart is also filled with joy as I’ve been surrounded by soul sisters this summer, supporting me through this journey of life and this new creative endeavor.  I will share more about this sisterhood and soul family next week. Until then, love, light and blessings, and don’t forget to tune in for your weekly “Latte of Heaven.”